35 Unique Pergola Designs and Kits for Your Backyard Indulgence

We are fascinated with wooden pergolas. It seems, no matter how different or complex the design is, they have a pergola for it. And every design looks great and is a real beauty. There is something about these dwellings framed with posts, beams and rafters so appealing to a human eye that it never fails to exceed expectations. Could it be because when we’re within that airy frame we feel like we’re in a retreat? So today, we decided to bring you a collection of the most unique wood pergola designs and kits and we hope you’ll share our fascination.

Unique Pergola Designs and Kits


Some of the designs can be purchased outright as kits and some come with building plans. Others can be used as your inspiration to build one yourself in your next backyard project.

1. Arched Roof Pergola Kits

Unique arched pergola design

Why we pick it? We are drawn to this unusual pergola kit because of its Old World charm – a combination of arched and lattice panels with elegant posts. Made from beautiful redwood, it can be customized to your specific requirements when ordering at Forever Redwood.

Visually impressive redwood pergola kit with curved roof

Why we pick it? Commanding instant attention and offering good shade, this pergola kit is impressive. The arch lattice roof, the warm rich finish, and the overall substantial design make this unique pergola visually compelling. Order at Forever Redwood.

DIY pergola with unique arched roof from a free plan

Why we pick it? The balance and flow of the unusual arch (triple seam curved rafters) caught our attention. Order from OZCO Building Products.

Pergola design idea with curved rafters

Why we pick it? This arched roof pergola features curved rafters and cool hardware. To DIY this project, you can download the plan from OZKO Building Products.

2. Corner Pergola Kits

Unique corner pergola design idea

Why we pick it? This unique corner pergola design is eye-catching. The crosshatch lattice sides provide privacy, while the contrast between the distinctive braces and the simple purlins (roof slats) create a dramatic visual effect.

Unusual small corner pergola idea

Why we pick it? Columns are mounted on a concrete fence and installed over a patio. This simple design has lots of charm. This pergola was for sale on craigslist.

A unique seating and pergola combination

Why we pick it? This small corner pergola kit has a nice layout, perfect for cozy entertaining. It is an inexpensive kit that’s quick and easy to assemble. This design is a totally unique seating and pergola combination. Yes, the steel frame furniture comes with it and is attached to the pergola. There are also a built-in patio table and armrests. Order at Wayfair.

Simple but unordinary wood corner pergola design

Why we pick it? It is a DIY pergola kit with lots of character. Carved posts on classic pergola plinths and intricate rafter tails remind us of elements of gothic architecture. It makes the most of the smaller patio space.

Beautiful cedar wood corner pergola kit

Why we pick it? This pergola kit with a roof contrasts simple lines of rustic style with elegant, unusual privacy screens. This is a good example of how a simple wooden frame can be completely transformed into a beautiful oasis just by adding 6 privacy panels with an unusual pebble pattern. The back panels are perfect for wind reduction and climbing plants. Made of cedar, it’s easy to put together. Order at Home Depot.

A totally unique design for pergola with deck railing

Why we pick it? This custom corner installation combines the elements of a wood pergola with deck railing in one totally unique design. Inquire at Edmonton Custom Decks.

3. Round Roof Pergola Kits

Unique dome shape roof pergola design idea

Why we pick it? This unique pergola design with a round roof has plenty of wow factor – open at the center, quality construction, and contrasting deck color. We also love that the picnic table echoes the shape of the dome. Order at Forever Redwood.

A round roof pergola kit

Why we pick it? The roof is made to appear round by utilizing different length beams and rafters. Simple columns are enhanced by beams with decorative ends and arched braces. Order your kit at Western Timber Frame.

A circular roof pergola kit

Why we pick it? It’s easy to assemble. Again as above, the roof is constructed of different length beams and rafters to give it a circular shape. However, the design of this pergola kit with round roof looks airier and lighter. Order at Forever Redwood.

Pergola with round roof kit

Why we pick it? We like that this more detailed design is customizable. The company offers a range of prices, materials and colors based on your project’s requirements. Order at Western Timber Frame.

4. Pergola Kits with Privacy Screen

Unusual pergola design in Zen tradition

Why we pick it? This pergola with privacy panels has a zen vibe that makes you feel like you’re relaxing in a luxury resort. Its unusual shape and elaborate lattice panels create a room-like atmosphere. Source

Small wood DIY pergola from a plan

Why we pick it? We look at this cool and simple design and see the perfect She Shed or garden room getaway – privacy curtains, slat panels, plenty of charm. Ideal for DIY folks. Order plan at Etsy.

Unique style large privacy pergola idea

Why we pick it? The focal point of this pergola with privacy screen is the arched lattice panels. The cool unique design has it all – privacy, shade, good size, and beautiful looks. Source

Small wood pergola with unusual lattice design

Why we pick it? The appeal for us is its Asian aesthetic. This small pergola has a very unusual lattice design.

5. Pergolas with Gable Roof

Pergola with gable roof design ideas for a patio

Why we pick it? This wood pergola kit comes with awesome hardware, a gable roof, and sturdy construction. Design over patio includes shorter posts on one side to accommodate low concrete wall.  Order at OZCO Building Products.

Unique idea of transforming a pergola into a gazebo

Why we pick it? It’s a gable pergola transformed into a gazebo. In this usual design, the detail is perfection – diamond lattice panel, slat railing, and cool hardware. Order at OZCO Building Products.

Unusual pitched roof pergola desig idea

Why we pick it? We like the clean lines of this unusual pitched roof pergola – solid square columns, square cut rafter tails, and half-moon pergola brackets. Order at Pergola Kits USA.

A clever idea of turning a pergola into a cabin or garden shed

Why we pick it? It’s a clever idea: buy a pergola kit, assemble it, add sides and you’ve got a cabin. With a little imagination, anything is possible. Order at OZCO Building Products.

6. Lean To Pergola Kits

Unusual wood lean-to pergola kit

Why we pick it? An overall cool and simple design that has lots of appeal and attention to detail such as half moon brackets. When attaching a pergola to a house or other backyard structure, whether it’s any other type or a wood lean-to design, using a kit can save you a lot of time.

Lean to pergola design ideas with one post

Why we pick it? The elaborate pergola roof is supported by just one post! Wow! The unique design also features double rafters and a column on a traditional plinth. If a pergola is attached to your home, it should look like it belongs – just like this one does.

7. Simple Pergola Kit

Note: We call them simple because the beams and rafters are simple, straight end boards – no typical pergola-shaped ends. Sometimes simplicity is king!

A simple DIY kit for a freestanding pergola

Why we pick it? The pergola roof can be used as a trellis for climbing plants. Thick grooved posts sit on short square plinths – simple elements with big impact. Such a nice and cozy design will fit any backyard. Easy to assemble and easy to DIY for those who want to build one yourself. Order a kit at Dunster House.

A beautiful garden pergola design idea

Why we pick it? It’s a perfect idea for a DIY project – a straightforward plan for a simple freestanding garden pergola that offers lots of bling. Beautifully built by Prairie Cedar, out of Alberta, Canada.

8. Two Post Pergola Kits

A unique cantilevered perola idea

Why we pick it? The shape is striking and it provides a neat solution for its location near the fence and a small amount of space between fence and house. It’s freestanding but uses less material than a standard four-post pergola. Source

Two post pergola with a unique roof design

Why we pick it? The whole structure seems to be floating gracefully overhead. The two-column pergola has arch brackets, thick columns, and a clear roof. Source

9. Unique Pergola Kits and Designs

Unusual oversized pergola kit made from cedar wood

Why we pick it? This is the Wooden Butterfly Pergola Kit available at Etsy. From what I understand you can either order a kit or a building plan. Made in Northern California from Western Red Cedar, it’s 22 feet long and has mortise and tenon joinery. When purchased, they will be sending you updates with all the steps of fabrication and packaging.

A large perola design with an unusual pattern lattice roof

Why we pick it? The patterned roof is the focal point of this unique pergola. Another detail we like is the brick plinths/wood posts combination. Source

Unusual wood pergola with built-in benches

Why we pick it? We’re intrigued by the pergola’s simple yet intricate design. It provides plenty of shade and has built-in seating. Source

An interesting idea for creating a garden arbor from small wood pergolas

Why we pick it? Several small individual pergolas are attached together to form one long beautiful arbor for climbing plants. This is a great design idea to convert a narrow space into a memorable walkway. Source

Decagon pergola design idea

Why we pick it? This decagon pergola (10-sided polygon) is impressive. The natural wood stain frame contrasts with the white fan-shaped roof and white lattice privacy screens. Order at Workshop Arbors.

A hexagon shape pergola kit

Why we pick it? In an East meets West tradition, this hexagon shape wood pergola is a garden room of its own. The flat roof contrasts with the arched braces creates a calm and centering atmosphere. Order your kit at Dunster House.

10. Unusually Shaped Pergola Roof Ideas

A square pergola design idea with an unusual roof

Why we pick it? The standard square shape of the wood pergola is distinguished by the noticeable overhang of the roof with no visible rafter ends. It’s supported by thick posts on classic carved pergola plinths.

An unordinary pergola kit with double roof design

Why we pick it? Classic pergola rafter tails, gently curved brackets, and an arched second roof are used to create a bolder look. This unordinary pergola kit is a cool addition to any backyard. Order at Western Timber Frame.

A unique Japanese inspired pergola design

Why we pick it? A Japanese style pergola brings the exotic Orient to this gorgeous landscaped space. The hip roof, lattice privacy panels, and ornamental corbels make this unique pergola a design dream.

A pergola with unusual modern roof

Why we pick it? This stunning design boasts a modern vibe fused with classic pergola elements. The expansive roof perfectly showcases the bar area. Source

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