Outdoor Lamp Ideas: 30 Bold Designs

With the trend in interior and architectural design to extend the living portion of the home to the outdoors, it is no wonder that light designers everywhere are embracing the idea of producing boldly different outdoor lamps for your patio or garden. The sky really is the limit as outdoor lamps are strung from treetops, floated on water, perched on a deck, sat among plants, become the plant holder, placed on a tabletop or even become the table. In this collection of 30 amazing designs we have even included a swimming pool that is the patio lantern!

Sculptural Design Like Outdoor Lamps

Driftwood outdoor lamp

There is nothing more sculptural then a weather worn piece of driftwood and when that piece of driftwood has been converted into an outdoor lamp the result is simply stunning. Devon Driftwood Designs

Faz Lamp by Ramon Esteve

Faz Lamp by Ramon Esteve is a series of faceted outdoor lamp sculptures fitted with LEDs that can be adjusted for different color affects. They remind me of abstracted tree trunks. Vondom

Maxi P Tall Outdoor Floor Lamp by Bover

Just as tall and lanky but far less abstract, the Maxi P Outdoor Floor Lamp by Bover is a Greek column lit from within. While it looks like it might tip over in a wind, the base can be fastened to the patio or garden beneath it. Lightology

CNC machined metal patio lamp

Definitely cut using a CNC machine, the geometric voids within this sculptural patio lamp reminds me of branches within a tree canopy. Source

Halley Floor to Floor Outdoor Lamp by Jordi Vilardell

The Halley Floor to Floor Outdoor Lamp by Jordi Vilardell is minimalism at its best. A single arc, or multiple arcs, it has such a peaceful ambience. Y Lighting

Awesome Animal Shaped Outdoor Lamps

Wall mounted Norwegian moose head light

Still sculptural but in a far more realistic visual, Moo by Trond Svendgard and Ove Rogne is a full-scale wall mounted Norwegian light moose head with the lights in the horns. The body is a translucent poly-resin that glows when turned on. If you are wondering where the inspiration came from, wonder no more. The two designers both have summer houses where moose are frequently seen on the front lawn – yikes! Northern Lighting

Monkey Lamp on your patio

How much fun would it be to have these two versions of the Monkey Lamp on your patio? Marima

Monkey Lamp by Marima

This third version of the Monkey Lamp by Marima can be wall mounted or tree mounted, depending on whether you prefer to shine a light on your patio or in your garden. If you don’t have a tree in your garden you could always fence mount it as well.

The Serralunga Paloma Garden Dove is a super cool patio lamp

The Serralunga Paloma Garden Dove is not just a super cool patio lamp in the shape of a dove, it is also a patio seat and unlike most outdoor lighting, this one comes in a plug in model and a wireless version with a removable light system that can be recharged. Outdoor Chic

Creative Outdoor Lights that Actually Look Like Lamps

Waterproof Pool Lamp by Hector Serrano

What a novel idea, a light that looks like a lamp! The twist in this case is the fact that the lamps float making them perfect for your patio’s water feature whether it’s a swimming pool, a reflective pond or a fountain. Needless to say this Waterproof Pool Lamp by Hector Serrano is waterproof. Metalarte

Metal Arte patio lamp, this time designed by Geert Koster

Mate is another Metal Arte patio lamp, this time designed by Geert Koster. The structure and base is white painted steel and the diffuser is molded polyethylene.

A power coated aluminum outdoor floor lamp

The fun base on 3D Floor Lamp is aluminum powder coated white. What I like about this design is the ability to see right through the base for an uninterrupted view of the patio surround but I also am partial to the over-scale size of the lamp. Cassoni

Giant Outdoor Wall Mounted Lamp

Speaking of oversized, check out this monolithic wall sconce! If you think this retro design is on point you would be right, this is an original and authentic design by Anglepoise, only this Original 1227 Giant Outdoor Wall Mounted Lamp is much larger for today’s modern homes. Anglepoise

Original 1227 Giant Outdoor Floor Lamp

The Original 1227 Giant Outdoor Floor Lamp is a triple scale version of the iconic 30s desk lamp used by British novelist Roald Dahl while he wrote his best selling books such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, etc.

Outdoor Campanone Suspension Lamps

These outdoor Campanone Suspension Lamps may not look very creative, but I think the simple dome shape is another less is more moment of perfect proportions. Available in white or colored, the polyethylene mix domes are not small with a diameter of either 13” or 20”. Cassoni

Whimsically Wonderful Outdoor Lamp Ideas

LED fiberglass cactus lamps

As whimsical as these outdoor LED fiberglass cactus lamps are, so too is the name – Gringo. Designed by Matteo Ugolini this super fun design also comes in green. Karmen

Tulip Light by MyYour

Tulip Light by MyYour stands a whopping 1.5 meters high and gives a whole new meaning to standing tall! While the above photo showcases it in a pristine white, it is also available in red, green, orange and purple. Made in Design

Tulip Light by MyYour

Baby Love Garden Lights are beautiful roses in a rather grandiose scale, these whimsical rose patio lights can be spiked into the ground to anchor them or they can be set onto the patio itself. Outdoor Chic

Floating outdoor lamp

The Baby Love series through Outdoor Chic also includes a seriously whimsical floating version.

Patio lamps called MyYour Penelope

These ghostly patio lamps are called MyYour Penelope, slightly taller than the average person at over 2 meters high which really pushes the ethereal aesthetic MyYour Penelope might just be my absolute favorite patio lamp of all time. Outdoor Chic

Waterproof outdoor floor lamp

These lit spheres remind me of beachballs or balloons that you kick or toss around for fun, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to do either. Called Ex moon 3 this completely waterproof outdoor floor lamp is made of Nebulite which allows the lamps to be very bright at night. Light Shopping

Outdoor Lamps that are Also Tables

Bright Woods tables are made from wood - LED lighted

The Bright Woods tables are made from wood with slits filled with resin. The voids come across like black stripes during the day but at night, pick your color and let the LEDs do the rest. Source

Solar Outdoor semi sphere lamp by Jean Marie Massaud

Solar Outdoor is a semi spherical design with a gres and varnished metal tabletop and a rotational polyethylene base. Designed by Jean Marie Massaud there is also an indoor white topped version. Foscarini

Meteor Lighted Garden Bench by Arik Levy

The Meteor Garden Bench by Arik Levy has its muse in glowing alien space rocks that have fallen to earth. It’s a cool concept for a cool piece of furniture. Although called a garden bench, Meteor can also be used as a table or both. Serralunga

Lamp table

The shadows created by the steel cage base of the Meridiano take this lamp table to a whole new level of excitement thanks to designer Jordi Vilardell. Vibia

Planters that Are Actually Outdoor Lamps

Modern planters that light up at night

Kube High Slim is the name – and description – of these oh so modern planters that light up at night. Aside from being beautiful night lamps, their height also makes them perfect privacy screens. Domus Contract International

Traditional planter lamp

Also through Domus Contract International or DCI is the Angeli. While more traditional in appearance its monolithic size makes it just as modern as the Kube High Slim.

Color planter lamps

DCI has a whole series of planter lamps and while they all come in white, some of them also rock a bold color when lit up such as these Ikon planter lamps.

LED colored lamp planters

These daytime white and nighttime sherbet colored lamp planters are not lit up by any standard bulb or LED, instead they are completely solar which means they can be used in remote locations. Gardener’s Supply Company

Outdoor lamp planters

Outdoor lamp planters are not only functional, but beautiful as well. Who wouldn’t love to see a few of these placed around a garden or patio? Source

Outdoor String Light Ideas

Outdoor String Light Ideas

Aside from lamps that plants can be set into, there are also some very creative outdoor lamps that can be placed on plants. These Morning Glory Lights are a great example of how you can dress up an evergreen with a little bit of color and a little bit of light. Gardeners Supply Co

Outdoor Solar Star Lanterns

The phrase “Star light, star bright” takes on a whole new meaning with these Solar Star Lanterns. If case you where wondering, the basket shaped cage comes with the lights! Plow & Hearth

Violin Swimming Pool that Is One Magnificent Outdoor Patio Lamp

Extravagant patio lamp

Saving the most extravagant patio lamp for last here is the beyond amazing and very custom Stradivarius Violin shaped swimming pool that lights up completely thanks to the well placed programmable LEDs. Designed by Cipriano Landscape Design there is no need for any other lamps on this beyond beautiful patio. Source

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