Tiki Torch Lights and Outdoor Oil Lamps: Garden Party Gear

Break out the tiki torch lights and oil lamps – it’s time to assemble the garden party gear, summer is here! And seriously, what says summer more than the classic woven bamboo tiki torch light? And like everything else, tiki torch lights have come a long way from their humble beginnings. Hardly even fair to call them tiki any longer. There are glass torch lights, hammered copper lights, table torches (aka outdoor oil lamps) and some thoroughly modern models that will delight you. Not to mention some sculptural torches that will have your jaw dropping.

Tiki Torch Lights and Outdoor Oil Lamps: Garden Party Gear

But in the middle of all these glorious new designs for this old summer standby, don’t forget the original version. It’s huge bang for the buck – you can buy a 12-pack of bamboo tiki torch lights on Amazon.com for less than $40. Buy a dozen and throw them in the  shed and you’ll be ready for that impromptu garden party that’s bound to happen this summer. And won’t you look like a star when the after-dusk ambiance appears out of thin air.

Modern Torch Lights for Patio and Deck (and Beach)

Tiki Torch Lights and Outdoor Oil Lamps: Garden Party Gear

The Tribu is an ultra modern torch light that’s slender as slender can be. Looks great grouped in three different heights. They are made from sustainable teak from East Java.  Source

Absolute stunning modern torch light

Solid steel with black epoxy powder coat, The Absolute is a stunning torch light. It’s actually a stand-alone fire feature – how awesome is that? Source 

Stainless steel tiki torch has great design

The Lucca garden torch light is available at Frontgate.

Great tiki torch lights on the beach

With polished stainless and hardwood, the Blomus Palos torch light is perfect for the beach, too. Source

Stainless top torch light

With a large fuel capacity and fiberglass wick that never burns away, the Austrinis outdoor torch light is a popular choice for garden party gear. It elevates the mood to have such elegant lighting. Source

Orchos garden torch light at the beach

The Orchos is another popular model to take to the beach. Source

Beach dinner party with torch lights

Ok, let’s just admit it. The beach is an awesome place, both for tiki torch lights and for an outdoor dinner party. Source

Aristo cone torch lights are different

The Aristo torch light is a cone shape that sticks right in the ground for a different look. You can purchase stakes for them, but we like this style – it’s not the same old, same old.  Source

Sculptural Outdoor Torch Lights

Seguero Cactus torch light

These Seguero Cactus torch lights, made of steel, are certainly realistic looking. Source

Bird of Paradise Metal Torch LightThe Bird of Paradise torch light also jazzes up the garden in the daytime, too. Source

California Poppy metal torches

The California Poppy torch light is another realistic sculptural flower made of steel. Source

Seguero Cactus torch light

But we think we like the cacti models the best – they are realistic enough to fool people, at least from a distance. Source

Pineapple Tiki Torch Light

The pineapple torch is a whimsical garden light. One of the classics, after the woven bamboo. Source

Blue Agave torch light

The Blue Agave cactus torch light just might be our favorite. Source

Ginger plant sculptural torch light

The Ginger Torch light has a stunning red blossom.  Source

Seguero Cactus torch light

This Seguero stands regal and tall. You can buy this piece at Frontgate.

Passion Flower torch light

The Passion Flower torch light is intricately detailed. Source

Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville Tiki Torch Light

They’re only sculptural in that they do look like margarita glasses – torch lights from Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville brand. Now, where is that lost shaker of salt? Available at Frontgate.

Tabletop Outdoor Torch Lights

Outdoor oil lamps hammered steel

Handcrafted of hammered steel and enamel, these outdoor oil lamps are torch lights for the table. Perfect garden party gear. Source

Outdoor oil lamps talavera Mexico

Talavera outdoor oil lamps are great decorative – and functional – pieces for the garden party tabletop. Source

Table top oil lamp copper glass

Four glass torches with copper tops make up this outdoor oil lamp fixture. Source

Table top oil lamp Moroccan style

This Moroccan looking glass outdoor oil lamp comes in assorted colors, and they have their own snuff caps at the end of a ball chain.

Table top oil lamp hammered copper

This is the Maui tabletop torch light in hammered copper. Again, with its own snuffer. Source

Table top oil lamp clear glass

This is the Patio Deck Table Top Tiki Torch. We’re fond of the clear glass look. Source

Table top oil lamp Moroccan

This Moroccan-inspired outdoor oil lamp really lights up an evening garden party. Source

Table top oil lamp slate

This slate outdoor oil lamp has a long-lasting wick and its own snuff cap. It’s a great tabletop torch light for your next garden party. Source

Glass Torch Lights for the Garden

Table top cone torch frosted glass

These frosted glass cone torch lights are on short stakes and look magnificent lining a driveway or path. Source

Tempest Torch Lights

Larger torch lights under glass are stunning on this water view patio. Source

Art glass Torch Lights

These pieces have the classic tiki torch light shape, but are made from art glass instead of bamboo. Source

Spiral glass Torch Lights

Spiral torch lights from Wayfair come with stakes and can be positioned almost anywhere.  Source

Colorful Glass Torch Lights

Alpine glass tiki torch lights come in primary colors and are perfect garden party gear. Source

Metal Tiki Torch Lights for Outdoors

Gazing Ball Torch Lights

These metal gazing ball tiki torch lights would really light up your garden. Source

Acorn Table Top Torch Lights

The Acorn is metal with copper powder coat finish – the perfect table top oil lamp for any garden party or soiree. Source

Floating Copper Torch Lights

The Venice floating outdoor oil lamp in copper is perfect for ponds, pools or even fountains. Source

Floating Stainless Torch Lights

Blomus floating torch light also comes with a stand so you can use it as a table top oil lamp. Source

Copper Garden Party Torch Lights

Here’s another great copper torch light for your garden party. Source

Copper Garden Party Torch Lights

The Regent copper torch light is a little more ornate than some others, and has a beautiful copper finish. Source

DIY Tiki Torch Light Ideas for Outdoors

Bottle Torch Lights for Garden Parties

Collect cool bottles and ask your friends to save their cool bottles, too. It’s easy to make an outdoor oil lamp (or bottle torch light) – one of the simplest DIYs around. Source

DIY Mason Jar Torch Lighrts

Mason jars are the other simple DIY for your outdoor oil lamp needs. And many othe ruses in the garden. Source

DIY Blue Bottle Torch Lighrts

Blue bottles are always so gorgeous, especially this deep cobalt blue. And not difficult to come by – many manufacturers (wine and beer particularly) have noticed the trend and responded. The hardware is a simple buy and there you have a fence-mounted bottle tiki torch light. Source

DIY Wine Bottle Torch Lighrts

Regular wine bottles work just fine as torch lights, too. Source

DIY How to make a Tiki Torch

Here’s a simple DIY for your wine bottle tiki torch lights. Source

DIY Patron Tequila Tiki Torch

Patron tequila bottles are popular DIYs for outdoor oil lamps. Source

The Original Bamboo Tiki Torch Lights

Classic Bamboo Tiki Torch


Classic woven bamboo  tiki torch lights are the gold standard for the garden. They’ve been around a very long time and there are a few interesting upgrades. There are some unique colors and patterns, and they’ve gone solar. Immediately recognizable, the bamboo tiki torch light says instant summer party.

Classic Bamboo Tiki Torch Pink

Classic – but pink! Source

Classic Bamboo Tiki Torch July 4Fourth of July bamboo tiki torch light – they come in all colors and patterns now. Source

Classic TIki Head Tiki Torch

These tiki head torch lights are the other classic style – luau style. Source

Classic Solar Tiki Torch

The classic – updated to solar. Perfect. Source

Classic Solar Tiki Torch

Also done in a darker brown stain, the classic tiki torch light retains its integrity and is instantly recognizable (this one’s solar, too). Source

Classic Solar Tiki Torch

Group your classic bamboo tiki toches in a flower pot. Source

Romantic Dinner on the Beach with tiki torches

And here’s what you can do with those lights – it looks wondrous, doesn’t it? And the entire set up, minus the couch but including tiki torch lights, would be about $50. We’ll take two.  Source

Romantic Dinner on the Beach with tiki torches

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