60 Creative DIY Glass Bottle Ideas for Your Outdoor Living Space

Here are 60 incredibly creative DIY glass bottle ideas for outdoor living space. You might want a bottle cutter for some of these projects, but some are as simple as sticking a candle in a bottle with a unique color or shape and letting it drip. Cutting glass bottles is actually quite simple, believe it or not. For a great DIY video tutorial with three different methods, see this Youtube channel.

60 Creative DIY Glass Bottle Ideas for Your Outdoor Living Space

From vases  to water features and from bottle trees to wind chimes to….well, you get the picture. These creative glass bottle ideas are almost endless. There are so many easy things you can do to recycle your glass. And there are some stupendous wine, liquor and beer bottles to be had. These simple but creative DIY projects can really up the game for your outdoor living area. So start collecting – and let your friends know you’d love them to save their interesting bottles. Maybe you could reward them with one of your artistic creations.

Outdoor Living – DIY Glass Bottle Lights for Patio & Deck

Glass Bottle Ideas Fairy Lights

Wine bottles hanging on the fence with fairy lights inside. A super simple DIY glass bottle idea. They can be any size, really and any shape. And no cutting required.

Glass Bottle Idea Chandelier for Outdoor Living Space

This is one of the nicest DIY glass bottle chandeliers we’ve seen. It really changes the look of the outdoor living space – elevates it, in fact. Using different sizes, colors and shapes along with trendy Edison bulbs is a fantastic idea.

Clear Glass Bottle Idea DIY Porch Lights

More Edison bulbs, this time in clear glass bottles. Source

Coca Cola DIY Glass Bottles

A Coca-Cola DIY glass bottle chandelier. Source

DIY Glass Bottle Privacy Screens, Walls and Fences

Wall of Wine Bottles Idea

It’s an interesting choice to leave the labels on the wine bottles. Source

Privacy Screen DIY Glass Bottles

This DIY glass bottle screen is relatively simple. You drill a hole in the bottom of the bottle and stack them on iron rods. Using assorted colors makes for an interesting wall. Source

A blue bottle wall is stunning

Blue bottles along a fence are an attention getter.

Privacy Fence with Great Bottle Shapes

Different shapes and colors form this creative DIY glass bottle wall. Is there somewhere you could add this to your outdoor living space?

Bottle Tree is a Privacy Screen

This privacy screen takes the shape of a bottle tree. Source

Rainbow Bottles are a creative DIY

This privacy screen uses bright primary colors. And notice how the bottles are both upside down and right side up. Makes for an interesting pattern. Source

Bottles Make Natural Candle Holders

Beautiful Wine Bottle Drippy Candle Holders

How simple is this? Buy drippy candles (white). Drink wine. Done. Source

Wine Bottle Seaside DIY lanterns

Clear bottles have been transformed into tea light lanterns. They can give a real beach look to your outdoor living space. Source

Outdoor Candle Wine Stave

Recycled barrel stave and wine bottles from Wine Enthusiast. For a simple DIY, you could use driftwood along the bottom.

Hanging DIY Glass Bottle Ideas

These hanging candle holders are another simple DIY – cut off the bottoms (and purchase the inside candle cup and chain).

Ideas for Glass Bottle Candles

Great colors on these candle holders. Another version of DIY glass bottle hanging candleholders – but a slightly different configuration. Source

Ideas for Glass Bottles with Remote Flameless Candles

Wine bottle hurricane lamps (with flameless candles). So easy, yet so very elegant. This is one of the simplest DIY glass bottle ideas you will find. Source

Transform your outdoor living space with this DIY glass bottle chandelier

A little more complex but sure to jazz up any outdoor living space. Source

Primary colors glass bottle candle idea

Here’s a twist – bottles with flameless candles. Much simpler. You can buy these at Improvements if you’re not up to the DIY challenge.

Glass Bottles: Torch Lights & Oil Lamps

Blue Bottle Torch Light DIY Idea

What a creative DIY idea – make a tiki torch out of colorful glass bottles.

Blue Bottle Tiki Lights

These blue bottle tiki torches look great on a fence. They are an easy DIY with one trip to the hardware store. Source

S'mores Tabletop Tiki Burner

Make Tabletop S’mores with these coke bottle tiki torches. From polkadotchair.com

Patron Tequila Glass Bottle Idea

Patron tequila comes in a square bottle – makes a great torch light. You can afix it to the wall, or just leave it as a table light. Source

Clear Glass Bottle Torch Ideas

These three clear wine bottles make a great trio of table top torches. Be creative with the insides when you use clear glass bottles. Source

DIY Bottle Ideas for Wind Chimes & Bird Feeders

Family Size Wine Bottle Wind Chime

Wind chimes are always everyone’s favorite. And it’s a great idea for recycling those glass bottles.

Orange and Blue DIY Wind Chime Bottles

Colorful glass bottles make the most creative DIY wind chimes. Source

DIY Glass Bottle Blue Wind Chimes

This is a great DIY glass bottle idea – you can use the bottoms for drinking glasses (you do need to sand the cut). Source

Glass Wine Bottle DIY Bird Feeder Idea

A birdfeeder from a clear wine bottle – and the bottom tray is a glass saucer. Source

Great Idea for a bird feeder perch - it's a bottle opener

What a clever idea that was, using a wall-mount bottle opener as the perch and opening. Source

Glass Bottle and Saucer Idea for a Bird Feeder

A wine bottle and two plates – now that’s a creative DIY bird feeder.

Wine Bottle Hummingbird Feeder

A hummingbird feeder DIY glass bottle idea – use a red bottle. Source

Glass Bottles Make Great Outdoor Flower Vases

Simplest DIY Glass Bottle Idea Ever

Seriously the simplest of all. Just empty bottles. That’s all. And don’t they look good? A creative DIY need not always be a complicated one. From Uncommon Designs.

Elegant White Flowers Clear Glass Bottles

Clear DIY glass bottles with white flowers look incredibly elegant. And easy. Source

Bottle Vases Idea Recycled Blues and Greens

Vases really are the simplest of all DIYs for your glass bottle idea bank. Candle holders run a close second (especially the ones that don’t need the bottoms cut off).  Source

Floating Glass Bottles with Twine

Simple twine – and recycled bottles from iced cofee. How elegant it looks. This kind of setting really makes your outdoor living space the most charming in the ‘hood. Source

White Flowers Glass Bottle Garland

Recycled DIY glass bottle garland. Source

Use wine bottles to make a coffee table

Now this is a super creative DIY. Glass wine bottles are the legs of the coffee table and they become vases above the table line.  We love it. Source

Water Features with Glass Bottles

Wine Bottle Water Feature Idea

This wine bottle water fountain is a great way to give a soothing energy to your outdoor living space. Source

Wine Bottle Trio Waterfall Fountain

Three colored wine bottles were used to create this charming fountain. Source

This looks like a real ice bucket

Wine Cooler Water Feature – looks like a real ice bucket full of wine. One of the more creative DIYs we’ve seen with wine bottles. Source

Wine Bottle Idea uses three glass bottles

A wine bucket inside a whiskey barrel becomes a garden fountain. Source

A wall of wine bottles fountain is a unique idea

This wall of bottle fountains would make a wonderful waterfall sound – and it’s intriguing to look at. Maybe not such a simple DIY but it sure is a creative glass bottle idea. And one that has strong interest value.  Source

Cascading wine bottle fountain idea

Wine bottle and planters make a fantastic tiered water fountain. Source

DIY Glass Bottle Ideas for the Garden

 Blue Bottle Collection

Another creative DIY glass bottle idea – blue bottles in a galvanized tub.

Eclectic Garden Features Blue Glass Bottles

When you gang all the blue glass together, it makes quite a statement. Source

Dessert Mosaic from Wine Bottles

This is a simple DIY for your glass bottles – make a mosaic pattern on the ground. Source

Simple Blue Glass Bottle Chandelier Idea

This outdoor living space feels like a real room when you add a bottle chandlier in blue. Source

Colorful Glass Bottle Tree Idea with Lights

A colorful bottle tree is a fantastic addition to your garden – and this one is lit from inside.  Source

Garden edging bottles make good butterfly puddlers

This wine bottle border is also a great spot to establish butterfly puddlers. The indents are ideal. Source

Larger Design Ideas with Bottles

Outdoor bar made of glass bottles is back lit

Outdoor bar made of bottles. Source

The Glass Bottle Wall Lets the Sun Shine In

This glass bottle wall is a tougher DIY but don’t you love how the light shines through it?

Glass Bottle Lounging Chair Idea

Garden furniture from bottles – now that’s another very creative DIY project. Source

Glass Bottle Idea for Archway

A bottle arch is an interesting architectural piece. Source

DIY Glass Bottle Christmas Tree

Another great DIY glass bottle idea is to make a Christmas tree from the green ones. Source

Garden Shed with Blue Glass Bottles

This blue beer bottle garden shed is charming. Source

Idea for a glass bottle path

Down the garden path. Source

Eco Shed uses glass bottles

The Eco Shed is an award-winning construction using glass bottles. Source

Incredible Bottle Wall Looks Like Stained Glass

Stained glass style bottle art wall. Source

Bottle Trees look like Jacarandas

Bottle Trees – from bottle tree and metal artist, Stephanie Dwyer. Source

Glass bottle house in Wilmington NC

It’s a house! Sort of. You cannot deny – this type of creative DIY project would certainly change the look of your outdoor living space. Source

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