40 Awesome Hummingbird Feeders for Garden and Patio

Here are 40 awesome Hummingbird feeders for your garden and patio. We have never had a more astounding array of choices. We can go for tube, hand-blown glass, saucer, chandelier and even tiny hand feeders – all for the humble hummingbird. Did you know that the Rufous Hummingbird travels up to 2,700 miles (each way) when they migrate from Alaska to Mexico and back? They need all the fattening up they can get. These tiny migrating birds are grateful for your feeders along their migration route. So keep your them full from early spring through mid-fall in your region. Help a hummingbird get home.

Hummingbird Feeders for the Garden

What should I use for hummingbird food?

  • Granulated sugar is the best thing to use when making your nectar.
  • Four parts water to one part sugar (1 cup of water to 1/4 cup of sugar) is the ideal formula. Distilled or filtered water is preferred.
  • Boil the mixture and stir until the sugar dissolves, cool and fill your hummingbird feeders. It will keep in the fridge for several days.
  • In hot weather, change the syrup in your feeders every couple of days as sugar will ferment.
  • Honey and other sweeteners are not easy for the birds to digest, and brown or raw sugars contain iron which is toxic to hummingbirds over time. So white sugar only. And please, never put that red chemical crap in there. It’s bad for the birds and they don’t like it nearly as much as plain old sugar and water (they’re not stupid).

Hummingbird Feeders with Roofs

Roofs for hummingbirds

This little guy is enjoying a meal in out of the rain. Source

Sheltered feeders for hummingbirds

Sheltered hummingbird feeders are also a good way to keep the nectar cooler on those hot days. Source

Parasol feeder

This covered feeder has four square glass stations and a pagoda-style roof. Very Zen looking. Many glass hummingbird feeders use red glass flower tubes. Some think red helps attract the diminutive birds. Source

They look like umbrellas for hummingbirds

Don’t these hummingbird feeders look like they each have an umbrella?. Source

Feeders on Stakes Go Almost Anywhere

ceramic feeders

These staked feeders are ceramic and you could even use them in a flower pot on an apartment balcony.

Hummingbird feeders blue stake

And really, you don’t have to have red hummingbird feeders. This feeder has red flower tubes – that seems to do the trick. Source

eeders clear stake

Clear hummingbird feeders with red glass flower tubes – these are all hand-blown glass. Source

Garden party for hummingbirds

A bouquet of glass hummingbird feeders makes an awesome hummingbird hangout in the garden. Source

Feeders Bouquet


Hand-blown Glass Feeders Are Stunning

Hummingbird feeder with CrownThis feeder is called Camelot Bloom. Fit for a king. Source

Cobalt blue feeder

This cobalt blue feeder has Milifiori work in the glass. Source

Hummingbirds and dragonflies

This dragonfly etched hummingbird feeder is a gorgeous shade of turquoise. Source

Cobalt blue mottled

Cobalt Blue Swirl hummingbird feeder  is almost art glass. Source

Hummingbirds in flight

Hungry little fellas, aren’t they? Source

PIxie feeders with wings

Duncraft Pixie hummingbird feeders have a unique look. Great primary colors.

Hummingbird Swirl Ball

The red and blue striped Dewdrop hummingbird feeder reflects the world around it. Source

Hummingbird yellow speckle

This yellow, white and green speckled hand-blown glass ball is a cheerful accent. Source

Hummingbird Sprinkles

Sprinkles is a hand-blown textured hummingbird feeder – one of our favorites.  Source

Blossom feeder for hummingbirds

The Blossom hummingbird feeder from Duncraft is popular with the locals.

Hummingbird copper feeder

The copper Looking Glass feeder is an old standby. Source

Hummingbird Hot Air Balloon Feeders

The Eighty Days hummingbird feeder from Parasol looks just like a hot air balloon. We’re not in Kansas, anymore. Source

Hummingbird pineapple feeder

La Pina, from Duncraft, is made with faceted glass. Source

Ferris Wheel Feeder for Hummingbirds

Parasol’s Ferris Wheel is a super awesome hummingbird feeder. Note the perches – if you can give your little hummers a place to sit, it helps them conserve their energy. Source

Chandelier Hummingbird Feeders Invite a Crowd

Chandelier Feeders

A chandelier feeder can bring multiple hummingbirds to feed at one time. Source

Green chandelier feeder

Chandelier feeders come in many colors. They also fit in the standard stakes seen above – the holder portion is identical. Source

Turquoise chandelier feeder

This feeder is an awesome turquoise color that glitters in the sunlight. Source

Grand chandelier feeder for hummingbird crowds

Parasol’s Grand Chandelier hummingbird feeder is the largest in the line – and super impressive. Source

Mobile feeder attracts Hummingbirds

Duncraft makes a multiple station feeder that’s a mobile – those feeder stations move. Not sure we recommend this one – poor birds who try to feed in the wind! Source

Classic Saucer Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbird saucer feeder from Audubon

The Audubon is the classic saucer feeder, with a place setting for six, including perches. Source

Hummingbird saucer feeder

Saucer feeders may not be the fanciest, but the hummingbirds sure
love them. Having a seat at the table is important. Source

Hummingbird Ruby Slipper Feeder

The Ruby Slipper model, from Droll Yankee, is a little fancier.

Hand-held Hummingbird Feeders

 Hummingbird Hand Feeder

This hand wand nectar feeder lets you get close to the hummingbirds. Source

 Hummingbird Button Feeder

These awesome little hand hummingbird feeders are called Humm Buttons. Source

 Hummingbird Tube Feeder

This Duncraft hummingbird feeder starts out on the window, until the hummingbirds are used to seeing you. Then, they’ll have no problem approaching your hand. Source

Window Feeders – Are You Ready for Your Closeup?

 Hummingbird Window Feeder

Duncraft window feeder referenced above. Source

 Hummingbird Ruby Feeder

Duncraft also makes a cranberry red floral window feeder. Source

 Hummingbird Ruby Window Feeder

The Ruby Slipper, window hummingbird feeder model. Source

Hummingbird Bars – the Latest Hangout

 Hummingbird Bar Feeder

The latest in hummingbird feeders: The Hummingbird Bar. It’s place for hummingbirds to unwind after a long day. From Perky-Pet. Source

 Hummingbird Bar Feeder

Dinner for 10 -bring on the hummingbirds. Source 

Mini Hummingbird Feeders

 Hummingbird Mini Feeder

On a tiny patio or balcony – mini hummingbird feeders are perfect. Source

 Hummingbird DIY Feeder

DIY: Repurposed house chandelier with mini hummingbird feeders. Awesome project, and not that difficult to do. Source

Hummingbird Feeder Kits Make it Easy

Hummingbird Kit

This hand-held feeder kit has everything you need. It does contain – according to the description – dye-free nectar mix. Check the ingredients before you use it. You really only need sugar water. It’s better for the birds.  Source


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