20 Best DIY Wooden Bird Feeders Plans and Ideas

Before you even begin planning your DIY bird feeder project, have a look at this list of wooden bird feeders plans! We have selected the best ideas online for homemade outdoor feeders so you’ll be able to build one with ease. Build it from wood so it will last!

DIY Wooden Bird Feeders Plans

A wood bird feeder can attract beautiful birds to your yard all year round.  Local birds can benefit from bird feeders because they provide supplemental nutrients during migration seasons. They can reduce stress during breeding seasons and also help feed the young after they’re born.

In addition to benefits for the birds, many people find that their bird feeder brings them great joy as they get to experience more of nature in their own backyard.  From bright goldfinches to whistling songbirds you’ll be amazed at the type of wildlife your feeder can attract.

There are many designs of wooden bird feeders so you can choose one that speaks to your style and fits in with your decor.  Large or small, traditional or funky, simple or complex, there is an idea on this list for everyone! So take a look at the 20 best plans on the internet and find some inspiration for your DIY project.

20 DIY Plans

We start with the most basic, simple plan!

1. The $4 Wooden Bird Feeder Plan

A simple DIY wooden bird feeder you can build for $4
Source: 100things2do.ca

We have started off our list with a basic design from www.100things2do.ca and with good reason. This $4 DIY bird feeder can be modified to use existing supplies from around the house and it only takes 20 minutes to construct! All you need is a cedar board and some creativity, this detailed tutorial will provide you step-by-step instructions and photographs, making assembly a breeze.

2. Window Birdfeeder Plan

A Window Bird Feeder Plan by Anna White
Source: Ana White

If you love the sound of chirping birds and want to bring them as close as possible, this is the DIY project for you! This simple window bird feeder was actually made from scrap wood and since it’s fastened to the window with suction cups, there is no risk of squirrels stealing the food. (Ana also says they’ve never had issues with birds flying into the windows.) From Ana White.

3. Fly Through Gazebo Bird Feeder

A Gazebo Bird Feeder Plan
Source: familyhandyman.com

This homemade wood bird feeder is a little more sophisticated. If you’re a more experienced woodworker looking for a small DIY project, a fly through gazebo-style bird feeder could be perfect for you. This is another comprehensive tutorial that features incredible photography and detailed instructions from start to finish. From familyhandyman.com

4. Wood Birdfeeder with Plexiglass Sides

A DIY Wood Birdfeeder with Hinges and Plexiglass Sides
Source: construct101.com

You will love the how easy construct101.com made it to add bird food to this feeder. The plexiglass sides are transparent so you can always see when your bird feeder needs refilling and the hinged roof makes adding more food a breeze.  This is an easy to follow, well designed DIY plan that is sure to attract many a winged friend to your yard!

5. The $2 Cedar Wood Bird Feeder Plan

Cedar Wood DIY Bird Feeder
Source: Ana White

This is another DIY wooden plan from anawhite.com and the tutorial is just as thorough as the first.  You will feel like a professional while assembling this homemade feeder! The web page features a materials list, step-by-step instructions and blueprint with dimensions so your classic cedar bird feeder will only cost around $2 to make.

6. Pallet Wood Bird Feeder Plan

A Pallet DIY Bird Feeder Plan
Source: www.sowanddipity.com

This is a clever idea for a bird feeder, made with pallet wood! Though this plan doesn’t include dimensions, it’s pretty easy to customize to your size preferences.

They’ve used a wine bottle for this project, but depending on your dimensions you could use another type of glass bottle that fits appropriately. I would also suggest extending the roof over the plate to protect the food against rainfall. From sowanddipity.com

7. Wine Bottle Birdfeeder

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder Plan
Source: thechickenstreet.wordpress.com

This bird feeder design doesn’t require any power tools! It’s an easy DIY idea featuring a wine bottle that doesn’t take much time to build. The bottle is easy to remove and refill when emptied and the small ledge is suitable for finches, sparrows, chickadees and other tiny guests. From The Chicken Street.

8. DIY Bottle Bird Feeder Plan

DIY Bottle Bird Feeder
Source: howtospecialist.com

You can use any 12 inch bottle for this modern looking bird feeder! We love that howtospecialist.com included a video to accompany the detailed plan. The over-sized perch on this large wooden design allows birds of all sizes to stop by for a snack.

9. Mason Jar Bird Feeder Plan

Source: boyslife.org

Now, this is an uncommon idea for those of you who prefer something a little less traditional! Perfect for mason jar collectors, this colorful tutorial is the ideal DIY project to tackle with children. Easy to construct and refill with seeds, this wooden bird feeder is sure to attract a plethora of birds to your yard. From boyslife.org

10. Wooden Window Birdfeeder with Metal Roof and Watching Hole

A DIY Wooden Bird Feeder with a Watching Hole
Source: skiptomylou.org
DIY Window Wooden Bird Feeder with a Metal Roof
Source: skiptomylou.org

This DIY tutorial was created with your viewing pleasure in mind, the wooden bird feeder with viewing hole attaches right to your window so you can experience nature from inside the comfort of your own home! The metal roof offers plenty of protection against the rain, but also adds a modern touch to this simple design. From skiptomylou.org

11. Bird Frame Feeder by Studiomama

A designer bird feeder by Studiomama
Photo and Designer: Studiomama

This contemporary design is a wonderful addition to a modern backyard space. The minimalist take on wooden bird feeder allows birds to sit and feed, while still providing the option to fly through. We love that is resembles a window and brings a bit of playful yet functional whimsy to your decor. From Country Living.

12. Lowe’s DIY Plan

Lowe's Bird Feeder Plan - DIY guide
Source: Lowe’s

This is a durable plan that takes a little longer to assemble, but is certainly worth the extra time. The step-by-step instructions are accompanied by a thorough video so you will have everything you need to create this classic, homemade bird feeder from Lowe’s DIY section.

13. Simple Plan under $10

Simplistic Wood Bird Feeder
Source: birdsandblooms.com

You’ll want to place this open bird feeder somewhere protected from the elements as it will fill with water when it rains. This DIY design is a cute addition to porches, gazebos and other covered spaces. The tutorial from birdsandblooms.com is easy to follow and this particular project came in under $10!

14. Homemade Automatic Bird Feeder!

Automatic bird feeder
Source: woodworkingformeremortals.com

Another comprehensive instruction guide that comes with video, this adorable wood bird feeder from woodworkingformeremortals.com is a welcomed addition to any backyard space. Paint it bright for a pop of color in your yard or leave it neutral to blend in to nature. Either way, the birds in your neighborhood will thank you for this one!

15. Wall Mount Wooden Bird Feeder

Wall mounted DIY Wood Bird Feeder
Source: wooditsreal.com

This is a neat idea for mounting a large wooden bird feeder. The detailed instructions at wooditsreal.com are easy to follow and include dimensions, materials and a thorough video tutorial for assembly.

Birds of all sizes can perch on the sides and enjoy a meal while you enjoy the feathered company. Notice how this plan is masterfully attached to the corner of the house.

16. Wooden Bird Feeder Plan from Old Fence Boards

DIY Wood Birdfeeder Plan
Source: mycarpentry.com

This is a great idea for reusing old fence boards or leftover lumber from another project.  The quick DIY tutorial from mycarpentry.com is easy to adjust for your sizing preferences. You’ll be happy you saved that extra wood from the landfill and so will the birds!

17. Platform Bird Feeder Plan

DIY Wood Platform bird feeder
Source: howtospecialist.com

Here is a fantastic idea for creating a platform style bird feeder. The roof is perfect for protecting both birds and seeds from rainwater. If you’re looking to attract birds of all sizes, this sturdy DIY plan is a great option. Just hang it far enough away from posts to avoid squirrels and cats! From howtospecialist.com

18. Hanging Bottle Bird Feeder

Hanging Bottle Birdfeeder Plan
Source: rogueengineer.com

Here is a unique take on the wine bottle birdfeeder. You will surely enjoy assembling this project and the winged visitors it attracts. The bottle is very easy to remove for refilling and the smart design protects against rain and wind.  Have a look at the detailed instructions and beautiful photography that accompanies this wooden plan from rougeengineer.com.

19. Rustic Plan Built from Old Brooms

A DIY feeder built from two old brooms
Source: birdsandblooms.com

We can’t get enough of the rustic look of this DIY bird feeder! Ideal for finches, wrens and other small species of birds, this cabin inspired design can be made using old brooms or hay. Check out the images and detailed instructions from birdsandblooms.com if you’re looking for a simple project that will bring you years of joy!

20. Easy Bird Feeder Idea

Easy DIY Bird Feeder
Source: runnerduck.com

This simple design is a fun project that can include the whole family! Its basic design doesn’t take long to assemble and will attract many types of wildlife. Though we don’t suggest a mounted bird feeder if your neighborhood has a local cat population as the post makes it easy for them to climb. From runnerduck.com

We hope you have enjoyed this list and found the best plan for your backyard or front porch. Attracting birds is a wonderful way to add more music and nature to your life!

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