49 Unique Bird Bath Ideas: Design a Garden Spa for the Birds

We’ve got 49 unique bird bath ideas for you, to help you design a garden spa for the birds. During the hot and dry dog days of summer, you’ll be doing the birds a great service to provide a bird bath. Like dogs, birds do not sweat and must remove excess heat through their respiratory system. And yes, they can end up panting like dogs. Bird baths provide a place for them to cool off. Plus, it’s important for them to keep their feathers clean and ready to fly.

49 Unique Bird Bath Ideas: Design a Garden Spa for the Birds


And our feathered friends don’t just need bird baths to bathe in. They need a source of clean, fresh water to drink and the bath serves both purposes. You’ll see more and more fountain bird baths, primarily solar powered, with another two-fold purpose. Birds are attracted to running water – and running water will prevent insects like mosquitoes from taking over the installation.

Cardinal Bird Bath Drinking


Copper Bird Baths


This copper sculpture birdbath chalice will weather over time with a great pantina. Source


Grouping the colored version of the copper chalice design is a fantastic birdbath idea. You can use the matching cupped copper flowers as tea light holders. Source

Copper Hummingbird Bird Bath

This unique bird bath features a copper flower with a hummingbird figure. Source

Queen Anne's Lace Bird Bath

What a great design for a copper birdbath. Billed as Queen Anne’s Lace at the source, but looks more like a dandelion to us. Make a wish. Source

Cedar waxwings copper bird bath

A unique bird bath idea – a shallow copper bowl adorned with  silhouettes of cedar waxwings. Source

Artistic Bird Bath Design Ideas

Willie Wagtail and Wren Bird Bath

The Willie Wagtail and Wren birdbath is made of bronze and is art for the garden, as well as a bath for backyard birds. Source

Boy Sculpture Bird Bath Idea

Classic bronze garden statue with birdbath – for more formal gardens. Source

Unique Bird Bath Bronze Frogs

Whimsical frogs in bronze – a unique bird bath guaranteed to bring a smile to those who venture through your garden. Source

Parrots on a Stainless Pyramid Bird Bath

This glass dish birdbath sits on a stainless steel plinth and has three bronze parrots perched on the bowl. Source

Bird on a Twig Unique Bird Bath

What a great bird bath idea – the bath is perched on a strong aluminum branch. Source

Big bird bath bowl idea with parrots

Another incredibly artistic and unique bird bath idea from our Australian friends, Kooper Tasmania. Source


Moira Fain Steel Copper Bird Bath

This incredible Moira Fain birdbath is a steel weave basket and copper bowl. Talk about unique garden art. Source

Cement, Concrete & Stone Bird Baths

Chickadees love bird baths

A simple square cement birdbath is a popular pool – check the video at the source link. Source

Fantasy Bird Bath Design Idea in Concrete

A cast cement birdbath with mystical design, from India. Source

Roman Goddess Bird Bath

Art Deco style Roman Goddess birdbath in concrete for the garden. Source

How cute is this concrete top hat bird bath?

Here’s a cute idea – the top hat makes a unique bird bath in cement. The parakeet likes it. Source

Natural Rock Bird Bath Idea Actually Rocks

Another unique bird bath idea – this one is hidden in a (faux) rock. Source

Poured Concrete Sculpture Bird Bath

Made from cast stone, the Campania International Pine Meadow birdbath is a modern sculpture as well as a water pool for your feathered friends. Source

Scuba Cat Unique Bird Bath Ideas

This scuba cat birdbath is a really unique idea. Source

Hand Blown Glass Bird Baths

Hand Blown Art Glass Bird Bath Ideas

Glass has always been a popular choice for bird bath design – and it looks great in your garden. Source

Three gorgeous bird baths

A wide array of colors, speckles and textures are available when you choose a hand-blown glass birdbath. Source

Unbelievable Dichroic Glass Bird Bath

A beautiful and unique bird bath in cobalt blue dichroic glass (glass containing containing multiple layers of metals or oxides, giving it an optical quality).You’ll see dichroic glass used a lot in jewelry making but it certainly makes for a stunning birdbath. Source

Glow in the dark Bird Bath

This butterfly & flowers birdbath glows in the dark – the butterfly body and flower centers (see bottom left corner of photo for night shot). Source

Blue ice bird bath is made from recycled glass

The blue ice glass birdbath is made from recycled materials. Source

Around the water cooler bird bath

Stained Glass Style Bird Bath Designs

Blue Peacock Bird Bath on Stake

The Peacock bird bath is a favorite with its multi-hued blue design. Source

Luck of the Irish Celtic Bird Bath

Luck of the Irish is a Celtic-inspired birdbath in great tone of green. Source

Dragonfly Dance Bird Bath has superb coloring

Dragonfly Dance is a beautiful glass birdbath with striking colors. Source

Raised leaves bird bath

A unique bird bath in glass, with leaves in raised patterns. Source

Tiffany Stained Glass Bird Bath

This unique Tiffany-style floral birdbath looks like real stained glass. Source

Mosaic Glass Bird Baths

Blue Mosaic Bird Bath

This mosaic bird bath in blue is a beautiful design. Source

Unique Bird Bath Mosaic TrioA trio of unique bird baths in mosaic stone design. Source

Stunning Sunflower Bird Bath

This superlative mosaic sunflower bird bath is truly a work of art (by Sueann Bettison Sher). Source

Funky Mosaic Bird Bath Sink

This mosaic sink bird bath idea is one of the most unique (bird baths and sinks) we’ve ever seen. Source

Hummingbirds love bird baths

Hummingbirds will also visit your garden bird bath, to both bathe and drink. Source

Solar Bird Baths

In many cases, the solar powers the fountain function – running water is a magnet for birds. There are a few bird baths will solar lights as well, but the running water really is the thing.

Koi Spitter Fountain Bird Bath

This blue koi solar birdbath is a spitter fountain. Source

Solar Dragonfly Bird Bath Idea

More dragonfly bird baths – this time solar, with lights. Source

Solar Rock Pedestal Bird Bath

This faux rock fountain solar bird bath looks very natural in the garden. Source

Peacock solar bird bath

The blue peacock bird bath in solar, with running water. Source

Solar Dragonfly Bird Bath Metal

Powder-coated aluminum looks like a bronze patina on this dragonfly solar birdbath – complete with three spray settings and bubbler. Source

Hanging Bird Bath Design Ideas

Purple Flower Hanging Bird Bath

This hanging glass flower can be a bird bath or a bird feeder – two ideas in one. Available in fuchsia (above) or lime. Source

Sunrise glass hanging bird bath

The sunrise glass hanging birdbath has the colors of the morning. Source

Hanging Copper Saucer Bird Bath

This copper hanging shallow birdbath would also be good for butterflies if you added a few marbles so they had something to stand on. Source

Hanging Stained Glass Idea for Bird Bath

The Tiffany-style hanging birdbath has stained glass design features. Source

Free Standing Bird Baths for Your Garden

Classic ceramic pedestal bird bath

The classic ceramic pedestal birdbath is available in a multitude of cool colors.

Cherry red crackle bird bath

This cherry red crackled ceramic makes for a unique bird bath design. Source

Peace Pole Bird Bath is Unique

The Peace Pole birdbath is a colorful garden addition. If you put stones in it, as above, it also becomes a place that bees, hummingbirds and butterflies can land and have a drink of water.  Source

Mexico Talavera Bird Bath Designs

Brightly colored talavera pottery birdbaths from Mexico turn heads everywhere you put them.

Orange Ceramic Glossy Bird Bath

Orange isn’t the first color that comes to mind when we think of bird bath ideas, but this glossy ceramic bird bath looks fantastic. Source


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