22 Hot Tub Privacy Ideas for Every Budget

A hot tub is one of the most perfect ways to unwind after a hectic day. To enjoy it fully, you need privacy. Here, we attempt to answer one important question – how do I make my hot tub private? A hot tub can be located on a deck, patio, or at ground level. Regardless, these 22 aesthetically pleasing privacy ideas should help you turn your tub into the private oasis you deserve.

1. Hot Tub on Deck Privacy Enclosure Ideas

hot tub on deck privacy ideas

When adding a privacy enclosure to the hot tub area of a deck consider the sightline, the view you want to keep, and the view you want to hide.

These are the types of enclosures you can establish on a deck:

  1. PVC Curtains
  2. Drop Cloth Outdoor Curtains
  3. Blinds
  4. Fence
  5. Pergola
  6. Decorative Privacy Wall
  7. Retractable Tub Screen
  8. Shade Sail
  9. Trellis Wall
  10. Umbrella
  11. Living Screen
  12. Container Gardens

After deciding on the type, consider the shape and style of both the hot tub and deck. Select materials that are similar in texture and color to the deck, low-maintenance, and durable. A decorative privacy wall can make the hot tub deck area an ideal focal point.

2. Hot Tub on Patio Privacy Ideas

hot tub patio privacy ideas

On the patio, you can use the same ideas as with the deck (see above), with the addition of these 3 exciting options:

  1. Gazebo
  2. Pavilion
  3. Dome

Since a patio is typically at ground level, hot tubs can be positioned off to the side, optimizing space and creating zones for entertaining, dining, and relaxing. It’s easy to make privacy enclosures a part of the landscaping. Bamboo rolled fencing is a cheap but effective way to give your hot tub some privacy. For an even more tropical feel, create a living screen with bamboo – include a root barrier to help prevent the bamboo from overtaking your garden. It is also an effective windbreak. Container gardens are another way to keep your hot tub safe from view, having the advantage of being any height you need.

Above-ground hot tub on a patio with privacy wall

3. Use Curtains or Blinds to Add Privacy on a Budget

Hot tub privacy enclosure using curtains

Curtains and blinds are one of the simplest methods of blocking out unwanted attention. Inexpensive ways to add privacy to your hot tub include hanging drop cloth outdoor curtains, using outdoor sheers, or installing PVC privacy curtains. Draped curtains with tie-backs installed in privacy enclosures such as pavilions, pergolas, and gazebos create a luxurious and dramatic effect.

Hot tub pergola with privacy PVC screens

Color choice is important. If you want the curtains or blinds to blend in with their surroundings, select neutral, natural, or earth tones. When you want to introduce color to the outdoor living space, use curtains manufactured from patterned or bright-tone materials.

Hot tub enclosure made functional with adjustable blinds

4. Create Privacy with Screens

Creating privacy with screens is a more viable option than other types of fencing. Privacy screens are typically smaller in size than fences and come in a variety of designs and materials. A hot tub privacy screen can be portable, folding, or fixed in place. Which one would be more useful to you? Choose materials that reflect the style of your hot tub, backyard, and home, particularly when the hot tub is located against or near an exterior wall.

Some types of fabric screens have adjustable panels. Bamboo is popular because of its texture and tropical appearance. The same can be said for wicker and rattan – hot tub privacy screens made of these materials create visual interest. Add some hot tub ambiance with screens that mix and match materials such as vertical wood planks with latticework or louvered panels with thin metal slats.

Retractable Privacy Screens

Retractable hot tub screens by mooselakeproducts

For hot tub applications, privacy screens have several advantages over folding or fixed screens. They provide privacy without compromising the view, eliminate flying pests, and protect hot tub soakers from the sun and summer heat. They are usually installed in places containing the hot tub such as a gazebo, patio, or pavilion. Buy it at mooselakeproducts.com.

Grow a Living Screen

Hot tub privacy idea with a combo living screen and slat fence

A living screen is like a fence but is made of trees that protect your property from unwanted attention. Purposefully placed trees, hedges, or shrubbery can be used to create hot tub privacy at the property line or directly around the hot tub itself. The benefits of growing a living screen or wall are: not as solid as a fence, becomes part of your landscape design, and can make a small backyard appear larger. The best part of adding a living screen is it adds to the view while you’re soaking in the hot tub.

5. Add Privacy with a Fence

Build a DIY Fence

Hot tub enclosure idea - DIY fence of mixed materials

The great thing about a DIY fence for your hot tub is that you can get as creative as you want. Think about texture, color, and height. A hot tub enclosure doesn’t just have to provide privacy. Building your own privacy fence is a great way of ensuring you get those extras that will increase your hot tub experience. A DIY fence can include a place to hang your robe or a storage bench that doubles as a place to sit.

Hot tub enclose made from a combo DIY woord fence and screen

Install Custom Fencing

Custom fencing provides privacy for hot tub under a pergola

When a DIY fence is beyond your skillset or availability, another hot tub privacy idea is custom fencing. Does a stone wall with embedded planters sound inviting? How about a mixed materials fence constructed of brick and woven wood slats? Custom fencing around your hot tub can elevate your outdoor living area, creating a space that perfectly reflects your lifestyle.

Hot tub enclose fencing part of balcony

6. Decorative Privacy Wall Ideas for your Hot Tub

Permanent DIY Walls

DIY pallet privacy wall idea for above ground hot tub

Privacy makes a hot tub feel protected, cozy, and relaxing. Depending on the location of your hot tub, a freestanding corner wall or a single wall will provide enough privacy to maintain your spa atmosphere. A rock wall with a waterfall becomes part of the landscaping. Making a DIY wall from pallets is a great idea for those looking to create privacy on a budget.

Decorative privacy wall for a hot tub installed on a deck

Shown above is a cool looking decorative privacy wall, with planks installed horizontally. We can think of a couple of great ideas inspired by this photo. First, install wooden planks horizontally. Then the enclosure looks like a wall, and not like a fence. Second, create eye-catching accents by leaving wide gaps between the planks. And a third one is the most striking – mix different width planks, to add visual interest to your wall.

Retractable Privacy Walls

Retractable hot tub privacy wall

A retractable privacy wall enhances your privacy while you enjoy a soak solo or with friends. Manually operated, some styles of privacy walls are similar to screens where they are fairly easy to set up and are bolted to the patio, deck, or concrete slab. They are often constructed of metal frames and water-resistant fabrics including polyester and canvas. High-tech versions of retractable walls for hot tub privacy give more flexible protection from neighbors, sun, wind, and rain. High-end luxury retractable glass walls can leave the view while eliminating harmful UV rays.

7. Year-Round Hot Tub Enclosures

Year-round hot tub enclosure idea designed for maximum privacy

Year-round hot tub enclosures are not only a great way to attain privacy but they also allow you to use your outdoor hot tub every day of the year regardless of what’s up with the weather. They can be whatever size you want from a compact gazebo to a spacious solarium. Consider what features you want your enclosure to have – windows that can open/close, retractable blinds, retractable privacy panels that give you the option of being open on one or more sides?

8. Privacy by Pergola

Hot tub privacy enclosure ideas - compact pavilion with rain chains

A popular year-round hot tub enclosure is the pergola, a structure supported by posts or pillars, with a slatted roof formed of cross beams. Placed over a hot tub, pergolas can provide a combination of light, shade, and privacy. A pergola offers a variety of installation ideas:

  1. with a privacy screen
  2. attached to the house
  3. with a roof that lets in a little or a lot of light

9. Hot Tub Gazebo

Hot tub enclosures idea - gazebo with retractable blinds

For maximum privacy, a hot tub gazebo is perfectly designed for the ultimate retreat in an urban setting. A traditional gazebo has walls or open sides to allow for “panels” of plants, trees, or shrubs and is generally octagonal or round with an enclosed roof. If the gazebo is large and fully enclosed, don’t forget to include ventilation.

10. Build a Pavilion for Your Hot Tub

Spacious hot tub pavilion that includes room for entertaining

A pavilion is a freestanding structure, either permanent or portable, that has a roof and open sides. Depending on the design, the roof can have a ceiling. They can be utilitarian in size or very spacious. A pavilion is ideal for a hot tub when you want to include a place to entertain such as a dining area, a place to hang out, or a fire pit.

A hot tub privacy pavilion with decorative railing

As pictured above, a hot tub pavilion adds some privacy using to a metal mesh railing.

11. Portable Hot Tub Enclosures

Portable hot tub enclosure options are a budget-friendly way to create privacy without the high cost of a permanent freestanding structure. Portable options include:

  1. a canopy tent
  2. pop-up gazebo
  3. decorative folding screens
  4. moveable or retractable walls
  5. inflatable domes

The main benefit of portable enclosures is more flexibility in how much privacy you want and when.

Inflatable Canopy Tent

Hot tub inflatable privacy dome

Installing a Canopy Hot Tub Tent is just like setting up a camping tent. It comes with a pump, ropes, and anchors. The above is an inflatable version that needs to be pumped only once every week. Buy it here.

Hot Tub Domes

hot tub privacy dome

Since hot tub domes are available in both the permanent and portable varieties, decide which type will suit your requirements. Over the past five years, they have been gaining in popularity because they provide privacy while not obstructing the view. Hot tub domes are available with a number of features such as tinted glass panels, sliding doors, and retractable blinds. You can buy one pictured above at sunrooms-enclosures.com

12. Provide Privacy with a Trellis

Lattice privacy screen around hot tub

Attached lean-to shelter with a lattice screen

Hot tub trellis ideas are only limited by your imagination. A classic wood trellis placed near the hot tub and covered with climbing vines and/or flowering plants is both a functional and decorative way of providing privacy while bringing harmony to your landscape design. Trellises come in a wide variety of styles and materials – select one with a planter if it will be installed on a patio without a garden bed.

13. Hot Tub Umbrellas and Shade Sails

Hot tub encloure created by corner wall and shade sail

Hot tub umbrellas and shade sails can provide privacy by blocking out the view from above. They have the added benefit of giving some shade. While a spa side umbrella might not seem very effective in providing privacy, it actually can if it’s adjustable.

Spa side umbrella that tilts can boost hot tub enclosure privacy

14. Hot Tub Enclosure Kits

hot tub enclosure kit from foreverredwood.com

If you want to enclose the hot tub but don’t really want to spend a lot of time on the project, hot tub enclosure kits save you time on designing, selecting materials, and building one from scratch. There’s a lot of variety – permanent, freestanding, attached to house, semi-permanent, gazebo, solarium, or pavilion. Some manufacturers offer customizable options. Cedar hot tub enclosure kits create a natural organic vibe. For more info on the one shown above visit foreverredwood.com.

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