15 Patio Privacy Ideas For a Secluded Backyard Oasis

Patio Privacy Ideas

We’ve compiled some of the best patio privacy ideas for you to consider. Whether you’re looking for a more modern design or a cozy cottage feel, we’re sure you’ll find something you love. If you’ve created a beautiful patio in your backyard, you might want to add a privacy enclosure to make it more secluded. This can help define your new outdoor living space and keep any nosy neighbors from looking in on you. A privacy fence can also be a great way to improve your overall design by adding interesting patterns and colors. When it comes to outdoor privacy screen ideas, the options are limitless as well. Keep reading below and let your creativity run wild!




1. Utilize Wood Lattices To Make A Privacy Screen

Lattice is the perfect building material for a privacy screen, especially for corner patios. The small openings will keep a corner patio from feeling small and closed in. They’ll also create dreamy dappled lighting on your patio when the sun shines through them. I love how this gardener has added some color to their lattice screen with plants. Not only did they incorporate a few flower pots but also added hangers for plants on the lattice posts. Adding plants at different heights and using different colors elevates the overall design.

Here’s another example of how a wooden lattice works well for small patios. The lattice allows the color from the plants behind it to liven up the space. It will also allow you to get a little breeze on warmer days. The lattice also adds some texture which is an important element to incorporate in any design. I love how they’ve used a combination of a solid screen with a lattice screen here. It gives more privacy than lattice alone would but also provides the benefits of using lattice. This is a great example of how you can get creative with DIY screen ideas and tailor them to meet your needs.


2. Build A Fence To Create Privacy

Patio privacy can easily be created with a fence. A DIY fence is easy to build and you can customize it to match the style of your backyard patio. 

This modern patio DIY fence is absolutely stunning around this backyard patio. The horizontal boards give it that modern feel along with the contrasting dark and light wood stain. They’ve also carried the purple and green from the surrounding landscape onto the privacy screen. This ties everything together wonderfully.

If you want a more intricate fence to create privacy, consider purchasing prefabricated fencing. You can find premade fence sections at most big box stores in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They might be a little more pricey than building it yourself. However, you’ll save yourself hours of work due to how easily you can install them.

Here they’ve used basket weave fencing with a curved top which works perfectly for this corner garden patio. The squares of the basket weave complement the stonework nicely. The rounded tops also play well off of the circular patio shapes.


3. Use a Gabion Wall As a Modern Industrial Privacy Screen

A gabion wall combines a metal cage with stonework to create an interesting patio feature. It’s perfect for creating an industrial modern design with your privacy screen. Choose rocks that complement your patio for a seamless look. Gabions aren’t very common so using one will make your private patio stand out from the rest.


4. Install Metal Screen Partitions With Unique Designs

Metal screen partitions can transform a space with their unique designs. Any type of design you can think of can be cut into the metal sheets making them extremely versatile. While a custom metal partition will be pricey but they’ll last much longer than a wooden privacy screen. I love how they’ve used a large vining design for this metal lattice screen. It reminds me of an ivy-covered wall minus all of the maintenance.

This metal screen doubles as a railing for this cozy private patio. It helps separate the patio from the carport and helps disguise the car behind it. I love how the black color makes the pattern stand out against the background. Creating a private patio with a screen that isn’t solid is best if you have plants growing around it. The small openings allow sunlight to get to your plants which will keep them healthy.


6. Build Easy DIY Wood Partitions

If you want to create a DIY enclosure, wood is the best material for the job. Wood is affordable and easy to manipulate into a variety of shapes. If you’re on a tight budget for creating your private patio, consider leaving some openings in your privacy screen. Here they’ve cut out some windows which reduces the amount of wood you need. They’ve placed plants in the openings to make them look purposeful. The plants also add some color and texture to the screen helping beautify the space.

You can mix other materials with wood to make a space more interesting. The concrete and stones used for this privacy patio idea start to make it feel a little cold and closed off. Adding a wood railing and leaving some spaces between the boards helps soften up the space.

By painting this DIY wood railing, they’ve given the space some color and character. When you’re building a privacy fence around patios, always make sure you keep color and texture in mind.

This DIY wood partition is easy to build and cheap. They’ve used smaller slats for the vertical pieces which really cuts down on cost. I appreciate that they’ve left the fence a light natural wood ton. It allows this outdoor patio with its whimsical garden to be the star of the design.

Another DIY wood privacy screen idea is to use large wooden beams. Here they’ve used a lovely circular design with increasing height which looks elegant. Beams aren’t the cheapest lumber to purchase but varying the height like this will help you save some money. Who knew wooden beams could make magnificent privacy screens for your backyard patio?


7. Use Bamboo Screens For A Tropical Vibe

A bamboo enclosure can create an enchanting tropical feel for your patio. Bamboo is also cost-effective when compared to lumber. You can surround your privacy screen with plants to help accentuate the tropical look even more. I love that they also have a small fire pit on the patio. It allows you to have a fire at night which makes this patio perfect for a luau-themed party!

You don’t have to start from scratch when building a bamboo privacy screen. Here they’ve used premade bamboo blinds instead. Bamboo blinds come in a variety of sizes and colors so you can get creative with your design. The bamboo next to this rock garden with Japanese maples creates a Zen-inspired theme.


8. Create Privacy with an Outdoor Nook

If you’re dealing with a small patio and backyard, you want to make sure you maximize your space. Here they’ve created a cute nook as a part of their firewood storage. Now they also have a peaceful, private place to enjoy a book or cup of coffee while they enjoy their garden. They’ve further maximized this small space by adding solar panels to the top of the structure. Genius!


9. Building Recycled Enclosures Is Cheap And Eco-friendly

Creating a cheap privacy screen for your patio can also be eco-friendly. You can use all sorts of recycled materials to turn your patio into a secluded oasis. Here they’ve used old accordion closet doors to make a fence around their garden patio. You could also achieve the same look with recycled shutters or cabinet doors. Using various sizes that have the same design gives the fence character. Add a fresh coat of paint to make the screen look brand new!

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