Patio Hanging Chairs: 25 Most Comfortable Designs

There is something awesome about sitting on a patio, lazily swinging back and forth in comfortable hanging chairs. It is so much more relaxing then sitting in a stationary chair. If you don’t have a place to hang one, there is a wide selection of stands that will support hanging chairs so it is easy to include one as part of your patio decor. To convince you, we’ve included these 25 beautiful outdoor designs that we believe some of the most comfortable. Read on for images and sources.

Amazing Metal Hanging Chair Designs for your Patio

Artsy metal hanging chair

Metal is such a great choice of material when it comes to creating sculptural furniture and the support for this wicker disc seat is no exception. While the curly cue metal is not exactly like the curling fronds in the wood panel behind it, the similarity makes this a well thought out vignette. Source

Beautiful modern hanging lounger by Studio Stirling

This beautiful modern hanging lounger is EP coated which is the same treatment used on the chassis of motorcars. This makes it perfect for a wet climate and since the cushions are sun and water resistant, they too, can easily be left outdoors no matter what the weather.  But what makes it so comfortable is its ergonomic design – you even have legs support. StudioStirling

Studio Stirling Basket Of Circles hanging chair

StudioStirling also has this fun Basket Of Circles which much like the first chair takes on a bubble aesthetic and who wouldn’t want to sit in a seat of bubbles?

Leaf shaped very comfortable hanging chair from Studio Stirling

Of all the StudioStirling hanging chairs, this Leaf is my favorite. It lets my imagination soar, creating a story of being a garden fairy taking a nap on a leaf in a tree. Just add a long cushion and you’ll be perfectly comfortable.

Double swing hangin bed Duality in stainless steel

This double swing bed called Duality includes teak wood in its Stainless Steel framework and comes with a Sunbrella covered quick dry foam lounge cushion. At 5-1/2ftx3ft it is not for a small patio, but if you got the space, you got comfort. Trinity

Hanging Chairs from Gravity Garden

The Gravity Garden Hanging Chair was designed by Technical Emotions to be an elegant addition to any patio. While not really big enough for two, two could certainly cozy up in one of these luxury hanging seats. Roberti

Gravity Garden hanging chair detail

Even when looking closely at the details of the Gravity Garden Hanging Chair by Roberti, the attention to detail is obvious. The rope that is used to suspend the chair is Nautic Rope.

Hanging Chairs for Two

A hanging seat for two people

While it might be fun to cozy up with a partner on a hanging seat, when friends or family drop by, a hanging chair built for two is definitely the answer. They are perfect to have a little chat as you sit in a very comfortable straight position. Source

Comfortable hanging sofa

Nothing can be more comfortable than a hanging sofa that can double as a day bed. The traditional frame has been made more contemporary by coiling rope around the suspension chains. Source

The most comfortable hanging furniture design from Dedon

The Dedon Swingrest Hanging Lounger is big enough for the whole family to hang out in. Designed by Daniel Pouset, the basket shaped bottom has a 180 degree rotating table coming up from its outer circumference – perfect for a book, a drink or a place to put your glasses while you take a nap. This is probably one of the most relaxing hanging furniture designs we’ve seen. Dedon

Super Comfortable Sling style Hanging Chairs

Comfortable sling chair

The design of this white sling chair looks so relaxing and unpretentious and it will conform to your body just like a hug. Source

Brazilian cotton hammock chair

There is something really interesting about the geometry of the Brazilian Cotton Hammock Chair. Its perpendicular curves are necessary but they look completely unplanned. Hayneedle

Magnolia casual Regency Hammock Chair and Pillow Set

The Magnolia Casual Regency Hammock Chair and Pillow Set creates a tropical splash of color right in your own backyard. If this isn’t your favorite color combination, Hayneedle has others.

Color Hanging Chairs

Knotted Melati hanging chair from Anthropologie

If you love a blast of color, a hanging seat in bold shades of blue and green like this Knotted Melati Hanging Chair is as fresh as an ocean breeze. Anthropologie

Beautiful hanging chair design from Anthropologie

Color doesn’t have to be bold as this multi neutral colored Knotted Melati Hanging Chair proves. Source

Cocoon hanging chair by Patricia Urquiola is so comfortable

When it comes to creating drama with color, Patricia Urquiola is an expert. Her Cocoon Bench Swing has been woven with plastic thread to create a gauzy, whimsical and oh so comfortable place to ‘hang out’. Moroso

Swingasan Peacock patio hanging chair is a boldly colored design

The Swingasan Peacock hanging chair is a boldly colored design in subdued hues that don’t overpower what ever else is might be happening on your patio. Pier One

Willow Singasan patio hanging chair from Pier One

Pier One also has the Willow Singasan, named for its rainbow of vertically colored stripes, and the design is one of most comfortable ones as it provides great back support.

Hanging Chairs with Color Cushion

Seahorse Singasan hanging patio chair from Pier One, with a color cushion

While Pier One offers a couple of color popping designs, they also offer a selection of neutral hanging seats that are perfect for adding a pop of color via the seat cushions, such as this Seahorse Singasan.

Hanging Chairs with Harmonious Natural Finishes

Small hanging sofa from Roberti Portofino

Natural light brown finishes lend themselves to a more rustic aesthetic as seen here with the Roberti Portofino Swing Sofa. Roberti

Hanging bamboo seat on the patio

This naturally weathered hanging bamboo seat is just sublime and its the perfect addition to an English or cottage garden. Source

Basic Black Hanging Chairs for Basically any Patio

Black hanging chairs for any patio

We’ve already seen how Patricia Urquiola can rock a colorful design, but she’s just as adept at working with neutrals as seen here in her beautiful Patio Rattan Swing Chair. Source

Patio rattan swing chair by Patricia Urquiola

The red rock backdrop is clearly visible through the airy design. Love this chair for its comfortable ergonomics – it’s very easy to get in and get out. And it won’t take much space on your patio. Source

Skyline Fabio black hanging chair

This black beauty is a modern WOW design. Called the Skyline Fabio Hanging Chair it has a modern industrial vibe. Houseology

Brilliant White Hanging Chairs – The Color of Light

Two white hanging chairs on the deck

There is nothing like white for a day in the sun as the two Byron Bay Hanging Chairs showcase. Source

White Swingasan hanging chair with a colorful cushion

If you prefer a little color with your white, try adding a little blue for a seaside flare. This Swingasan Hanging Chair has a whole series of cushion choices so if blue is not your thing, no worries there are other colors. Pier One

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