18 DIY Tree Swing Ideas with Rope, Wood Seat or a Tire

The 18 Tree Swing plans featured on this list can be tailored to fit your decor and most can support the weight of adults as well as children. Purchasing swings from hardware stores and online can be expensive, but a DIY design from this list could save you a lot of money. Plus, most of the ideas we included on this list can be assembled and hung in an afternoon, which means you can enjoy the fruits of your labor right away!

18 DIY Tree Swing Ideas

Tree swings are a timeless way to add some fun and relaxation to your yard. Whether you want to kick back and read a book or take your little one on an adventure towards the clouds, you’ll love the addition of a tree swing to your front or backyard.

Whether you prefer a classic or modern design, the innovative ideas on this list are sure to have something that will suit your tastes. From retro chair swings to traditional bench swing plans, this list has it all and many of the projects require little to no power tools so DIYers of all levels can partake in the fun!

Summer is upon us and a DIY swing is something the whole family can enjoy this year, so why not reach for the clouds in a swing that will bring endless hours of amusement for anyone who decides to have a seat!

18 DIY Ideas and Plans

1. Rope Only Chair Swing

A tree swing made with rope and a chair seat
Source: myhappysimpleliving.com

This neat little project from myhappysimpleliving.com is an easy way to bring more joy to your home.

The adorable design was hung using only rope, no metal hardware or chains needed! By using rope and skipping the expenses of purchasing chains, you can save yourself both money and time when creating your own rope swing.

Your family will love the charm of a chair swing suspended only by rope.

2. Rope Only Tire Swing

Tree swing made from a tire
Source: myhappysimpleliving.com

If a tire swing is more your style, check out this tutorial for an inexpensive plan for constructing one.

This idea is a great way to repurpose old tires and is great for families with multiple children because they can be enjoyed by more than one child at a time. Be sure to include holes for drainage so that when it rains the tire doesn’t become too heavy and full of water.

These types of DIY projects are great for beginners or advanced DIYers so, what are you waiting for? Get started on yours today! From myhappysimpleliving.com.

3. Pallet Swing Bed

Pallet swing bed hung from a tree
Source: themerrythought.com

On the never ending list of things you can do with a pallet, creating a swing bed is at the top of ours!

The swing bed featured here is a twin sized mattress suspended on ropes. This project is great for beginner DIYers because it requires minimal tools (only a saw and a drill). The helpful tutorial features beautiful pictures to help you navigate your build.

By the end of the afternoon you will have a relaxing hanging bed the whole family can enjoy. From themerrythought.com.

4. Classic Tree Swing

Classic tree swing
Source: themerrythought.com

There’s nothing better than the nostalgic feeling of rocking back and fourth in a traditional swing.

The straightforward design of this plan makes assembly a breeze. Themerrythought.com has provided detailed instructions on how to build a sturdy swing that can support the weight of children and adults alike!

Consider a classic tree swing for your front or backyard when making your DIY plans for the summer!

5. Double Seater Tree Swing

Double Seater Tree Swing
Source: builtbykids.com

What’s the only thing more fun than swinging from a tree? Swinging with a friend of course!

If you’re lucky enough to have a tree with branches that can support the weight of multiple swingers than you should most certainly take advantage! In this easy to follow tutorial, you will learn how to quickly assemble a two-seater design that multiple people can enjoy at once.

Take fun to the next level with your very own DIY double-bench swing! From builtbykids.com.

6. Comfortable Hanging Chair

A tree swing designed as a chair
Source: instructables.com

We love the look of this gorgeous hanging chair and it could easily be the perfect spot for relaxing in your backyard.

Constructed from a pallet and some paracord, this project only requires a drill, saw and lighter to assemble. If you have some extra lumber hanging around from other projects you can swap it in place of the pallet wood as well.

Instructables.com has provided thorough directions for assembling a beautiful backyard swing, great for reading or sipping coffee in.

7. DIY Family Tire Swing

An awesome red painted tire swing
Source: ehow.com

Another nostalgic blast from the past, is a traditional tire swing!

Your kids will adore the fun a classic tire swing will bring to your home and you’ll love to watch them play just like you used to. When installing it, avoid steel-belted tires for a lighter weight that is easier to hang and will not fall down during use.

You can finally make use of the old spare tire in your garage! From eHow.

8. Adorable DIY Airplane Swing

A tree swing designed in a shape of an airplane
Source: diy.dunnlumber.com

Airplane swings are a timeless summer toy for the growing toddler in your family.

Though this DIY idea is a little more time consuming than some of the other options on our list, it can still be completed in one weekend.  The comprehensive instructions from diy.dunnlumber.com are practically fool-proof to follow and will result in a durable (and adorable) design for your little one.

Calling all future pilots, take off in 3, 2, 1….

9.  DIY Disk Swing

DIY wooden disk swing
Source: instructables.com

This is a cool project that is both fun to build and fun to play with!

Disk seat swings are less about relaxing and all about altitude.  The DIY plan from instructables.com was designed to support 200 pounds of weight, meaning everyone in the family can go for a ride. For safety purposes, the materials and tools list for this project is long, so be sure to have everything you need on hand before jumping into this build.

With a little bit of time and effort you will have a super fun swing that even the adults of the family will love!

10. Thrift Store Chair Swing

A tree swing made from a chair purchased in a thrift store
Source: thisdiylife.wordpress.com

Now this plan is a fun idea for DIYers who like to go thrifting!

You will certainly satisfy your urge to thrift by finding a vintage or retro seat to transform into a playful swing. Once you’ve found your dream seat, it’s just a matter of following the instructions outlined at thisdiylife.wordpress.com to complete the perfect place to sway the day away fantasizing about what you’ll thrift for next.

We also encourage yard sale lovers to undertake this project!

11. DIY Ladder Seat Swing

Tree swing assembled from wood bits and planks
Source: momtastic.com

An interesting idea for a tree swing is this ladder style seat, that is visually intriguing, but also super comfortable.

This nifty project from momtastic.com contains thorough step by step instructions that clearly explain how to assemble your very own ladder swing. If done correctly, according to the site, this design can support up to 200 pounds of weight. The supply list is straightforward and the only power tool needed is a drill.

We know you’ll love having this stylish piece in your yard!

12. Flying Saucer Swing

Round wood swing seat hung on one rope
Source: livingwellspendingless.com

Nothing compares to the feeling of wind in your face while you flail from side to side on a flying saucer swing!

We love the at-home feeling a disc swing adds to an outdoor space.  This project is a great idea for even beginner DIYers, as long as you have a drill with a 1-inch spade bit, you’re ready to go! The entire project takes less than half an hour to assemble.

Why not add a spark of fun to your yard? From livingwellspendingless.com.

13. Classic Bench Swing

Classic Bench Swing
Source: hgtv.com

We just know that your kids will love playing outdoors on a swing like this!

It can be hard to get children to spend time outdoors nowadays, but with a design like this, they’re sure to get plenty of fresh air. This sturdy design can be assembled and hung in an afternoon, which means they can get swinging right away! Check out the instructions from HGTV.com and you’ll quickly realize how simple it is to recreate this DIY idea on your own.

When you hang this classical design in your yard, you’ll be begging your kids to come back inside to put on some sun screen!

14. Sky Flying Swing

Another classic tree swing idea
Source: jenwoodhouse.com

This inviting design if perfect for getting some real height!

Depending on how tall the tree you’re hanging your swing from is, you may need more or less rope, so be sure to measure the height before purchasing supplies.  In this tutorial the branch was 15 feet off the ground, if your tree is higher, be sure to account for more rope! When purchasing rope, you can even go all out and purchase braided rope that matches your color scheme.

This swing is so welcoming, you’ll have to shoo the neighbors out of your yard! From jenwoodhouse.com.

15. One Rope Swing

A simple swing idea - a rope and a wood plate
Source: teediddlydee.com

Here’s another great example of what you can do with some wood, rope and a sunny afternoon!

As long as you can tie a slipknot (or are willing to learn) you can assemble this DIY swing in your yard. This is a sturdy and supported swing seat that is suspended from a singular rope. The simplicity of instructions for this tutorial is great for DIY’ers who want a low maintenance project that yields high returns.

Did we mention this one rope design can even support the weight of an adult? *wink, wink*. From teediddlydee.com.

16. Toddler Sized Swing

Toddler Sized Tree Swing
Source: loveandrenovations.com

This darling little swing is a toddler sized addition that your children will love!

The best thing about this DIY idea is that it costs less than $10 to recreate and takes less than an hour to assemble. The instructions are straightforward and the process is well documented, meaning you can feel confident your creation will turn out right on the first try!

Toddler and budget friendly? What more could you ask for in a DIY project?! From loveandrenovations.com.

17.  Low Hung Tree Swing

Low Hung Tree Swing
Source: abeautifulmess.com

Not all swings were meant to soar to the skies! Rest your feet while dinner cooks and catch some rays on your patio with this low hung tree swing.

Be the hero of the house and install a low hanging seat close to your house. An excellent choice for book reading or keeping the chef of the house company while they cook up some grub on the grill, DIY plan from abeautifulmess.com only costs $5 to recreate!

Trees don’t have to be huge to house a swing that gets lots of use, a lower tree branch is perfect as extra seating on a patio.

18. Charming Rustic Swing

Charming Rustic Swing Idea
Source: scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom.com

A swing like this is meant for warm summer evenings spent watching the sunset and drinking lemonade.

The rustic charm of this design is perfect for homeowners who crave a sense of tranquility in their yards. The natural look of the wood blends in with surroundings and the humble rope suspensions, allowing this swing to enhance design choices without becoming a focal point of your yard.

It doesn’t hurt that the price point is affordable and the assembly is pretty straightforward. Give this shabby chic idea a try this summer and you won’t regret it! From scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom.com.

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