48 Spectacular Outdoor Daybeds for Relaxing in the Sun

There is nothing better than relaxing in the sun on an outdoor daybed, is there? Does summer ever get better than that? And so many choices, so few summer days. You’ve got canopy, wicker, modern, wooden – even swinging outdoor daybeds. Who knew?

48 Spectacular Outdoor Daybeds for Relaxing in the Sun


A daybed can be the perfect oasis on the patio or in the garden. That one place where you can escape, have time to yourself. Grab a cup of tea (or a glass of wine) and your book (or Kindle) and make this afternoon about relaxing in the sun. Recharging your batteries. It’s all bout you.

Romantic Canopy Daybeds for Relaxing Outdoors

Portofino outdoor daybed

The Portofino outdoor daybed is an instant romantic getaway on your own patio.

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Barbados daybed outdoor furniture

The Barbados has tabbed curtains that create temporary walls – and instant privacy. Source

Gandia Blasco Daybed

Gandia Blasco outdoor daybeds are spectacular. Here, they are floating on a pool. We love it. Source

Blue Canopy Outdoor Daybed

The Sun Lounger is a great place to relax in the sun. It’s a nice change to have a canopy style outdoor daybed in blue – most are white. Source

Billowing curtains round daybed

Billowing curtains make this hideaway look so romantic and exotic. Source

Dedon Daydream Daybed is a Dream

Dedon Daydream outdoor daybed – and boy, we can sure see where they got the name.  Source

Hyde Park Classic Daybed

The Hyde Park outdoor daybed Frontgate is a classic style. Can’t you just see yourself relaxing in the sun on this deck?  Source

City Canopy Rooftop Daybed

This is a fantastic up on the outdoor roof deck. A view always helps one relax, don’t you think?

Arabian Nights Floating Canopy Daybed

How romantic is this canopy daybed? What a spectacular spot to relax, by sun or moon. Source

Bali Villa Romantic Daybed

This Bali villa features a floating quandrant with a canopy pagoda outdoor daybed. Heaven on earth. Source

Modern Daybeds for your Patio, Deck & Garden

Modern outdoor daybed with sun sail

This modern outdoor daybed uses a sun sail, or sun shade, configuration for the canopy top. Source

Frontgate luxurious outdoor daybed

Porta Forma from Frontgate is one of the most luxurious brands of outdoor furniture.  Source

$35,000 - no we are not kidding.

A mere $35,000 for this Hammacher Schlemmer showpiece. Source

Quadrant daybed is outdoor relaxingThe Vondant Quadrant from Frontgate has plenty of room to stretch out while relaxing in the sun. Source

Modern Vondom Daybed

This Vondum outdoor daybed folds right up like a clam. Source

Pure Chaise Outdoor Daybed

The Pure Chaise lounger is easy to move to chase the sun. Source

A daybed built for two

This outdoor daybed has plenty of room for two of you to relax in the sunshine. Source

White lace privacy daybed

This lounger has its own privacy screen.

Lagoon outdoor daybed

The Lagoon outdoor daybed in leather, from Germany. Source

Vondom ULM daybed

The Vondom ULM  model with parasol – that closes up when not in use to protect the cushions from the rain. Source

Wicker Outdoor Daybeds – The Gold Standard

The Sparta Lounge Daybed

From Skyline Design, The Sparta Lounge is a fantastic sitting area – or daytime nap zone. Source

Bamboo daybed and table

Arte Hospitality’s Bamboo is stunning. Source

Gloster Cradle Outdoor Daybed

The Gloster Cradle outdoor daybed has lots of style. Source

Shade Daybed from Skyline

The Shade is also from Skyline Design and as its name alludes, offers a shady respite. Source

Cocoon outdoor daybed in whiteThe Cocoon outdoor daybed is highly stylized. Source

Bongo Outdoor Daybed

Bongo, by Artie Hospitality, has a Polynesian feel. Be sure to accent this one with some Tiki Torch lights.

Luxury Cove Daybed

Luxury Cove is an incredibly luxurious day lounger. Can’t you imagine curling up in this to relax? Source

The Igloo daybed has a back window

The Igloo is from Roberti Outdoors. Source

A different Iglu daybed - two piece

This Iglu, from Skyline Design, is shown here with the top affixed. Source

Iglu is a versatile daybed

And this is the Iglu without its top half – perfect for relaxing in the sun. Source

Point Reudo Outdoor Daybed

The Point Reudo can be purchased online at Home Infatuation. Source

Parigi outdoor daybed

A striking design for an outdoor daybed from Sun-Moon of Italy. Source

Dynasty Outdoor Daybed

Dynasty, by Artie Hospitality, is an outdoor bed with a retractable striped canopy that reminds us of days gone by. Source

Swinging Outdoor Daybeds

Olivia Outdoor Daybed

The Olivia swinging outdoor daybed, by Skyline Designs, is white and wicker. Source

Saltaire Outdoor Daybed

The Saltaire looks so comfortable – wouldn’t you like to sink into that for a little relaxing time in the sun? Source

Dedon Swingrest Outdoor Daybed

Dedon Swingrest has lots of room for two to take a nap in the great outdoors. Source

Dedon Nestrest Swinging Outdoor Daybed

As does the Nestrest, also by Dedon.  Source

Tropical swinging outdoor daybed

A tropical view never hurts. And lots of cushions.

Trampoline DIY Outdoor Daybed

This was an old trampoline – there’s a creative DIY for you to make. Source

Simple DIY Outdoor Daybed

It can be as simple as a mattress on a platform held from four ropes or chains.

Floating Daybed Hanging Tent

This hanging tent bed could be your floating outdoor bedroom, day or night. Source

Swing Daybed

The Avari swing bed is inspired by an old fashioned front porch swing. Source

Wooden Outdoor Daybeds – Pure Relaxation

Madera Teak Outdoor Daybed

The Madera Teak outdoor bed is from Pottery Barn. Source

Outdoor Fireplace Outdoor Daybed

Swinging by the outdoor fireplace in your outdoor daybed – perfect for a rainy day. Source

Pagoda Roof Outdoor Daybed

This pagoda-roof outdoor daybed looks elegant with its wood and white.

Cute A Frame Outdoor Daybed

The Kettal Cottage is like a cute little psuedo cabin where you can while away the afteroon. Source

Daybed outside by ocean

This wooden platform is the perfect spot for an outdoor daybed – what a view. Source

Real Rocking Outdoor Daybed

And what could be better than a real bed? One that rocks, that is. Hard to beat. Source

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