41 Fabulous Outdoor Wicker Furniture Design Ideas for Your Patio

We’ve collected 41 fabulous outdoor wicker furniture design ideas for your patio and deck. Some of the styles available this season are just stunning. With the advent of the high-end resin and synthetic wicker furniture, the whole game has changed. Now, there seems to be no design limit (or price limit). But we’ve never had it better. It’s all water proof so you don’t have to be carting it in and out or covering it when it rains. Although there still is something to be said for vintage outdoor wicker furniture, made from the real thing (cane, reeds, rattan, willow and more) – it will take a lot more maintenance.

41 Fabulous Outdoor Wicker Furniture Design Ideas for Your Patio

For the most part, we’re going to concentrate on today’s outdoor wicker furniture, the new materials. Design-led pieces and sets, like this fabulous casual seating area from FrontGate (they have some great design ideas, by the way). Isn’t this one of the nicest outdoor spaces you’ve ever seen?

One more quick note before we start on our 41 examples. Wicker and Rattan are two different things – like apples and oranges. The terms are often are mistakenly used interchangeably. Rattan is a material used to make the furniture, where wicker is a technique – an ancient one, as a matter of fact. It involves weaving natural materials such as bamboo, willow, rush or rattan. But in most cases today, as noted earlier, we’re buying synthetic outdoor wicker furniture, made from plant materials. It’s a hard molded product that withstands the environment year after year. The new materials are much easier to care for and hold up much longer. But the choice, as always, is yours.

Wicker Loungers for the Patio and Deck

Half Circle Wicker Furniture

A two person outdoor lounger – from Opulent Items. Called ‘the Veo’, this outdoor furniture is hand produced with weatherproof fiber. Looks great on the patio, deck or anywhere you put it.

Nari Rattan Outdoor Wicker Furniture

This is a beautiful and minimalist looking Umah chaise lounge. Not a bad view, either. Source

Outdoor wicker daybed Roman

Outdoor wicker furniture never looked this good before. This is organic, the real thing,made from tall grasses. It really does require a lot more care but it looks fabulous. You can so tell the difference between the real and the synthetic. Source

Built In Umbrella Chaise Lounge

This Rausch lounger has its own roof. Handy, that. Source

Wicker Daybeds

Poolside Daybed Blue Cushions

This is a wonderful daybed – in fact, we’d like to spend quite a few days here. Source

Round Wicker Day Bed Ocean

Taiji outdoor day bed with ottoman. You can really stretch your legs out on this one. Source

Sparta Seating Lounge Outdoor Wicker Furniture

From Skyline Design – The Sparta Lounge from the Sparta Collection – outdoor wicker furniture at its absolute finest. Part daybed, part seating area – this is our kind of lounge. And lounge location. Source

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Outdoor Wicker Day bed

This is a modern looking daybed – with a back window for ventilation. They have some great design ideas, don’t they? Source

Asian Inspired Wicker Temple

The Oasis daybed with open weave in espresso color. This is how to turn your own backyard into an exotic destination. Source

Luxury Lounger Cocoon Bed

The Louisville Luxury Pool Lounger has an oriental theme. Lots of room to stretch out and watch the waves. Source

Wicker Apple Daybed Synthetic

The Apple daybed. A great outdoor wicker furniture piece – it’s got character. And it will shield you from the sun. Source

Canopy Bed Scottsdale Style

A magnificent canopy bed with billowing curtain sails. Perfect for snoozing by the ocean. Source

Pods Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Synthetic weave modern wicker furniture pod – the Martinique Daybed from Overstock.com

Hanging Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Dedon Swing Chair over river

The Dedon outdoor woven swing – doesn’t that look like a great place to read a book? We love Dedon.

Nest Rest wicker Dedon

Nest Rest by Dedon – another fabulous outdoor wicker furniture design.

Round Egg Hanging Chair

From yet another of our favorite stores – outdoor wicker furniture design has hit the big time – Anthropologie.

Fabio 3 Hanging Wicker Pod

Skyline Designs again. The Fabio 3 hanging outdoor pod chair.

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Gray Rattan Vifa Chair

The Vifa – a hanging egg chair with lots of cushions. Source

Outdoor Wicker Rattan Chair

Hand woven rattan over a metal base – weatherproofed, of course. A great two-person hanging outdoor chair. Source

Neon Pink Wicker makes a statement

Neon pink hanging outdoor egg chairs on the patio, anyone? Source

Fabulous Design Suspended Wicker Chair

Nana Ditzel rattan for Pierantonio Bonacina. Fabulous. Source

Outdoor Dining with Wicker Furniture

Dining Round Wicker Set

Bamblecrest Sahara outdoor wicker furniture for round table dining. Source

Sun Outdoor Wicker Furniture

This all-environment outdoor wicker furniture is  sleek and modern looking. Source

Adjustable Chair Backs Wicker Dining

The Bologna dining set, with fully adjustable backs, seats six very comfortably. Source

Traditional White Wicker Cottage Set

The Tortuga collection is a throwback to the fabulous white outdoor wicker furniture style of the past,  but it’s powder coated steel for all weather survival. It’s the classic outdoor look. Source

Panama Jack Woven Chair Backs

This Panama Jack outdoor dining set has open weave backs on armless chairs. Would look great on a small patio – the openness will keep a sense of space.  Source

White angular rattan furniture

This white dining set seats eight and has modern design lines.

Beach side wicker dining set

The Venice Collection features four sturdy arm chairs. Source

High End Wicker Furniture

Vita Dining by Porta Forma, from Front Gate. This is truly outdoor wicker furniture at its finest.

Teak Montebello Wicker

The Montebello set offers deep, wide seating in a modern design. Looks great in the yard but would look equally as good on a patio or deck. Source

Wicker Lace Garden Furniture


Casual Seating Areas in Wicker

Front Gate has simply fabulous stuff

Some of the best outdoor wicker furniture design ideas come from Front Gate.

High End Organic Woven wicker

Again from Front Gate – the Porta Forma Ravello Collection in (water resistant) woven teak. We just love this one. Nothing says summer better.

Cushions matter a great deal

Tommy Bahama outdoor wicker furniture sets come in all styles and configurations. The cushions you choose will have even more impact on the look than the color of the material, or the seating style.

Dynasty Unique Open Weave Wicker Furniture

The Dynasty Collection by Skyline Design features a unique open weave in this outdoor seating set.

Organic Bamboo Outdoor Wicker Furniture

A very comfortable looking round sectional – this set is made from organic bamboo. It takes a little more care, but sometimes it’s worth it. Source

Huge Conversation Area Party Seating Wicker Set

The Laguna 13-piece sectional set makes a fabulous conversation grouping. Source

Exotic Pagoda from Synthetic Wicker

The Bali daybed from Front Gate is decidedly exotic.

It's a wicker puzzle ball

This one stores in a puzzle ball – all those pieces. Source

Halle Day Bed Pool Side

The Halle daybed with canopy looks great in the bright and cheerful yellow color choice. A sunny addition to your patio. Source

Traditional Furniture Line in Outdoor Wicker

The Sunset West Santa Cruz Collection has classic lines, especially in the arm chairs. Source

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