Winter Party Ideas for your Backyard: It’s an Outdoor Wonderland

Why not host an incredible outdoor winter party for something different? And you thought your outdoor entertaining days were on ice until spring. Not so. You can have a great winter party – no matter where you live. Sure, it’s easier in the south, but think ice castles and twinkly lights on freshly fallen snow.  You can make it an ice skating party or a tobogganing party. Light a big bonfire for people to warm up at – and provide blankets and benches.

Lots of opportunity for hot chocolate, toasted marshmallows (with our without Baileys Irish Cream), hot toddies, warm spiced apple cider. A new snowfall can be magical  and it can create a magical winter wonderland in your yard or on your deck. White is the theme of the day with a winter party – and snow is your backdrop. Candles and white lights go a long way to making your backyard an elegant stage. Read on for some great party ideas.

Dinner Tables for Outdoor Winter Parties

Outdoor winter party table

A simple, but elegant, outdoor dinner table. You can do great winter party things with DIY glass bottlesSource

Picnic table in the snow

Set a picnic table in the snow with lots of sheepskin for keeping the seats warm. And tin candle lanterns will really warm up a winter wonderland. Source

Birch bark table winter

White is always right, especially for a winter party. And birch bark is a hot trend in decor, indoors and out.  Source

Winter Wonderland table

A magical table setting for an elegant outdoor winter dinner party. Source

Snow touched dinner table

Red touches make a bright statment at your winter whites party. Source

Winter white for winter wonderland

This winter dinner party table in white (what else?) uses antique windows as a wind screen. Source

Winter wonderland party tent

If you really can’t face the great outdoors, there’s always the rent-a-tent idea for your winter party. Source

Romantic fondue for two

Or maybe your party is just a romantic fondue for two?

Winter Party Ideas for Lighting and Candles


Pine cones and  candles – DIY Mason Jars are another invaluable source for elegant winter party decor at a reasonable cost. Source

White porcelain and white candles

This display of white and white candles is almost art. Source

Winter fairy lights

Winter fairy lights and lanterns add a soft touch to the snowy wonderland outside.

DIY Snowball candles

Snowball candles are perfect for lining your driveway at your winter party. Source

Incredible Ice Candle

You can freeze flowers inside blocks of ice for an incredible ice candle.

Winter log candles

White candles in clear hurricanes set on logs – the perfect outdoor wonderland setting. Source

Winter Party Bonfires

Firepit bonfire

Gather ’round the bonfire / fire pit for some winter outdoor relaxing. Source

Skating party bonfire

A skating party and a big bonfire for outdoor winter fun. Source

Fairy lights bonfire

And if you don’t fancy a real fire – try and twinkly light fire. Source

Marshmallows Bonfire

While you’ve got the fire going, pull out the marshmallows. Source

Food & Drink Ideas for Your Winter Party

Baileys Marshamallows

And with those marshmallows, try a little Baileys to warm you up (adults only). Source

Help, I'm melting!

Melted snowmen white chocolate bark. Source

Red velvet cake

Red and white winter party featuring a multi-layer red velvet cake. Source

Hot Chocolate and dessert

A hot chocolate table with hanging candles is a funky addition to a winter party. Note how the fruit is used for a splash of dramatic color. Source

Hot chocolate bar

A make your own hot chocolate bar is the hit of the outdoor party. Source

Outdoor winter party

Outdoor skating party for the kids – and the adults.


Roasing hot dogs and S’mores makes a casual do-it-yourself outdoor party buffet. Source

Winter wonderland frozen vodka

Frozen vodka. Need we say more? Source

Those Added Touches

Please snuggle

Offer blankets to keep your guests warm. Source

Winter party signs

This way to the fire… this way to dessert.

Old fashioned skates

Offer old skates from the thrift store for people to take at urn on the pond or rink (if you’ve got one). Source

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