Glass Vases Decoration Ideas for Christmas – 25 Beautiful Arrangements

This Christmas, turn your abandoned vases into stunning displays you’re sure to love! We’ve come up with 25 creative ideas for glass vases decoration.

Glass vases decoration ideas for Christmas

Now that the holiday season is fast approaching, getting our homes ready for the upcoming celebrations is a priority. Many of us have that tried-and-true method of taking Christmas decorations out of storage and putting them back in the same places they were last year. It creates a familiar atmosphere, helping to recreate family traditions, sentiments, and memories.

Changing it up every year can be time consuming. Using the same holiday decorating plan over and over again saves time. The flip side is it can become very predictable. What if you can have both? Stick to the plan, but add some inspired decoration ideas for use in a variety of ways from centerpieces to bowl fillers to flower arrangements.

Perhaps you don’t know where to begin. How about starting with that collection of glass vases that every household seems to have stashed away in a cupboard?

25 Christmas Vase Ideas for a Beautiful Holiday Decor

1. Transform a Simple Round Glass Vase

Pair a glass bowl with a Santa figurine

Take a round glass vase and fill it with assorted ornaments. Get the kids involved! Let them pick their favorites. Using a variety of sizes, colors, and textures makes the display more eye-catching. Pair the bowl with a St. Nick figurine. Now you’re telling the legend of Santa Claus and his Christmas tree toys – ideal for decorating a mantel ready to be hung with stockings (with care).

2. Bottle plus Spruce Branches

Glass bottle with spruce boughs centerpiece

Trimmed branches from your Christmas tree? Use them to brighten up an empty shelf, tabletop, or fireplace mantel. Place boughs around a glass bottle and then arrange a few in the container. Don’t have a real tree this year? Raid a dollar store for artificial spruce branches. For a neutral effect, choose an earth-toned ribbon; to be bolder, select bright red, deep gold, or a non-traditional color such as turquoise.

3. Holiday Magic with LED Fairy Lights

Glass vase decoration idea with fairy lights

These battery-operated fairy lights create a festive glow in a tall glass vase combined with traditional red and silver ornaments. Here’s how you can DIY this centerpiece to increase its visual impact. Change the shape of the vase! Put strings of fairy lights inside a milk bottle, mason jar, or flat bottom glass hurricane. Then add ornaments or small decorative items with plenty of reflective appeal.

4. Hand-Painted Glass Gems

Christmas centerpiece uses round glass gems

These hand-painted gems can be used to create a festive centerpiece by placing them in a chunky, rustic, or bouquet vase. A wide body container or one that combines a wide body with a narrower neck will keep them from lying “flat” and lend some depth to each hand-painted disc.

5. Monochromatic Decor Idea

Elegant silver decorations in clear vase

Sleeping Beauty dreamt here! To recreate this frosty fairy tale for your home, begin with a simple geometric shape – square, round, or cylinder. Silver spray paint the objects that will go into the vase. Gold and different intensities of white are also good monochromatic color choices. Select a rose, pieces of silver treasure (ornaments), and several tall, tangled branches. Or write your own fairy tale!

6. Fun Festive Still Life

Glass bowl vase filled with magnetic beads

Dress up your dining table in holiday style with a festive still life. Fill a glass bowl with silver beads, small glass stones, Christmas balls, and small ornaments. Stick to a color scheme to make all of the elements work together. Use magnetic beads for more variety – you can make a conventional string or form any shape you can imagine including a classic Christmas star. Stage it on a red placemat, with pine cones, greenery, candles, and a cranberry spray. Don’t forget cookies for Santa.

7. Make a Tree out of Twigs

Crhistmas ball ornaments decorate twigs in tall square vase

Artfully arrange twigs in a tall glass vase. Decorate it like you would a Christmas tree – round ornaments in different colors, winter berries, and small pine cones. Tall centerpieces make a dramatic statement on a sideboard or hall table. If the branches don’t already come with berries and cones, a crafts store is sure to have some. Swap a few round ball ornaments for birds or other forest animals.

8. Snowballs in a Bowl

Winter apples and snowballs for vase decoration ideas

Bursting with festive charm, this gorgeous holiday showpiece reveals layers of red, gold, and silver. Line the bottom of a clear glass bowl with winter apples. Add golden pine cones and snowballs (white ornaments). Mix this layer with silver reflective ornaments for some sparkle. Top the vase with white-tipped pine branches, frosted apples, and more snowballs. Sprinkle some faux snow for that perfect finishing touch.

9. Mixed Arrangement with Ornaments

Centerpiece idea using curved vase and mixed materials

Styled by recycling extra decorations that didn’t make it on the tree, this display is easier to create than it looks. Put gold, red, and silver ornaments in a curved glass vase. Place a dish on top as a base for pine cuttings or artificial boughs, and a candle surrounded by gold leaves and more ornaments. Lightly dust fake snow over the display for a frosted winter vibe.

10. Color and Texture for Visual Impact

Fluted gold ornamments in glass pedestal vase

This easy-to-DIY display is ideal for a coffee table, mantelpiece, or bookshelf. Pair red and gold decorations with a pedestal vase. For maximum visual impact include fluted ornaments, patterned surfaces, and different shapes. Gold is the perfect hue for the holiday season.

11. Simple Sophistication with Blue and Silver

Glass vases decoration idea with glass pebbles and ornaments

This low-height centerpiece is ideal for a holiday dining table. Create it by filling a round vase with an assortment of silver and blue ornaments. Place two smaller glass bowls on either side. White candles are surrounded by blue glass gems. The snowflake ornaments reflect the themed snowflake tablecloth.

12. Inspired by Silver Bells

Wide-mouthed glass bowl idea with silver ornaments

Silver bells – “It’s Christmas time in the city!” Whether it’s in a centerpiece or hanging on the tree, there’s something wonderful about glints of silver during the holidays. Place ball ornaments in a wide-mouthed bowl. Mix different types of finishes together such as sequin, glitter, matte, and reflective for an elegant showpiece. Garnish with greenery, leaves, and a flower or two for a smidgen of color.

13. Surprise the Eye with Out-of-Season Flowers

Christmas flower arrangements for a mason jar vase

While the amaryllis is typically considered a spring flower, they make a stunning holiday arrangement. These longed stem flowers look beautiful in a mason jar vase. Arrange the flowers with pine cones, Christmas nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews), and small apples. When using live flowers, put them in a slender bud vase filled with water first before adding the decorations.

14. Layer on Texture

Decoration ideas using a clear glass bowl

For a simple yet eye-catching display, limit the number of colors to two. But go crazy with texture. Select different sizes, shapes, and finishes. The round ornaments are the perfect foil for the gold snowflake. Tall cylinder vase or clear glass bowl? You decide.

15. Classic Holiday Motif

String lights make a brandy glass vase sparkle

In a brandy glass vase, position golden Christmas balls to best show off their matte and sparkly finishes. Set it aglow with string lights. This easy centerpiece will bring warmth and holiday cheer to your home. To make it even more prominent, set one ornament outside of the jar.

16. Autumn and Winter Still Life

Christmas decoration ideas using square clear vase

Warm up a breakfast nook or dining table with a holiday still life composed of fall and winter colors. Painted leaves of red and gold paired with silver “snowflakes” mix the seasons nicely. Add red-toned berries, showcased in a square vase for a modern feel. Show your holiday spirit with this mixed seasons motif.

17. Get Inspiration from Mother Nature

Glass rectangular vase idea for Christmas with pine boughs

Arrange a variety of organic materials foraged from the outdoors such as small twigs, acorns, bark, and pine cones in a rectangular vase. Collect fresh pine boughs. Start with a layer of hazelnuts as a “grounding” base for your nature objects. Use the branches to top off the vase. For a splash of color add dried fruits like apple and orange slices.

18. Use Familiar Tableware Pieces

Glass bowl idea using vintage brandy snifter

Make your design really stand out by using familiar tableware items like jugs, bottles, and bar glasses as vases. The possibilities are endless. Shown here is an oversized blue brandy snifter. Fill the vintage glass with silver ornaments. Garnish with a candy cane, a twirly straw, and a ribbon. Place frosted pine branches at the base of the vase for added Christmas color.

19. Pedestal Vase with Champagne Bottle

Decoration ideas using clear glass pedestal bowl

One of the quickest ways to put your guests in the holiday spirit is to showcase a bottle of champagne or red wine in a centerpiece. Create your own showstopper by placing the bottle in a glass pedestal vase on a bed of fir tree branches. Fill with classic winter-colored ornaments.

20. Floating Candle Idea #1

Festive decorating idea with mason jar vase and floating candle

Set the perfect mood with this floating candle centerpiece. Fill a wide-mouth vase with water. Then add some cranberries, small pine branches, and pine cones. Place a floating candle in the water. For a rustic Christmas vibe use a mason jar instead of another kind of vase. Quick reminder: not all small-sized candles can float – ensure the ones you purchase say “float” or “floating.”

21. Arrangement using Fresh Cuttings

Pedestal vase is ideal for this floral arrangment

Who says you have to stick to red and white flowers? This festive arrangement mixes an array of fresh cuttings – purple flowers, long green vines, and silver buds. Embellish with purple glass pebbles, round ornaments, winding ribbon or small bows. A pedestal vase optimizes space while allowing objects to “breathe.”

22. Pine Cones not Gold Fish

Glass bowl idea for Chrismas centerpiece with pine cones

Sparkling red ornaments grab attention when displayed in a fishbowl vase. Pine cones are the main feature, but are given depth and visual interest with pops of color and different textured ornaments. For the perfect holiday dining table centerpiece, place on a white runner and add an assortment of nuts and small decorations.

23. Original Christmas Bouquet

Create Christmas bouquet with seasonal fruits in a tall vase

Create a holiday bouquet that is full of the season’s evocative scents and colors. Gather fresh persimmons, mandarins, pine boughs, assorted nuts, and cinnamon sticks. Wrap your bouquet in paper – newsprint, brown paper, or wrapping paper. Arrange them in a tall glass vase. Adorn with LED lights for a display that smells as good as it looks. Place this centerpiece anywhere in your home except for the dining room – you don’t want anything to interfere with your delicious food aromas.

24. Floating Candle Idea #2

Glass vase decoration with floating candle

Create or buy a personalized cylinder glass vase with names of family members or sayings such as “Eat Drink and Be Merry.” Add a floating candle (it doesn’t have to be white). What a beautiful Christmas centerpiece you can use for many holidays to come!

This is our favorite, actually. The idea here is to have a smaller floating candle that sits just above all of the engravings. You could even cut the bottom of the candle off.

25. Make the most of Vintage Memories

Glass bowl idea for Christmas display with vintage ornaments

Did you inherit your grandmother’s vintage dessert dish, but have never been quite sure when to use it? Turn it into a centerpiece brimming with traditional blue, silver, and gold ornaments. The perfect dining table centerpiece, it will evoke those fond Christmas memories from yesteryear.

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