Unique Outdoor Christmas Decorations & Garden Ideas

Unique outdoor Christmas decorations

Looking for some unique outdoor Christmas decorations for your garden, patio and yard? We’ve got them. From the latest in Christmas lighting trends – to homemade snowball lanterns, you’ll find dozens of unique ideas for your garden or yard. Using only white lights is a popular style – and sophisticated. Or you can mix colored lights – bright primary colors or neon themes – the sky is the limit these days. Lights are made in all shapes, sizes and colors and that’s where you start.

Quintessential Christmas tree card

The quintessential Christmas card image – a single tree in a field of freshly fallen snow – can still evoke some pretty plentiful Holiday spirit. Christmas Eve in front of the fireplace, stockings hung, reading The Night Before Christmas to the kids. But lights these days have evolved into so much more. And not everyone lives in a climate with snow. But for those who do, decorating living trees on your property is a great way to celebrate the season.

Christmas Garden & Patio Lighting Ideas

Christmas cactus and palms

Palms and tropical trees look great with Christmas lights. Source

Snowball lanterns

Snowball lanterns – easy to make and they’ll easily last 24 hours. Make them to line the driveway when you’re expecting company, put a votive candle inside and light it. They’ll be impressed.  Source


Plow & Hearth have a great selection of unique solar lights for decorating outdoors this Christmas season. Source


Those omnipresent grapevine balls (and wreaths) turn into magnificent Christmas decoration when you wind white lights around them. Source

bare Christmas tree bulbs

Wind colorful bulbs on the trunks of large, bare trees for a spectacular decoration idea.  Source

Luminarias Faralitos

Luminarias (also called Faralitos) are a Christmas Eve tradition in New Mexico – but nothing to stop you from doing this in any part of the world. Brown lunch bags and votive candles in sand create a warm glow to Christmas. Source

Christmas decoration balls in a basket

These red Christmas decorations look like eggs in a nest. There’s that grapevine wreath covered in lights idea again. What a unique decoration idea. Source

Christmas Garden on the Porch

Christmas decoration red boots

Red garden boots for Christmas decoration on your porch steps – how sweet is that? Source

Giant Christmas bulbs

More unique Christmas decorations – giant bulbs on the window ledge make a statement. Source

A green Christmas

Christmas presents – boxes of greenery with white lights and tartan bows are a great idea for the steps.

bulbs in lanterns

Take the large garden candle lanterns you use in the summer and fill them with bulbs for Christmas. Stick them next to the front door and voila! Source

Christmas Garden on the Patio

Magical Christmas patio

Hang white lights and oversize silver acorns for a magical patio. Source

Yule logs in a bucket

Yule logs in a galvenized bucket with greenery, acorns and those ever-useful white lights makes a great decor piece for the porch. Source

Christmas mason jar

Mason jars rule! You can use them for so many creative decor ideas. Source


Christmas Garden Around the Yard

Holiday logs Christmas

You can’t tell me this isn’t an easy Christmas decoration for the patio. Throw some split logs into your firepit and add a few white lights. Couldn’t be simpler. Source

Succulent bulbs

Now, that’s a unique way to decorate a succulent plant for Christmas.  Source

Tumbling tumbleweed

It’s a Tumbleweed Christmas – with twinkling white lights. I bet no one else in your ‘hood has a Christmas decoration like this. Source

Ice molds Candles

Use two small bowls to make an ice mold – you can add greenery, cranberries, and cloves to the freezing water. Source

The Front Door – Christmas Decor

Bulb wreath

Christmas bulbs and greenery make a great wreath. Source

Apples & Acorns wreath

Apples, acorns and nuts – it’s a unique Christmas wreath that the animals can eat when the holiday is over. Source

Chili Wreath

Not just for luminarias – New Mexico also brings us Chili wreaths.

Crayon wreath

Kids love these crayon wreaths. You have to admit, it’s pretty unique. Source

Sea Shell Wreath

The Sea Shell wreath is another unique Christmas decoration idea – and easy to DIY. Or you can buy them on Etsy. Source

Wine lovers Christmas wreath

The wine lovers Christmas wreath – with some faux holly berries for color. Source

Peacock wreath

This peacock feather wreath is simply stunning.

Christmas Gardens to Inspire

Christmas garden lights

Wow -a wall of white twinkly lights. What’s not to like? Source

Christmas flower garden

This Christmas flower garden is amazing and seriously one of a kind. Source

Incredible Christmas Cactus garden

What an incredible cactus garden. The more the merrier, where lights are concerned. Source

Zen Garden Christmas lights

A water pond garden, complete with cattails, swan and frog. And lotus flower. Source

White lights palm trees

Wind white lights around a palm tree – it may not be a unique deocrating idea but it’s simple and the look can’t be beat. Source


Meteor Shower Rain Tube lights are the latest offering from the marketing gods (and they are fabulous, I have some). Source


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