43 Mason Jar Crafts: DIY Decorating Ideas for Outdoors

Mason jars were invented and patented in 1858 by John Mason, to preserve food. The most common brands in use in the US included Ball and Kerr brands. And today – many more exist although those two remain the favorite choices. And preserving food? Well, someone must still use them for food storage, but we’ve found 43 mason jar crafts for you to try. Lighting, candles, vases, terrariums – these are one of the best containers ever for DIY decorating ideas. There are literally hundreds of ways to use these versatile jars for your outdoor decor.

43 Mason Jar Crafts: DIY Decorating Ideas for Outdoors

Hang dozens of mason jars in a huge old tree by the backyard pond or pool for an instant fairy garden. A candle in each and you’re set. (You’d be smart to use remote-control flameless candles for this purpose.) Candle holders are one of the top mason jar craft projects, but there are plenty more DIY decorating ideas for that perfect backyard oasis.

DIY Outdoor Hanging Candle holders from Mason Jars

clear candles mason jars

When you put candles inside a whole group of mason jars and hang them in the air – the effect is astonishingly beautiful. A great DIY decorating idea for an outdoor wedding. Source

Morocco painted mason jar candle

Hand painted candle holder with Moroccan flair – this mason jar craft project is a super simple DIY and looks truly elegant. Source

Mason jar candles with beans

These are a great DIY idea – and note the beans that stabilize the candles. You can get those hanging lids, with chains, at Micheal’s stores.  Source

Mason Jar Summer Solstice

Trust us when we tell you, you really can’t beat this look. And it costs very little to manifest these great decorating ideas. We first mention it as the Summer Solstice Party Idea.

Mason Jars Wild Branches

Add an extra element to your DIY candles by hanging them from an interesting tree. Source

Mason Jar Punched Tin Star

And old ladder also makes an interesting hanger. We love the way they’ve taken this idea one step further and added a punched tin start candle light. Very creative. Source

Mason Jar Candles Plants

Another creative and attractive idea – mixing succulent plants in with mason jar candles on a hanging panel (this looks like it might be a metal pot hanger). Source

Mason Jar Tiki Torches and Oil Lamps

Blue Bell Mason Jar Torches

Blue Ball jars full of citronella oil keep the bugs away.  Source

Table Candle Holders from Mason Jars

Mason Jar Bug Repellent

Another great idea is rosemary and lemon / lime. Just add some water and a floating candle and your mason jar craft candle becomes a bonafide (and natural) bug repellent. Smells a lot better, too. Source

Mason Jar Colors Candles

So many colors, so many decor choices. And such a simple, simple DIY decorating idea. It’s almost criminal it’s so easy.  Source

Elegant long table jar candles

For a natural tabletop setting, combine some fresh flowers with tea light candles in jars. It’s so simple, but so very sophisticated. Source

Wedding table mason jar flameless

Don’t they look great? For simplicity, use flameless candles. It’s a lot simpler. A lot. Source

simple mason jar table setting

Using different sizes of mason jars is another great decorating idea. It kind of gives some depth to the tabletop. And white with clear glass is always tasteful. Source

tissue paper mason jar candles

Mason jar crafts can be magic – a little tissue paper randomly applied to the exterior and light that candle. And it looks oh-so-chic. Source

Mason Jars of Stars

Jars of stars – yeah, it’s photography, these are simply candles in reality. But gorgeous.  Source

Mason Jar Vases

primary colors painted mason jar vases

Spray painted mason jars as vases – love the primary colors.  Source

Sea Glass Mason Jar Crafts

This is cool – a mixture of Elmer’s Glue and food coloring gives you a sea glass look. Who said mason jar crafts are boring? These are really sleek DIY decorating ideas. Source

Mason jars coordinated florals

Coordinate your vase and flower color for maximum effect. Source

Mason Jar vase of jute

Use jute twine to create upscale mason jar vases. Source

Mason Jar Decor and Party Ideas

A beach in a jar

Putting a beach in a jar is always a great decorating idea. Source

Garden in a mason jar

Or plants. Terrarium making is one of the most popular mason jar crafts. Source

Origami birds mason jars

Twigs and branches and origami birds take mason jar crafts to a new level of decorating. These arrangements look like art. Source

Bug repellent scents mason jars

Mason jars filled with natural scents – from rosemary lemon to cinnamon orange to bay leaves and pine (and many more choices) will keep bugs away when placed strategically around the garden. Source

cutlery storage in a mason jar

What a smart idea for a garden party buffet – offer cutlery in self-serve mason jar containers. Source

Premixed drinks in mason jars

Use the humble mason jar to hold prepared drinks for the perfect garden party – no bartender required. Source

Mason Jar Planters and Flower Pots

Mason jar vertical planters

Recycle an old shutter into a vertical mason jar herb garden. Source

Herb garden in a jar

Another simple mason jar craft –  herb pots. Source

Succulent garden in a jar

And painted or plain – they also make great flower pots for succulents. Source

Outdoor Lighting Ideas Using Mason Jars

Fence lights mason jars

String lights inside mason jars turn into mason jar string lights. And they’re a great decorating idea for alongside a fence, they really warm up the backyard or patio. Source

Pergola lights mason jars

White bulb lights with mason jar covers hang from a pergola. Very upscale garden lighting. Source

Colored mason jars string lights

Using different color mason jars, along with a string of plain white lights,  looks great along a pony wall. Source

clear jar mason electric lights

Very simple single white lights, when combined with mason jar covers, can look incredible. Source

Mason Jar Solar Lighting

Mason jar solar lights fence

More tops from Micheal’s – this time they’re solar and they’ll light up your mason jars all night long. Again, one of those great decorating ideas to put them along a boring old fence. Source

Solar string lights in mason jars

Or you can always use solar string lights – that allows you to hang your candles anywhere at all. No power source required. Source

Color changing solar mason jars

Color-changing solar lids from Etsy open up more possibilities in the world of mason jar crafts. Combine a solar lid with a terrarium – or a beach scene in a jar. Source 

Solar Beach Mason Jar

Like this. Source

Glow Stick Mason Jar Lights

Firefly Jars Glow Stick

Glow stick mason jar crafts – a funky DIY decorating idea – not just for kids! Source

Purple Party Glow Stick Mason Jars

Choosing all one color and the same jar style and size is a brilliant decorating idea. Source

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