47 Unique Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas

Looking for unique outdoor fireplace design ideas? A little something to keep you warm and toasty in the patio or garden? A fireplace with a good design takes your exterior living space to a whole new level. Of course, it’s a bigger commitment than a backyard fire pit, or a metal fireball. Although we do love the creative designs that the new fire balls bring to the table, so to speak.

You may be wondering, what’s the difference between a fireplace and a fire pit, anyway? It’s the difference between a living room and a campfire. With a pit, the fire is open and you sit around it campfire style, on all sides of the fire. With a fire pit – there is a clear view beyond the fire, so they are good choices for patios with long views (like the ocean or a city roof deck).

47 Unique Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas


With a fireplace, the fire is the view for the most part. A fireplace is more of a room set up and very much helps create that outdoor room feeling. You sit in front of the fire, not around it. And fireplaces are what we’ve found for you today – 47 unique outdoor fireplace ideas for your patio or garden.

Your fireplace design preference might be rustic – like the gorgeous stone model above – or extremely modern. You can go vertical, horizontal, traditional or contemporary. Freestanding or built-in. Design your patio to showcase your outdoor fireplace beside your pool for that old fire & water contrast. There are so many different ideas and designs – and each creates a totally unique setting for your outdoor living space.

Modern Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas

Tall Modern Outdoor Fireplace

This contemporary outdoor fireplace has an imposing design – it certainly commands the outdoor space. Source

sleek outdoor fireplace

The best of both worlds – a unique fireplace plus a view to the side.

Modern Roof Outdoor Fireplace

This contemporary outdoor fireplace creates a charming seating area on the deck of this modern home. Source

Modern Fireplace Red Wall

This concrete fireplace design is stunning in its simplicity. And we like the open wicker seating.

Modern Zen Outdoor Fireplace

A horizontal wood slat facing gives this fireplace design a unique Zen feel. Source

Outside red wall with fireplace

The red wall backing the outdoor fireplace sets the color for design touches around the patio. Source

Outdoor Fireplace entertaining area

Lots of room for entertaining around this modern outdoor fireplace grouping. Source

Beach Side Outdoor Fireplace

This contemporary cement block fireplace was designed so that it wouldn’t interfere with the ocean view. Good idea.

Tall and Skinny Outdoor Fireplace

This incredibly unique fireplace was designed by Fearon Hay, Australian architects. We’ve never seen a fireplace design this tall before, have you? Source

Linear Outdoor Fireplace Designs

long fireplace out by pool

And moving right along to some of the longest outdoor fireplace designs we’ve ever seen. Source

Sea view outdoor room with fireplace

This Ortal linear fireplace is inset in a stone wall. Source

Outdoor rock wall linear fireplace

As is this Southern Hearth outdoor fireplace inset. Rocks are always a great idea with fireplaces. Source

Cement block fireplace pool

This linear fireplace design was part of the pool design idea but stands alone. Source

cozy outdoors porch fireplace

This Valor outdoor fireplace design is more traditional – and still a great idea for a patio or garden. Source

Lake view fireplace patio stones

Another case of designing smart – the positioned the patio’s fireplace so it wouldn’t impede the view. Source

Linear Fireplace Outdoor Seating

Your fireplace can be a smaller part of the overall patio or garden design and still hold its own. Especially when the weather gets a little cooler. Source

Freestanding Outdoor Fireplace Designs

Stone Fireplace and Walls

This is really a unique outdoor fireplace – the huge rocks make it look almost medieval up there. What a great design idea – it’s got a big of magic to it, doesn’t it?  Source

Mediterranean Fireplace Outdoors

This charming outdoor sitting area has a decidedly Mediterranean feel to it. And note the outdoor fireplace design – it’s a dual sided fireplace, opening to the dining area as well. Source

Unique Deck Ocean Fireplace

Another great patio fireplace design that doesn’t have to compromise the view. Source

Pizza Oven Fireplace Outdoors

This unique outdoor design as a pizza oven as well. What a great idea for the patio or garden. Source

Traditional Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

Outdoor Columns Fireplace

This is a hugely traditional outdoor fireplace design – and such a great room. Source

Outdoor Roof Deck City Fireplace

A fantastic rooftop fireplace – with a view. Source

Traditional Outdoor Room with Fireplace

A flagstone floor and a Mediterranean-style monster-size outdoor fireplace. Source

Fireplace with TV

A TV built right into the fireplace design. Source

Cape Cod Home Fireplace Outside

A unique fireplace setting at a Cape Cod home – the patio stones make a great floor for this cozy sitting room. Source

Stone Fireplace Outdoor Hot Tub

A stone fireplace beside the hot tub – how cool is that design idea? Or should we say, how warm? (The slide is pretty awesome, too.) Source

Tiny Outdoor Room with Fireplace

You don’t need tons of outdoor space for a fireplace. Look how cozy this outdoor room is and it has a fireplace, a TV, a breakfast bar and a BBQ. Source

City View Fireplace

A classic fireplace design – with an incredible city view backdrop. Sure, pour me a glass. Source

Rustic Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor grouping around rustic fireplace

What a fantastic stone fireplace design. The whole sitting area is gorgeous. Source

Adobe fireplace lights up outdoor patio

Thi Santa Fe adobe style fireplace and patio design rocks – we love how the adobe – and the patio stones – are all one color.  Source

Open porch with rustic fireplace

Another classic fireplace designed of rock – this looks like a true getaway cabin deep in the woods. Source

Mountain view outdoor room with modern fireplace

Rough-hewn Mexican furniture gives this room a rustic feel – despite the modern fireplace. The mountains help, too.

Simple pergola with fireplace

The pergola with lights is a warm touch to this outdoor room with fireplace. Source

Rustic porch with stone fireplace

A stone fireplace and timber pillars really set the mood for his western style outdoor room. Source

Adobe design garden fireplace

Another unique cement fireplace design. This one is square instead of round but still has that Santa Fe feel. Love the mantle piece. A lot. It’s so simplistic. And the color – that plum-tinged earthtone is striking. Source

Fireplace with hot tub outside under pergola

Another hot tub beside a this rustic fireplace – it’s a great trend, we approve. Source

Incredible outdoor rustic fireplace

This stunning rock fireplace has a window screen and a firewood box. We love it. Source

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Unique Fireplace Design Ideas – for the Pool

Red fireplace at poolside

Even on a grey day, a poolside fireplace can warm up the mood. Red helps, too. Source

Outdoor fireplace with pool and pergola

A floating seating area, beside a turret in front of the fireplace, at the end of the pool. Now tell me that’s not unique, I dare you. Source

Cooking outdoors in the fireplace by the pool

The Escea exterior fireplace is meant to cook in – what a clever design idea that was. Source

Gazebo room with outdoor fireplace

This is a charming gazebo room with a fireplace. And it’s been designed right into the pool and hot tub area. Source

Tropical paradise outdoor room and fireplace

Another double-sided outdoor fireplace design on this tropical patio. Looks so comfortable and inviting. Source

Lavender Outdoor Fireplace by the Pool

And extremely unique color – lavender – for an outdoor fireplace design, but it works very nicely. Source

Fireplace room on Canal

This covered room with fireplace and infinity pool is a lovely design – the sand color makes it feel almost Moroccan under the roof. Source

Dessert Fireplace outdoor pool

The dessert, the pool, the sleek white – what a unique outdoor fireplace design.

Cactus and Linear Outdoor Fireplace

As the sun goes down in the dessert, you’ll be glad to have an outdoor fireplace almost anytime of the year. Source

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