40 Best Patio Ideas with Fireplace – Traditional Designs for Outdoor Living Spaces

40 Best Patio Ideas with Fireplace for Traditional Designs

Patios are ideal spaces for outdoor family gatherings like barbecue parties and brunches. However, not everybody likes modern outdoor living spaces that seem too sterile. Here are 40 patio ideas with fireplace to help you create a warm and welcoming space using more traditional designs as your inspiration.

When you think traditional, you’re probably thinking of comfortable oversized chairs, earthy hues, and brick and stone fireplaces. You are spot-on as these features are the essence of all conventional living spaces. It’s where comfort meets practicality and dining tables.

Yes, dining tables and outdoor grills are other staples of traditional outdoor living spaces. Depending on the weather where you reside and your design aesthetic, you can opt for a covered or open patio. Don’t worry, though, as we have you covered on both ends.

You could opt for an extended roof to create a covered patio or opt instead for oversized umbrellas to provide the much-needed shade during summers. If you want the best of both worlds, you can instead opt for wooden pergolas that allow enough sunlight to pass through while allowing for some relief from the sun.

You can opt for stone, tile, flagstone, or brick patio depending upon your decor theme. Conventional patios usually feature earthy tones to keep the theme warm. Decorate it with fairy lights, a fireplace, and comfortable seating to create a magical space.

A fireplace is another important feature as it adds the perfect element of warmth and coziness. You can even have it double as a wood-fired pizza oven. Combined with a grill and dining area, it creates an outdoor space perfect for parties.

The seating is how you define your outdoor living space. The traditional patio features oversized sofas with a table in the middle. Rustic patios reminiscent of archaic times usually feature stone benches and flagstones. However, these also feature huge fireplaces and earthy tones that capture the essence of conventional patios.

You can also choose to keep the setting simple by opting for simple patio chairs around a stone surround fireplace. For those with restricted space, keeping it simple is the best idea. In backyards with pools, decorating the space with only chairs can suffice.

Other spaces require more elaborate decor. If trees surround your patio, consider adding a hammock to create a lounging area for children and adults alike. Surround the area with ample greenery to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Adding fairy lights or overhanging light fixtures can also elevate the look of your traditional patio. Warm lights work particularly well with red brick or flagstones of the same color palette. However, with gray stone patios, we suggest you keep the color theme light. Stick to white sofas or patio furniture.

You can mix and match the two design themes by painting white a red brick fireplace while maintaining the original look of the patio.  There are endless traditional patio ideas with fireplace that you can choose from. Here are a few pictures to help you make a decision.

Amazing fireplace ideas for patio

Awesome outdoor fireplace design with wood cabinets

Desert style fireplace and patio idea

Beautiful patio with fireplace ideas

Cape Cod style patio with fireplace idea

Log home style outdoor fireplace on flagstone patio

Outdoor dining space with a fireplace

Circular patio with fireplace designs

Circular patio with fireplace ideas

Classic patio with fireplace design

Climbing vines covering patio fireplace - a great idea

Corner patio fireplace with white pergola design

Semi covered patio with stone fireplace and TV

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Cute brick fireplace idea for a patio

Elegant outdoor fireplace design for patio

Fireplace ideas for small patios

Four sided outdoor fireplace design for large spaces

Gorgeous outdoor space design with fireplace and waterfall

Interesting fireplace design for large patio

Large stone outdoor fireplace with shelf - an unusual idea

traditional outdoor fireplace built into house

Outdoor living space with fireplace ideas

Patio fireplace idea with outdoor rug and pizza oven

Outdoor living space with hammock and fireplace

Patio fireplace built into privacy wall

Patio with fireplace and wooden pergola ideas

Stone fireplace in a semi screened patio

Precast fireplace idea for a circular patio

Red brick outdoor fireplace in a beautiful patio

Rustic patio fireplace ideas

See through patio fireplace ideas

Simple cozy patio design with built-in fire place

Traditional patio with fireplace designs

Slate fireplace idea for patio

Small circular patio design cool fireplace

Small patio with fireplace ideas

Suburban fireplace and patio ideas

Tiny patio with fireplace place ideas

White painted brick fireplace patio design

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