25 Outdoor Patio Fireplace Ideas for Cozy Backyard Designs

Outdoor Patio Fireplace Ideas

We’ve collected these 25 outdoor patio fireplace ideas with pictures, all in one place for your inspiration. We’ve broken our list up into ideas for uncovered vs covered patios. Whether you want to build your fireplace under a covered patio or install it in the open backyard, we’re sure you’ll find a design to fit your requirements. Let’s start off with some cool and simple outdoor designs.




1. A Gas Fireplace Is Low Maintenance

Installing a gas fireplace will cut down on maintenance vs a wood-burning fireplace. Since you aren’t burning wood you don’t have to clean it out nearly as often. Add a protective cover to keep outside debris from getting in and you won’t have to clean it out at all.

This prefabricated fireplace is an affordable option if you already have a gas line to use. If there isn’t a gas line on your patio you might find yourself spending quite a bit to install one. A more affordable option might be to get a fireplace that uses propane tanks which you can refill as needed.


2. A Patio Corner Fireplace Maximizes Space

If you’ve got a smaller patio or backyard, placing your fireplace and seating in the corner will help maximize your space. If you place it right in the center you won’t have as much room for other things like a dining table.

Liven up a corner patio by adding some trees in planters and smaller plants in pots. You can even add a border around the fireplace as they’ve done here. You can then plant a few succulents and drought-tolerant plants right around the fireplace. The plants can add color and texture to an otherwise dull-looking fireplace.


3. A Sunken Courtyard Is Perfect For An Outdoor Fireplace

If you want your fireplace patio to stand out, create a sunken patio design. This is a great way to make your fireplace feel cozy since it’s confined but still allows you to enjoy the entire view.

Here they’ve added wood flooring to help warm up the concrete pavers surrounding the fireplace. Add a few plants as well to help tie it all together with the surrounding vegetation. Using black and white together as they have here also helps to elevate the contemporary feel of the design.


4. A Pizza Oven Fireplace Makes Get-togethers More Fun

Installing a pizza oven fireplace on your patio can be a great way to entertain guests. You can cook all sorts of great meals in it, not just pizza. You can also leave it lit as the sun goes down to provide warmth and light to the party.

Place the pizza oven fireplace on a larger surface to leave space for food prep and serving. Also, consider the height of the counter to ensure it’s easy to use. A 36-inch counter height is standard and keeps you from hunching over while you cook.


5. Gabion Method Creates An Industrial Fireplace Design

This fireplace design combines both rustic and modern industrial elements together. They’ve used a metal cage with stones to create the fireplace surround. They’ve also left space underneath for easy and convenient firewood storage.

While metal, stone, and wood make this industrial, the surrounding vegetation helps to soften everything. The greenery brings in an element of warmth that would be lacking otherwise. It makes me think of having a campfire in the woods but in a much more upscale way.


6. Build A Modern Wood Burning Fireplace

Modern designs typically combine geometric shapes and contrasting neutral colors. This design uses both to create a fantastic outdoor fireplace. They’ve used large black bricks with white grout which tie in perfectly with the place furniture and light gray concrete patio.

To warm up the space they’ve added a wooden mantle that complements the firewood stacked below. Extending the mantel over the firewood is genius to help keep it dry when it rains.


7. Natural Stone Fireplace Blends in with Rustic Fence

If you want your fireplace to be more of an accent than a centerpiece, this design idea is perfect! By placing the fireplace right against the wall and using the same stonework, the fireplace blends right in.

I love how they used the green cushions to add some color and tie in the greenery behind the wall. It also adds some life to the design which would otherwise be a little drab with all of the warm neutral colors.


8. Beautify a Backyard with a Stunning Outdoor Fireplace

If you’ve got a stunning view in your backyard, why not incorporate your fireplace? You may be thinking it’s a terrible idea to block the view with a fireplace but it’s not if you do it right. The fireplace can make it enjoyable to sit outside and enjoy the sunset even when it’s cold.

Here they used a fireplace directly in front of existing vegetation. This keeps the fireplace from blocking anything that wasn’t already being covered up. They’ve also added plenty of seating on either side which is great if you enjoy entertaining people. I’m also glad they didn’t add a lot of texture and color to the fireplace which would detract from the gorgeous view! The smooth white stucco was the perfect choice for this design.


9. Add Fireplace Seating For Entertaining Guests

Adding plenty of seating around your fireplace is a must! Whether you plan to enjoy the space with family or friends you’ll want to have somewhere to sit and relax. Here they’ve maximized their seating space by using small side tables rather than a large center table. This still allows you to have somewhere to sit a drink or cell phone while you enjoy the fire without taking up much space.

I love that they’ve used red furniture to add a splash of color to the design. I also appreciate that they didn’t block this amazing view with the fireplace. Adding planters on either side of the fireplace also adds life and complements the forest setting.


10. A Patio Brick Fireplace Is Easier To Design

There are all kinds of stones and pavers you can use to create a custom fireplace. However, bricks are the easiest material to use. Unlike other options, you don’t have to worry about carefully planning out the placement of each brick since they’re all the same size and shape. They’ve allowed some vines to grow over the bricks to add more texture and interest to the design.

Using a gazebo is also a magnificent idea to provide some shade on warmer days. Combining the bricks with the white and gray furniture gives this design a touch of southern charm that I adore! With the live oaks in the background, this design reminds me of something you’d see in the historical district of Charleston, South Carolina. The only thing missing is the Spanish moss.


11. A Nautical Themed Fireplace Is Timeless

Who doesn’t want their patio to be timeless? Creating a timeless look like this will ensure that your fireplace patio stays in style without needing an overhaul 10 years down the road. The stonework on the fireplace combines gray and white along with simple square shapes that aren’t super trendy but still fit the nautical theme.

They’ve used the accent pillows and rug to define their nautical theme. This is the perfect place to add trendy patterns and colors. If they go out of style in a few years, you can easily replace them without spending a fortune redoing everything. The furniture is also made of simple weathered wood slats which goes perfectly with the nautical theme.


12. A Fireplace With Chimney Works Great Against The House

If you’re working with a narrow backyard like this, placing your fireplace up against the house is a huge space saver. Adding a full-size chimney helps it look like the fireplace was made for this house rather than being an afterthought.

Since building a chimney isn’t cheap, they’ve created an affordable patio using larger pavers allowing the grass to be the grout. This style patio is super cheap and looks like a million bucks! They’ve also added some simple seating furniture to complete the look.


13. Lights And A Waterfall Create An Ultra Modern Fireplace

The neutral colors of the stonework and furniture on this patio don’t exactly scream modern. But when you add the waterfall and lighting at the top of the fireplace you take it to a whole nother level! This design is so creative and sets the tone for an evening get-together with friends.

The waterfall also adds a feature that can be enjoyed even when the fireplace isn’t lit. I’d enjoy sipping my coffee in the morning with the sound of the water and drinking a cocktail at night next to the fire. Some may say fire and water don’t mix but this design might make them think twice!





14. A Pergola Over The Fireplace Creates Some Shade

A pergola is a great way to add some shade over your fireplace and patio without breaking the bank. The pergola turns this patio into an outdoor living room complete with seating and a fireplace.

They’ve also added an accordion door to their home which allows them to turn this patio into an extension of their indoor living room. The pergola also made for a great place to add some string lights so they can enjoy the patio at night even if the fire isn’t going.


15. A Fireplace Table Has Multiple Uses

If you’ve got a fireplace under a covered patio, it’ll keep you out of the sun and rain which means you can enjoy it more often. When you’re dealing with a smaller lanai-type cover patio, combining your table and fireplace is a creative way to save space.

It allows your patio furniture set to feel complete with a table but also gives you a heat source to enjoy in winter. They made sure to tie the fireplace in with the furniture by matching the woven basket look on the sides of the fireplace to the wicker furniture.


16. Patios With A Fireplace And Roof Are Useful Year-round

If you have a roof and fireplace on your patio, you have a space you can use no matter the weather. The roof will keep you dry if it’s raining and out of the heat of the midday sun. The fireplace provides warmth during winter and extra light when the sun goes down.

If you enjoy spending time outside relaxing, these two additions will give you a space you can enjoy comfortably year-round. Notice how they also tied in the fireplace with the stonework at the bottom of the columns. This creates a cohesive design that looks absolutely beautiful!


17. Build A Patio Fireplace Wall

Running your stonework all the way up to the roof can be expensive. This budget-friendly option gives you the same type of look and a more affordable price. If you use siding on the top half of the fireplace, you can save yourself thousands of dollars in material and labor costs.

By using the same siding and colors that are found on your house, your design will look more purposeful. The fireplace wall here also helps to keep the sun out of your eyes which is a bonus!


18. Decorate Your Outdoor Fireplace and Patio Cover with Matching Colors

Most people will use smaller stones to create texture on their fireplace surround. However, you can still use large slabs like this and still get the same overall look. While you might not save money on materials, these slabs can be installed way more quickly than hundreds of individual stones. By saving time on installation, you’ll cut down on your labor costs for the project.

I love how they’ve added the screen wall on either side of the fireplace to create a little privacy. The screens will still let some light in but keep your backyard neighbor from spying. That way you can snuggle up in your jammies next to the fire without worrying about any judgment! I also feel like the screens are a nicer backdrop for the space than seeing a house and privacy fence behind the fireplace.


19. Adorn Your Covered Patio with a Stonework Fireplace

Texture is an important component of any design. Here, they’ve used the stonework around the fireplace to add some texture to this space. They also complement the wicker furniture which helps everything go together well.

I love that they used larger pavers for the covered patio floor which keeps everything from feeling too busy. Remember, texture is a good thing but too much texture can be overwhelming.


20. Use an Outdoor Fireplace as a Focal Point in a Covered Courtyard

This huge, two-story covered courtyard patio creates a large open space for entertaining. However, with such a big space, it can be difficult to create a substantial, well-balanced focal point. Using the large fireplace for an excellent choice to give this design the anchor point it needs.

A smaller fireplace would just look out of place and you’d still be left feeling like something is missing. Here the patio looks appropriately furnished and the fireplace ties in seamlessly with the columns supporting the upper deck and roof.


21. Build a Gable Roof to Cover a Modern Patio with Built-in Fireplace

If you want your modern fireplace to emit a cozy feel throughout your covered patio, install a gable roof over it. Adding large marble slabs will make it luxurious! Marble has always been seen as a high-end building material and for good reason. It’s expensive! But it also looks fabulous and can make your patio feel like it should be attached to a mansion.

I love how the marble continues onto the floor which carries your eyes across the entire space. The furniture they’ve added along with the wooden ceiling gives this patio a mid-century modern feel.


22. A Covered Patio Fireplace Idea Uses Herringbone Pattern for Elegant Touch

This covered patio design has a clean, classic look to it. By keeping the pillars, roof, and fireplace surround plain white, they’ve allowed the fireplace and furniture to be the star of the show. The contrasting dark furniture and ceiling fan balance out all of the white and tie in with the beams on the ceiling and pergola.

The use of the herringbone pattern inside the fireplace elevates the look without breaking the bank! This design masters the concept of creating a simple but elegant outdoor patio design.


23. A Patio Outdoor Fireplace With TV Provides Extra Entertainment

If you’re like me, most weekend get-togethers revolve around football and other sporting events! Sometimes it can be hard to pull people away from the TV in the living room. Adding a TV above your fireplace can encourage everyone to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. It’ll also keep you from getting lonely at the grill!

Even when you don’t have guests, having a TV outside can simply be for your own enjoyment. It’ll turn your patio into a true second living room.


24. Install Built-in Roof Heaters To Turn Up The Heat

If you’ve ever spent time around an outdoor fireplace, you know the heat doesn’t exactly travel very far. It also doesn’t heat up the space because there aren’t any walls to hold into the heat. That means you have to sit pretty close to the fire to keep warm on cold nights.

Here they’ve come up with a creative solution by adding heaters to the roof above the seating area. This is an awesome idea especially if you live somewhere up north where the winters are longer and colder. This fireplace will allow you to use your patio for more than just a few months a year.


25. Add Extra Features To Create A Unique Party Spot

This patio fireplace design is perfect for an evening party. The black furniture and fireplace give it a sleek vibe that goes well with the black light on the waterfall. And the waterfall just takes this patio to the next level as far as design goes.

This patio looks like it would be attached to a fancy hotel or upscale restaurant in L.A. Plus the more neutral stonework and flooring keeps the space feeling warm and inviting. I’d love to spend an evening hanging out with friends on this patio!

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