24 Deck and Patio Combination Ideas: Double Your Backyard Uses

Deck and Patio Combination Ideas

Having a deck and patio combination in your backyard is a highly desirable idea that is not always possible to achieve. The patio is a ground-level outdoor installation while the deck is commonly an above-ground design. If your house’s first floor is raised high enough to incorporate an outside deck then it’s possible to combine a deck and a patio. Otherwise, the deck would have to be detached and, instead, the patio would be attached to the house. Whichever combo you’re able to construct, you’ll be rewarded with having the best of both worlds, so to speak. Some backyard features are only suitable for a patio while others are best to install on a deck, but you’ll be able to have both! Let’s get inspired by these 24 ideas with pictures.




1. Backyard Paradise

This is a beautiful idea for an average size backyard. The deck looks like it naturally expands into an outdoor patio. The presence of wide steps helps to smooth the transition between the deck and the patio. Enjoy dinner or breakfast on the deck, then step down to the patio to have late-night fun around a fire pit. Have plenty of room to entertain a large party, while having three different spots for separate conversations. The entire backyard looks quite idyllic.


2. Rustic Deck Patio Combination

The small raised deck has just enough room to hold a small pergola. Below is a flagstone patio that looks as rustic as the surrounding landscaping. Enjoy being outdoors in the shade under the deck’s pergola. Have fun with the whole family and guests roasting marshmallows on the patio. The white lattice deck skirting is there to hide the not-so-pretty under-deck space from the view. Also, note the short wooden fence which is cleverly added so the patio area is separated from the gravel walkway.


3. Concrete Patio and Deck Combo

I must say, I am a bit surprised to see this modern skirting design on a rural wooden house. But it’s a perfect fit. The clean lines, dark trim, and stained wood siding make this home look like a modernized log cabin. The large covered porch provides shade for warmer days and a dry area to hang out and enjoy the rainy days too! Adding the concrete patio below creates the perfect place for a fire pit to enjoy in the evening. You can literally enjoy this deck and patio combination day or night, rain or shine!


4. The Perfect Pair

What first comes to mind is that the deck makes this house design look a hundred times prettier. Without it, it would look blah. The deck’s cedar wood tone against the dusty blue house is a match made in heaven. The deck also comes with a plastic roof cover that lets light in but keeps rain out. And the patio is clad with concrete pavers that add an element of texture to the design. The whole backyard design looks so cute. It’s a perfect combination!

Here’s another view so you can see how it’s built. The plastic canopy is supported by three posts and is attached to the house wall and has its own gutters. The wide French patio doors open outward to the deck, creating the perfect indoor-outdoor living space. The deck is also accessible from a side door. This house may be small but it has a lot to offer in its backyard.


5. Covered Patio and Covered Deck Design

This covered deck and patio combo has it all! They’ve extended the patio using a floating deck to increase the size of this outdoor living space. It’s set up perfectly for get-togethers with separate dining, living, and kitchen areas. The addition of the fan on the patio and shade sails over the deck make this a comfortable spot to hang out on hot, sunny days. There’s also a tv mounted in the perfect spot to enjoy the ball game while chilling on the couch!


6. Simple Small Combo

This is the perfect example of how to improve your backyard on a budget! The attached small deck used here is an easy DIY project you could complete in a weekend. Instead of pouring an expensive concrete patio, they’ve used large concrete pavers. I also think the lines created by the individual pavers are more attractive than a boring concrete slab. Plus, it’s easy and cheap to repair if the patio gets any chips or cracks over time. With this design, you can quickly expand your outdoor living space without breaking the bank.


7. Cost-Effective Stylish Patio

Here’s another low-cost way to extend your deck space with a patio. These simple concrete pavers are easy to install. I love how they left space between the pavers for the grass to grow through. It livens up the space and looks beautiful! The concrete pavers match the color of the deck perfectly too. I also appreciate how they used small shrubs to disguise the space below the floating patio rather than using a typical wood lattice. Adding two sets of stairs provides easy access to both the yard and the patio area below.


8. Small Secluded Sanctuary

The dark colors used in this patio design along with the palm trees and bamboo is phenomenal! It reminds me of a seating area you’d see at an upscale hotel in the tropics. The green plants and white chair cushions help brighten up the space. The straight lines and neutral colors used on both the patio and deck are great for this contemporary design. The tall fence provides privacy for the patio area. They’ve added some matching lattice work to the fence beside the deck for a more secluded feel.


9. The Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

This seemingly endless deck and patio is a dream if you love hosting large parties! The attached deck has a huge lanai and ample open space for people to mingle. You could easily fit 30+ people on the deck alone but then there’s also the gorgeous patio area too! I love how they’ve created even more drama with the circular patio by using multiple rings of color! And all of the colors they’ve used complement each other, tying the patio, deck, and house together wonderfully. The addition of seating and a fire pit on the patio also adds to the entertainment value of this design.


10. Multi-level Backyard Retreat

Some homeowners think they can’t extend their patio and deck because of a sloping backyard. This design is a perfect example of how it’s done. They’ve used a multi-level deck and patio to make it work. The multi-level approach also allows you to create several distinctive spaces in the yard with the use of railings or walls. The pergola over the seating area provides some shade and complements the pergola along the back of the house. I adore how they left a little island in the middle and added a tree to it! This keeps the space from feeling too flat and ties in the surrounding vegetation as well.


11. Peaceful Patio and Deck Perfection

The addition of the patio and deck to this home greatly improved their backyard living! You can see that they originally just had a small patio outside the main door. They’ve added a set of French doors further down the house which leads out to a large floating deck. To tie the porch to the deck together, they’ve created an attractive patio with large pavers. The way the dark patio contrasts with the lighter deck and house is outstanding. I also like how they’ve added texture to the patio by using a variety of paver sizes with subtle color differences. The tree next to the deck is perfectly positioned to provide shade over the seating area.


12. Wood Deck and Stone Patio Combo

This design reminds me of a cottage garden that’s been modernized. The mosaic of flagstone on the patio adds texture and a rustic cottage feel. However, the railless deck gives the design a more updated and sleek look. The cascading steps allow you to easily access the patio below. And the surrounding border of flowers is absolutely charming. The pergola over the deck would be a great place to hang some string lights to create an awesome late-night ambiance.


13. Contemporary Outdoor Hideaway

This contemporary patio and deck combination creates a magical backyard retreat. The neutral gray of the deck boards flows seamlessly into the gray concrete patio below. The natural wooden post on the deck corner pulls in the color from the backyard fence nicely. Using the black railing around the deck and stairs help define the contemporary style in this design. They’ve created a small, casual eating area on the deck with a more formal and spacious dining area on the patio below. I adore the use of plants in various shades of purple around the patio border. It plays off the other colors in the design well and adds an extra dash of color.


14. Two-Story Industrial Modern Masterpiece

Given the ultra-modern look of this home, it makes sense that the homeowner created an industrial modern outdoor living space. The use of the black decking and glass panel railing on the deck above is about as modern as you can get with a deck design. They’ve left the natural wood color of the deck’s supportive beams underneath which helps bring warmth to the design. Using the brownish-gray stonework for the patio with the black border brings it all together stunningly. And don’t forget the black spiral staircase! This keeps all of the straight lines from feeling too boxy and adds to the industrial feel of the design. There’s plenty of space to enjoy this outdoor space rain or shine.


15. Spanish-Inspired Courtyard

This deck and patio design is reminiscent of a Spanish-style courtyard which works perfectly for this space. They’ve continued the white stucco from the house onto the walls surrounding the patio which helps brighten up this enclosed space. The color of the stonework on the stairs and patio, along with the reddish stained cedar decking, brings in the terracotta color often found in Spanish architecture. They’ve left a border of gravel on either side of the patio to help with water runoff which is super smart. The half-moon sconces are a great way to improve lighting at night in the space. They’re also a little classier than the typical string lights that are so popular right now. The way they’ve created two large benches beside the stairs allows for plenty of space to lounge around or even take a nap in this secluded escape. The addition of the tall shrub and palm trees helps bring life to the space which is important when designing an enclosed space like this.


16. A Perfect Pool Deck Pairing

This backyard oasis reminds me of the perfect summer vacation! They’ve transformed every inch of the space into a spot made for hanging out and relaxing! The patio area is made of square 1-foot cream pavers which match the color of the house. The light-colored stones will also stay cooler in the midday sun which is important since people are often barefoot when spending time by the pool. The medium-toned wood used for the pool deck brings warmth to the space and complements the wooden beams supporting the porch overhang. The wood also won’t get as hot as stone will during the day. There’s plenty of space to hang out under the shade of the patio on hot or rainy days too.  Plus, they’ve added a small seating area on the corner of the deck so they can overlook the lake on that side of the property!


17. A Modest Deck Extension

A deck and patio combo doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This modest design isn’t fancy but still greatly enhances how this homeowner can utilize their backyard. They’ve created a blank slate for decorating by using light gray on the attached floating deck which flows nicely into the concrete patio below. Since they kept it all neutral and simple, the design options that could be used here are endless! They can now add some color using flower pots or colorful seating cushions. They can also keep things more neutral but add interest by bringing in some texture with patterns. Either way, keeping your decking and patio color and style simple and neutral is smart. It won’t go out of style which is important because changing out colors or designs on decks and patios is expensive. It’s much cheaper to update or change out the decorations in the space when trends change.


18. A Private Sun Deck Refuge

Who says you have to have a pool beside a sun deck? These homeowners have created a sun deck without the added expense of a pool which would also require a lot more space. They’ve painted the decking a soft green which plays well with the surrounding vegetation, adding more color to the space. Speaking of vegetation, I love how they’ve added plants along the fence. They bring the space to life and help you get more of that outdoor feeling even though the space is small and enclosed. The square, medium brown pavers used for the neighboring patio adds some nice texture to the design. If they ever decide they want a shady area, they could easily add some vining plants to their pergola. While this is a smaller backyard, they’ve really maximized its utility with this design.


19. Paver Patio and Deck Combination

Square footage can be hard to come by in a small cottage-style house. You can expand your living space by adding a porch and deck. The colors used in this design blend together flawlessly! The wood decking and covered pergola play off of the dark brown accents on the house, while the pavers for the patio tie into the primary house color. They’ve even pulled in the trim color by adding bright white chairs to the deck. The clear covering over the pergola will help keep the rain out without blocking the sunlight. This is ideal since the light coming through the sliders helps make the interior of this smaller home feel more open and airy. I admire the way they’ve used the wide wood boards to conceal the area under the deck giving it a more polished look. Two sets of sliders allow easy access to the deck from the main living area and the bedroom. The simple wooden steps are an affordable option. Forgoing the addition of a railing also saves money and makes the deck feel larger.


20. Midcentury Modern Waterside Terrace

These homeowners have created a unique deck and patio design by incorporating a large water feature. The neutral colors, straight lines, and simplicity are key for a midcentury modern design. The dark gray and black house alongside the concrete would feel a little cold but they’ve warmed it up with the dark wooden deck and landscaping. I love how they built over the water with both the porch and the deck to make the water a central feature of the design. The deck doubles as a bridge, serving as a walkout to the backyard.


21. Stunning Modern Showstopper

This design is packed with unique features that make it one of a kind. The large wood deck looks like it’s floating on the water! It’s being utilized as a dining area but you could easily add some lounging chairs or a fire pit to increase its usability. I appreciate that they’ve kept the patio and deck design minimalistic which allows the water feature to be the star of the show. While the side patio looks a little plain on its own, the use of the floating walkways makes ‘plain’ a word you’d never use to describe this space. I’m crazy about how they’ve brought the surrounding garden into the space by installing planters within the water! The addition of the large stacked vases adds another layer of elegance and high-end design to the look.


22. A Woodsy Weekend Hangout

This deck and patio design is made for enjoying the great outdoors which is probably what you want if you live in the woods. They’ve used materials that work great for the rustic theme of this property. The natural feel of the flagstone makes sense in this space versus using uniformly shaped pavers which are a little too contemporary for this rustic design. The use of natural, unpolished stonework continues with the border of boulders around the patio. They’ve also kept the deck a lovely cedar color which adds warmth to all of the stonework on the patio. The covered deck provides shade and protection from rain while the patio lets you soak in the sun. The fire pit on the patio is a great place to hang out in the evening, even if it’s cold outside.


23. An Affordable Garden Ramada

This idea is a great low-cost option for creating a deck and patio in the backyard. They’ve kept the attached floating deck simple and affordable but added a stair that runs the length of the patio which looks really nice. To create some shade on the deck, they’ve opted for a budget-friendly prefabricated gazebo to one side complete with a dining set underneath. To add more interest to the deck, they’ve added planters with colorful flowers throughout. The patio area is created using crushed gravel which is cheap and easy to install. Genius! This is a great way to improve your backyard living space without spending a fortune.


24. A Vibrant Terrace Haven

This multi-level patio and deck combination uses a variety of textures and patterns that make it stand out. The floating deck provides a great space for an outdoor living or dining room area. The color of the deck and the faux brick pavers match perfectly while the concrete patio ties in the surrounding gravel and house colors. They’ve also carried the texture of the wooden lattice throughout the design and into the yard to help blend it all together. Adding some plants would help liven up the space and the addition of the green would contrast well with the deck and patio colors.

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