15 Covered Deck Ideas & Designs for Your Most Awesome Outdoor Project

Building a covered deck is probably one of the most useful projects a homeowner can accomplish. You’ll be enjoying outdoors while being protected from the elements. And you can choose a cover design that will provide protection from both sun and rain or sun only. Depending on the design, you may also protect the deck itself.

Just consider the benefits of having a covered deck! You’ll be able to expand your living space. You can have friends over for dinner and enjoy fresh air together. You can work on your laptop or BBQ under a cover while it’s raining outside. You can relax with your favorite book on a comfy outdoor sofa in the shade. And with an optional outdoor lighting, you can stay on your deck as late as you wish.

Whether you’re looking to create a practical and cozy outdoor space on a small or large deck, we’ve gathered the best ideas and images in terms of both fully covered and partially-covered wooden decks. There are few things to consider when building a covered deck: lighting, railing, cover type, flooring type, furniture and accessories. These 15 examples offer plenty of ideas on how it can be done. Have a look …

Bohemianism & Romance, Combined in a Deck for Dreamers

Covered Deck design by Olivia Watson at livvyland.com

This is our favorite design (above). Olivia, owner and blogger at LivvyLand delighted us with her new covered deck.  She hired a husband and wife duo of contractors from Austin to work on this amazing patio. With simple materials such as unfinished wood, thin Plexiglas sheeting, and some wire railing they were able to create this simple, boho chic design. The idea came from a need of having a cozy outdoor space, with comfortable furniture, that will allow Olivia and her better half, Blake, to enjoy the Texan spring.

The wicker furniture was combined with a jute rug, a wooden deck and woven planters, to create a bohemian atmosphere. This romantic setting will please every dreamer, especially the ones that are on a budget.

Olivia Watson uses a wire railing around her deck

The 4-piece conversation set combined with the plush seating makes for a comfortable resting place on Olivia’s covered round-level deck. The simple hanging lights give this casual space that little pop of detail it needs. The top of the covering is made of cedar planks and Plexiglas in between, providing a fully covered deck but still allows natural lighting to filter in.

Intimacy & Good Taste

This covered deck with lights and drapes was featured on HGTV

Featured by HGTV, this delightful idea of cozy, yet generous seating, is a true inspiration for people wanting to escape the daily monotony. The deck is fully covered by a pitched pergola and polygala, another fancy word for Plexiglas. It’s like a thing, but sturdy, plastic material used for construction. The curtains will ensure moments of privacy that can be enjoyed alone, in the company of your beloved, or with an intimate group of friends. Even without the wall-mounted lights, the hanging ones attached to the pergola provide a sufficient amount of lighting.

Iron & Wood, a Combination of Elegance

Plexiglas cover protects this deck

This stylish design combining wood and iron provides a sophisticated look for home owners that want a delightful place to greet their guests. The open top pergola with an unconventional leaf-vein pattern offers support but also a funky focal point with its unique design. Again, we see the use of the semi-clear Plexiglas being used to cover the space in between each piece of wood which lets the sunlight in while providing adequate coverage from the elements.

A Covered Deck & The Illusion of Extra Space

A modern covered deck with contemporary pergola

This minimalist and yet modern-looking design is located in Kaaawa, HI and features a very basic design of straight planks and wooden supports, paired with a warm colored deck stain. The open style covered deck goes hand-in-hand with the glass folding doors, giving this outdoor space the ultra-modern look it needs. The pergola provides some, but not full shelter from the sun, while the blue rug compliments the white and orange stands.

An Ideal Design for Large Families & BBQ Lovers

A deck idea with dining table and pergola roof

This wooden deck, combined with a covered pergola, makes for a great continuation of a living room with folding glass doors. The ground level deck protrudes from the house and supports the steep angle of the covering which is constructed of wide planks of wood. Potted plants and decorations are kept to a minimum and the wooden garden table with benches provides a lot of seating space. Additional table decorations can be added, thanks to the amount of space available (in this case, the owner opted for a table plant).

Relaxing By The Pool in Perfection

Partially covered small pool deck

If you’re the lucky owner of a small outdoor pool and your deck space is limited, this Key West design is a practical choice for you. The second storey provides shelter from the sun by doubling as a covered deck and is supported by three thick white columns. The deck is partially covered, and the exterior walls are tastefully decorated. The garden furniture and the glass table sets have been chosen to carefully match the 2 sides of the deck: the covered and the uncovered one. You can also opt for large potted plants or smaller ones, used as table decorations.

Minimalism for True Nature Lovers

Simple rustic covered deck design with a view

This rustic deck located in Hummelstown, PA, is all about the textures and less about the color. The fully covered deck is a mix of wood and stone and topped with a straight angle. It is combined with basic wooden railing, void of spindles, to maintain the minimalist design. The two rotating chairs by the fire pit let you enjoy the view while having a glass of wine.

Chromatic Delight for Cool Summer Evenings

Small deck with a dining table covered with pergola

In terms of covered deck designs, this one is definitely a winner. The chromatic combination is a delight to the eye, as the wooden deck matches the brick path in a simple, yet elegant fashion. The deck is fully covered in a pergola, decorated with hanging lights that provide coziness. The columns are a nice touch, reminiscent of Greek architecture. The design offers a space for a grill, as well as room for a garden set for four.

Shade Lovers, Look No Further!

The moment you lay eyes on this $10k Timber-tech deck, you can’t help but imagine how the tree shades dance playfully under the summer sun. Located in Placerville, CA, this outdoor space started out as a simple deck with aluminum railing, but was later accompanied by a partial covering which, by our best guesstimate, is comprised of red wood.

Enhancing Even the Dullest-Looking Exterior Walls

Elevated and fully covered deck idea

Our second choice for covered deck ideas features this elevated and fully covered design, which makes for a great extension to the side of the house or a shed, especially the one without windows. Designed by Sashya Thind Fernandes, it’s a great design for people with smaller yards, as it’s a ground level walk-out style and really adds to the space rather than occupy it. The lights are mounted directly on the wall and the ceiling and the railing is like an added bonus to the timber frame porch.

Generous Spacing, with Full-Length Covered Decks

A traditional deck covered with climbing vines

If you really want a gorgeous deck, this design located in Omaha, NE, is probably the best example to build from. You can extend the covered deck to the full length of the house. The pergola cover, as well as the trellis on the side is combined with the vines to create a sense of isolation. At the same time, it also opens the space to the rest of the yard through visual appeal. The ticker joists are crossed with thin lengths of wood to give just a hint of coverage. Just wow!

Sun or Shade, Take Your Pick!

covered BBQ deck under roof extension

What’s truly delightful about this elevated deck, located in Caledonia, MI, is that it satisfies the tastes of two very different categories of people: the shade lovers and the sun worshipers. The gabled cover design is an extension of the actual roof and provides both adequate coverage from the elements but also style. The wall of picture windows allows sunlight to filter in so it doesn’t feel so isolated.

Amazing Covered Deck Idea for Limited Yard Space

A small curved deck with an arched patio door

Here’s a gorgeous covered deck built somewhere in Idaho. Simple, inexpensive and very practical to have in small spaces, this design provides a wonderful retreat. It makes for a great appendix for smaller houses, with tiny backyards. The arched window above the sliding doors matches the curvy shape of the deck. Due to its shape, the deck is not fully covered, leaving a tiny bit of space for a chair placed in the sun.

The Perfect Solution for Sun & Rain Shelter

Awning covered deck could be your best idea

Located in Castle Pines, CO, the above is a simple but cozy deck design. Combined with wicker furniture and awning, it provides a great chill-out spot for people who’ve been longing for relaxation deck, but don’t want to spend too much money on creating one. The retractable awning is a great idea for when you want to enjoy the sun or hide from the rain. It’s made with metal mechanics and the retractable cover is a durable outdoor fabric. It’s easy to install and can be removed if needed.

The Perfect Pergola

A nice deck partially covered with a triangular pergola

Designed by Archadeck of Columbus, the partial triangular pergola accompanying this elevated wooden deck doesn’t provide much shelter from the sun, which makes it the ideal choice for sun lovers. This setting is more of a stylistic approach to covered decks. The railing is elegantly combined with the iron garden chairs, and the brick chair pads are a great match to the overall chromatic of the garden.

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