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Some of these outdoor ice chest and beverage cooler ideas are really creative and others are really elegant. They all hold a lot of ice and beverages, be it sodas or beer (or wine or champagne). And they can really jazz up your patio – and make your summer party a lot easier. Or just sitting on the deck. All you have to do is reach in a grab a cold one on a hot day. There are rolling beverage coolers (great idea, whoever thought that one up), wooden coolers, DIY models, illuminated ice chests for night – people have put ice into pretty much everything you can think of. And some you haven’t.

Outdoor Ice Chest Beverage Cooler Ideas

Your patio or deck beverage cooler can take many forms, from the modern – like Horchow’s lightweight concrete resin model above – to the rustic. You can spend a lot or spend a little. In fact, you’ll see some examples in our DIY section below that cost next to nothing to build and are very creative. But really, no matter which stylle you choose,  an ice chest or beverage cooler is a must for the patio in the summer. Who wants to be running in and out of the house every time you want a cold one? Source

Cool Wooden Beverage Coolers

Harvest Table with Cooler in Middle

This beverage cooler is a cool idea. You don’t even have to leave the table to get another drink. Source

Rolling Beverage Cooler Nice Wood

A rolling beverage cooler – with faucet for drainage and bottle opener for…well, opening bottles. Source

Row boat beverage cooler ice chest

It’s an old row boat. What a clever outdoor beverage cooler idea, especially for a large party. Source

Canada Dry Beverage Cooler

From the Funky Phoenix – a one of a kind wooden beverage cooler made from an old Canada Dry soda case. They actually make all kinds of funky things. Source

Rolling Ice Chests and Patio Coolers

Coca Cola Retro Cooler

Rolling outdoor ice chests and beverage coolers…because bottles and ice cubes are heavy. This is the classic Drink Coca-Cola Ice Cold ice chest. 80 qt. Source

Old Glory Rolling Ice Chest

This 80 qt. rolling ice chest is perfect for your July 4 party! The “Old Glory” Patio cooler. Source

Rolling Red Ice Chest

A nice, tidy 60 qt. rolling outdoor ice chest – with towel bar and a handy little catcher for the bottle caps. Source

Tiki Bar Beverage Cooler

The 80-qt. Tiki beverage cooler would be perfect for your next Luau. It, too, has a handy catcher for the bottle caps and a shelf on the bottom. Source

Stainless Steel Rolling Patio Cooler

A sleek and modern looking stainless steel model also has a lower shelf. Source

Cooler with a window

This 50 quart model will hold up to 50 cans. Coincidence? We think not. And it’s on wheels. Source

Rolling Musical Speaker Cooler

The speaker musical beverage cooler is on wheels, of course. And holds up to 36 cans. And play music. Source

Upright Ice Chests and Patio Coolers

Upright Retro Ice Chest

This 57 qt. retro beverage cooler is treated with powder coated steel. Which makes it an ideal outdoor ice chest. Nothing much can hurt it.  Source


This upright has storage room in the bottom and it’s a luscious red color. Source

Beverage Cooler Round Red

This red round nostalgic beverage cooler on wheels holds up to 60 cans. Source

Creative Beverage Cooler & Ice Chest Ideas

This cooler looks like a tree stump

The tree Stump Beverage Cooleris built from the mold of a real tree stump. It makes such a fantastic outdoor ice chest – it blends right in.  From Surreal Planters, the capacity is 90+ quarts. Source

Tequila Barrel Party Cooler

Ho-ho-ho and a bottle of rum. Or soda, or beer, or wine. It’s a reclaimed tequila barrel ice chest and stand from the Wine Enthusiast’s Wine Barrel Furniture Store. Source

Wine Glass Party Cooler

Now this is a giant wine glass – what a great ice chest. Awesome. Again, from the Wine Enthusiast store. Source

Use a tall flowerpot

Use a tall flower pot as a beverage chiller for wine or beer or sodas. It’s kind of elegant. Source

Table and Ice Chest Combo

A bar table – and an ice chest – all in one. Clever. Source

Horchow's table with built in ice bucket

Or a side table with a cooler built in. Made of concrete – resin. From Horchow.

DIY Beverage Cooler & Ice Chest Ideas

Wagon full of champagne

Who can possibly argue with an old red wagon loaded with cold drinks. And champagne. Source

Old Blue Dresser DIY Ice Chest

Here’s a simple DIY: a beverage cooler from an old dresser.

Broken Chair makes a great beverage cooler

An outdoor ice chest in a broken chair- how creative. Source

Blue cooler with bottle caps

Now there’s a creative idea for all those bottle caps – decorate a beverage cooler. Source

DIY Beverage Cooler

This is a cute idea – use a (new) galvanized garbage pail, along with a metal utility rack for the shower as a side drink holder. Easy and simple DIY.

It's easy and you look like Martha Stewart

Build a drink station using several galvanized tubs – you can paint them assorted colors. These are almost the definitive outdoor ice chest. Source

Don't throw out that old fridge

How about that old refrigerator? Don’t throw it out. Turning it into an outdoor beverage cooler is a great idea. Source

The simplest DIY beverage cooler on the planet

Even just a box will work.

Dual purpose concrete cooler

This is a concrete DIY coffee table that doubles as an outdoor ice chest.

Hot tub is a great beverage cooler idea

A hot tub – now that’s a DIY beverage cooler idea. We’re pretty sure they turned it back into a hot tub afterward. But how resourceful. Source

Bathtub is a great DIY beverage cooler idea

And if your party’s not big enough for a hot tub full of ice, how about a bathtub as a beverage cooler? Source

Illuminated Ice Chests and Beverage Coolers

Brookstone's LED Beach party cooler

From Brookstone, The LED Maui outdoor ice chest is portable (holds an 8-hour charge) and comes in 16 color options and four color changing modes. With a remote, of course. Source

Illuminated Ice Chest

Bon Decor’s illuminated outdoor ice chest casts a warm glow. Source

Igloo makes a big illuminated party cooler

Thanks to Igloo’s party bar beverage cooler, the outdoor party’s not over when the sun goes down. Source

Lights and a window in this beverage cooler

This 54 quart LED outdoor party cooler with wheels has a window. Source

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