20 Cool Outdoor Dog Beds that Are Also Comfortable

Our best friends like to hang out with us when we spend time out in our back yard or on our patio and just as we like to kick back and relax so too do our pooches. These outdoor dog beds look as cool as they are comfortable, letting our canine buddies relax in style.

custom outdoor dog bed

This beautiful shaded design is a custom creation by Baldridge Landscape finished in a modern grey palette on both the woodworking and the dog cushion upholstery.

DIY Outdoor Dog Beds for your Patio, Deck or Garden

DIY outdoor dog beds

Just as cool as the previous photo, this outdoor dog bed is a DIY design and rather then featuring a pale grey aesthetic it rocks an eye popping orange. Centsational Girl

DIY outdoor dog beds

Also a DIY design, this dog bed is made from palette boards. HGTV

Creative Outdoor Dog Beds on Etsy

Living Simplistically outdoor dog beds

How could you not love this dog bed? LivingSimplistically

Workhorse Furniture outdoor dog beds

If you like a little country in your design schemes his dog bed and feeding station is fur-riffic. WorkHorseFurniture

Outdoor Furniture Style Dog Beds

The Refined Canine outdoor dog beds
furniture style outdoor dog bed

While dog beds that look like dog beds look great, so too do dog beds that look like human furniture like this classy lounger. The Refined Canine

Blue Ridge Pet Center outdoor dog beds

This outdoor Dog Chaise Lounger looks more comfortable than the chaise the woman is on – plus it has a shade canopy! Blue Ridge Pet Center

PET outdoor dog beds
shade couch with dog bed built in

PET by Deesawat not only looks like human furniture but is actually part of a human furniture design. LocalHomeSpot

Fun and Funky Outdoor Pet Beds

Petmonster outdoor pet beds

Petmonster – Smart House for Pets is an indoor/outdoor design that incorporates an integrated motion sensor that communicates with your smart phone so you can keep tabs on fido or kitty when you are out and about. Subinay Malhotra

Straitline Design outdoor dog beds that look like trailers

Seriously, how cute are these Pet Trailers by Judson Beaumont? Straightline Designs

Barkie outdoor dog beds

Barkie is not only watertight and comfortable it is also indestructible so if your pooch is rambunctious this outdoor dog bed will withstand his/her punishment. Arni Says

Kitty Meow outdoor cat bed

there is also a version for cats called Kitty Meow. Source

Kitty Kasa cat bed

Arni Says also has this uber cute Kitty Kasa.

concrete rock cocoon outdoor dog beds

Just as indestructible but not made of plastic, these concrete rock cocoons would blend beautifully into a garden landscape. LocaLHomeSpot

Cozy Cots Keep your Pooch Off the Ground

Wayfair cot style outdoor dog beds

Outdoor Dog Beds cot style are about as close as Fido can get to sitting on a hammock and I’ll bet they are just as comfortable. Wayfair

Improvements cot style outdoor dog beds with canopies

Cots for dogs are easy for senior dogs to get onto and with their conforming shape they keep sore bones at bay. This version will also keep your dog shaded from the sun. Improvements

Wayfair cot style outdoor dog beds with sides

If your dog likes to push his/her back up against something, this cot has not only a back panel but side panels as well. Wayfair

Outdoor Dog Beds Paw-fect for a Pool Deck

Frontgate floating outdoor dog beds

Some Dogs love swimming but even good swimmer will get tired and need to recharge. That’s where these dog pool loungers come in. Frontgate

Official Doghouse poolside outdoor dog beds

These waterproof poolside loungers come in a variety of fun, modern colors. Official Doghouse

Orbit outdoor dog beds

The Orbit bed has an orthopedic foam bottom and a silver waterproof nylon bottom. Paws for a Minute

Outdoor Dog Beds for Backyard Camping

Barker Bag outdoor dog beds

I just love this idea! Camping outdoors with a zip on sleeping bag for your dog, what a great idea! Barker Bag

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