10 Dog Bowl Feeding Station Ideas and DIY Plans

Dog Bowl Feeding station Ideas and Plans

Why not elevate your canine companion’s dinnertime with a DIY dog bowl stand that you can make at home? There are plenty of benefits to having a raised bowl holder for your precious pups. It prevents them from messing and, according to the experts, might actually be a dog’s preferred way of chowing down.

In this article, I’ll detail 10 dog feeding station plans that are simple to make and won’t take you hours. Some of these plans even include storage cabinets for extra food or unique ideas for personalization. Ready? Let’s get crafting.



Make Your Dog Full and Happy with One of These Feeding Station Ideas


1. Upcycled Pallet Feeding Station


Pallets have long been every DIY enthusiast’s best friend. They are affordable, versatile, and easy to get hold of. You can easily construct this upcycled pallet feeding stand in just a few hours with a saw, a hammer, and some nails and brackets. Start by creating a box shape using pallet wood. Use shorter, narrower cuts of wood inside the box to secure the corners. Then, for the “lid,” measure and saw out the circle shapes you need for nesting your dog’s bowls. Attach them to the box, and your structure is complete.

All that’s left to do is stain your box in the color of your choice and attach some decorative corner brackets for a rustic, vintage treasure-box look. You can even go the extra mile and personalize this gorgeous feeding stand with a stencil and some black paint.


2. Elevated Mid-Century Modern Feeding Stand


This elevated pet feeding station is a fun DIY project for both you and the kids. It’s also fully customizable depending on your taste and existing decor. Start with a quick trip to the hardware store. You’ll need some affordable lumber, like pine, and four mid-century modern chair legs. Most hardware stores can cut wood per request, so keep your measurements in mind if you plan to take this route.

Once you’ve got your materials, it’s time to measure out and cut the holes for the feeding bowls with a jigsaw. Ensure they’re not too big, or the bowls will fall through. You can then attach your legs by drilling in some screws. Cut them to the height you feel is most appropriate for your pup. Then, sand all the rough bits.

Now for the best part. Once you’ve put your feeding station together, you can decorate it however you please. Use a combination of wood stain and acrylic paint for a modern, funky look, or keep it classic by sticking to one shade. The choice is yours.


3. 2 Bowl Stand for Small Pups


This is another great upcycled pallet project that is perfect for shorter canines (or even cats). To construct this 2-bowl design, first, disassemble a throw-away pallet and keep the evenest pieces of lumber to one side. Cut them to shape. You’ll need four long pieces for the top and long sides, two shorter pieces for the remaining sides, and one support piece for the inside center to keep the stand sturdy.

Join your woodcuts in a box shape, ensuring they’re all evenly aligned. Next, measure the diameters of your food bowls (slightly smaller to account for overhang), and cut them out using a jigsaw. Sand the entire thing, and the base structure is complete. Stain or varnish your feeding stand as per your preference.

This designer has also included a cute, personalized name tag. You can make one yourself using leftover pallet wood, your jigsaw, a bit of paint, and a stencil.


4. Raised Dog Bowl Platform with Hairpin Legs


This ultra-modern dog bowl platform is an affordable DIY project that looks like a million bucks. It’s also really easy to build!

Construct the platform part of this feeding station first using leftover or scrap lumber. You might have one piece of wood that is a suitable size, or you’ll need to join two or three pieces. The goal is to have a proportional rectangle that will fit your dog’s bowls. Once complete, go in with a jigsaw to carve out the bowl holes before sanding the whole thing to a smooth finish.

You can then paint the edges of the rectangle to give this feeding station a contemporary aesthetic. Use masking tape to keep your edges neat. Then, all that’s left is to attach some hairpin table legs. You can find these at your local hardware store.

This striking plan will have your pup feeling like he’s fine dining at every meal.


5. Contemporary Raised DIY Dog Feeding Station


This is another simple-to-execute plan that looks great in the kitchen or living room of your home.

You can get away with constructing this plan using just nails, clamps, a saw, a hammer, and some sanding paper, but it will look even smoother and neater if you drill in pockets for diagonal screws. The most important part of the process is measuring the size of your bowls before cutting your lumber. Once you have them, you can cut your wood to size and start building.

The design is effortless, comprising a rectangular base with raised legs adjoining an equally sized top. The center support on the top end gives your bowls something to rest on, forming neat-looking squares.

A good sanding and a lick of paint provide a modern, personalized aesthetic that will fit right in with your existing decor.


6. Make-It-Yourself Pedestal Stand Feeding Stations


There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for dog feeding stations. That’s why this design is perfect for 2 dogs or more. They look great – like something out of a gallery. However, they are a little time-consuming to make, given their soapstone tops.

To start, I recommend finding your perfect bowls so you can be sure of sizing. Take them to your local soapstone supplier and have your slabs cut to size (rectangular with holes). From here, you can start construction on the rest of the pedestals. Measure up a sheet of MDF (or a similar timber) and cut it using a miter saw. The general idea behind this design is to have a little bit of overhang on the base and tabletop areas to give it the overall look and feel of a modern pedestal.

Use wood glue, nails, or pocket holes to put all your pieces together. If you’re using nails, I suggest using wood putty after the fact to cover up any rough spots.

Paint the pedestals a bright, stark white to contrast with the soapstone, and in no time, you’ll have some of the best-looking feeding stations out there.


7. Easy and Adorable Elevated Feeding Stand


Are you wondering how to make a completely customizable feeding station for your dog? Look no further. This simple plan can be constructed in just one afternoon and fitted to your pooch’s height. I love that it looks a bit like a coffee table.

The hardest part of making this station is figuring out your measurements. Work out the diameters of your bowls so you can cut the holding holes with your jigsaw.

Once the top is complete, you can start on your legs. Cut them according to your dog’s height, and then build a frame with horizontal supports. Attach the top, sand it down, and give the whole thing a good coating of spray paint in a color of your choice.

Once dry, it’s ready to be used.


8. Beautiful Wooden 2-Bowl Stand with Feet


If you have some good-quality wood scraps lying around, you really have no reason not to build a stunning bespoke bowl stand. This bi-colored plan uses walnut and oak, but you aren’t restricted – use what you have.

Start by measuring and cutting the holes for your bowls. They don’t need to be perfect. You won’t see them. They just need to be large enough for the bowls to rest comfortably without shifting. Next, add a little detail to your front panel for visual interest. Then, design and cut out the feet. I love these slightly diagonal legs because of their mid-century modern aesthetic. With all your pieces ready, all you need to do is adjoin them with screws or glue.

To finish off your feeding station, sand it down and treat it with varnish or oil. You can opt to paint it too if you like. However, there’s something to be said for the beauty of good-quality wood.


9. Do-It-Yourself Dog Bowl Station with Storage


No one loves the sight of bulky bags of dog food lying around. Fortunately, this intelligent design solves two problems at once, doubling up as a feeding stand and a storage cabinet for kibbles.

To build this station, you can follow the basic pattern for any type of hinged box (like a toy box) that grabs your fancy. Check that the measurements are suitable for holding a plastic storage container for your dog food. And before attaching the lid, make sure to jigsaw out holes to hold your bowls.

Once complete, you can finish off your bowl station with a coat of paint and pop in your storage container for food.


10. Reclaimed Wood Raised Dog Bowl Platform


This is a great beginner design that you can knock out in under an hour using reclaimed wood or a discarded pallet.

Cut even lengths to form a square box. Use two layers of wood to build the frame and keep it sturdy before attaching the top. Once constructed, measure your feeding bowl by tracing a circle on the top end of the box. Cut a hole using a jigsaw. Just make sure to cut a centimeter or so inwards, so the bowl doesn’t fall through.

Next, sand down the entire thing. Pallet wood can be rough and splintery, which isn’t ideal for your canine companion. Paint or treat the box, and it’s ready to go.

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