Garden Water Features: 54 Awesome Outdoor Design Ideas

We’ve got 54 awesome garden water features and outdoor design ideas for your patio or yard. You can’t deny – a water feature in the garden really bumps up the overall ambiance. The sound of running water has always been soothing to the soul and water is such a primal and basic element. Earth, water, sun. And fire, we can’t forget fire (you’ll see some fire & water feature examples as well).

54 Garden Water Features: Outdoor Design Ideas


You can install a waterfall or a water wall – both are pleasing to the eyes and ears. Or a rain forest garden water feature. Fountain installations are always  popular outdoor design ideas – especially a bronze fountain with a great sculpture attached. It helps turn your garden into an art gallery of sorts. Glass, stainless steel, copper – they’re all featured here. Along with a few really creative outdoor design ideas and a few DIY garden water features.

Waterfalls & Water Walls: Outdoor Water Features

Blue Art Glass Water Feature Wall

Art glass and a waterfall water wall. We can’t think of a better combination for a garden water feature, can you? Source

Cactus Water Wall Water Feature

The cacti provides such a juxtaposition – what a great design idea. Water and desert plants are elegant together.  Who knew? Source

Rain Garden Wall Water Feature

This reminds us of stories from the Rome, back in the day. It’s a fantastic rainfall water feature. We almost expect some god in a toga to appear from behind the water curtain. Source

Water Wall Outdoor Feature

A literal sheet of water running down a sheet of glass. Aside from being a great design idea (and we bet it sounds lovely), it has the added benefit of turning the glass wall into a frosted effect for more privacy.  Source

Rainfall Water Feature Doorway

Another magnificent rainfall water feature – an easy DIY for your garden. Source

Tropical Waterfall Water Features

A waterfall, emerging from an unexpected place, is a visual (and audible) delight. More evidence that your outdoor design ideas don’t have to be expensive. Just well-thought out and not run-of-the-mill. That will do the trick every time. Source

Waterfall outside the house

And talk about waterfalls. This one is a whole storey high. Perhaps a more expensive water feature for you to add – it should be designed into the house for this level of participation. But truly a stunning outdoor design idea. If you’re building a house, give it some thought. Source

Glass Garden Water Features

Vortex Water Feature Fresh Patio

The Volute Water Feature, which features the driving force of a Vortex being captured and displayed, comes from our Art Garden Sculptures story. It’s a most incredible piece – mesmerizing, in fact. And it’s one of the garden water features that we keep coming back to, again and again. For good reason. Photos above and below. Source

Garden Water Feature with Vortex

This has to be one of our favorite garden water features, ever. So simple. Yet so complex (the nature/vortex part). The Charybdis Fountain is by water artist William Pye. The name, Charybdis, is from Greek mythology but a long story. Suffice to say it involves a sea monster positioned as a whirlpool.

Glass reversing water fall fountain

The Wrong Garden, by James Dyson, features a a continuous flow of water flowing uphill, or so it seems. But it’s actually an illusion. The thinking man’s garden water feature. Source

Crystal Ball Water Feature

This glass ball functions as a gazing ball – you can see the flowers right through it. Maybe it’s a crystal ball? Look closely… what do you see? Source

Cafe table water feature in the garden

OMG. We love this glass bistro table garden water feature – it’s so clever! Source

Glass disc water feature is a sphere

This Arcadia Glass Tree water feature uses LED lights to make it even more appealing. This one has lots of gentle fountain sounds. And sounds are something you should absolutely consider with your outdoor design ideas. It’s all part of the parcel.  Source

Triple Glass Sphere Garden Water Feature

Triple bespoke glass sphere water fountain – it’s very calming, isn’t it? And it’s always a good design idea to position things in threes. And good Feng Shui. So why not?

Aqualens is an award winning water feature

The Aqualens garden water feature, by Allison Armour, was first designed as the centerpiece of a show garden for the Chelsea Flower Show in 2000. She won the silver medal for her “Garden of Reflections” (and no wonder, we think she should have gotten the gold). Source

Stainless Steel Designs for your Outdoor Water Feature

Stainless ball outdoor design ideas

The sphere theme is carried into stainless steel – this is also a reflecting ball and has LED lights. Source

Steel bamboo pole water feature

These three water tubes are stainless steel poles, designed as bamboo for an Asian influence. Source

Stainless disc showers water fountain

This water feature is on display at Alnwick Gardens. Source

Minimalist steel tubes outdoor design idea

This simplistic and modern mirror-polished stainless tube water feature fits in any garden. Its presence is subtle, but sublime. Source

Garden water feature sculpture

This elegant stainless steel water feature is a cross between a question-mark and a Cobra. Great outdoor design idea – combine a sculpture with a water fountain for double duty. Source

Stainless steel water feature ampersand

And here’s the almost ampersand @ water feature. Source

Copper Design Ideas for Garden Water Features

Copper Sheet Water Wall Feature

A copper sheet is a stunning backdrop for a waterfall spout. Source

Copper Tree is a Rain Chime

This copper tree water fountain also becomes a rain chime when the water cascades from the copper leaves. Source

Copper Weeping Willow Water Fountain

This copper willow tree weeps with elegance. Truly a sculpture able to stand on its own – combining it with a garden water feature means it can be one or the other. It’s a water feature when turned on but a sculpture when not.  Source

Japanese Zen Water Tree Feature

This Humphrey Bowden copper sculpture water feature has a happy look to it – we’re not sure what it is, but it looks cheerful. Even if it does make it look like it’s raining out.  Source

Antique kettle water featured

This is an old repuprosed Louisiana sugar kettle. A garden water feature with history – and it looks fantastic with that old patina. Source

Bronze Gallery-Quality Water Feature Sculptures

Bronze fountain water feature for the garden

This bronze fountain has a definite style – and incredible oxidation. Some of these water features – while part of the garden design – truly are pieces of outstanding art. Source


Małgorzata Chodakowska creates some of the most pleasing bronze water features ever (in our humble opinion). We featured a full story about her incredible work recently on Fresh Patio.

Malgorzata Chodakowska amazing garden water feature angel

This angel water fountain, by one of our absolute favorite sculptors, is nothing less than spectacular. The pinnacle in outdoor design. Source

Malgorzata Chodakowska amazing garden water feature ballerina

Isn’t this ballerina water fountian wonderful? The water is part of the art in these incredible garden water features. And there’s a lot more to be explored. Source

Spirit of Enterprise Water Fountain

This guy is sort of creepy, but intriguing. By Tom Lomax. Source

David Goode Bronze Water Feature Pixie

We adore David Goode’s pixies. Adore them. And clearly, so do the hummingbirds. Seriously though, his site and his work are worth checking out. It will give you a million outdoor design ideas. At least. Source

Michael Zabo water feature

Michael Zabo creates beautiful water features for the garden working with metal and water. Source

Creative & DIY Water Features for the Garden

Douglas Walker Instrument Garden Water Feature

Canadian Douglas Walker’s whimsical, quirky and lovely musical garden water features are not to be missed. Source

Garden Water Feature Canoe in the Ground

This is a very creative idea – build a water feature inside a canoe and sit it flush to your deck. We like it a lot. Source

Watering Cans in the Garden are fountains

Watering cans make a perfect tiered water fountain. Something like this really becomes part of your outdoor design – it’s a major feature in the garden.

Unusual hand water feature for your yard or garden

Speaking of major features… this is a large and unusual hand-shaped water feature. This piece would really need to be part of your outdoor design. It’s not something you just add on a whim (even though it is quite whimsical). Source

This DIY water feature is rustic

Old barn board and a galvanized tub are a perfect DIY materials for the weekend. And before you know it, you’ve got a garden water feature that is a large part of your outdoor decor.  Source

What a great design idea for a water feature

This is too creative – an old glass patio table top, repurposed. An absolute higher use, no question. One of the best recylced garden water features and outdoor design ideas we’ve stumbled across. Source

Wine cooler makes a cool water feature

This garden water feature looks like a real ice bucket, doesn’t it? First listed in our glass bottle ideas story – it’s got charm, especially for a wine lover’s garden. Source

Horse Frieze Water Feature

This drinking horse frieze fountain is by Patricia Borum – an unusual water feature for the garden with Mediterranean flair. You know what they say: You can lead a horse to water. Source

Hummingbird perch on this water feature

A super simple DIY garden water feature and the lip of the large pot serves as a perch for hummingbirds who are coming in for water. It would also make a good perch for pollinators such as butterflies and bees. Source

Art Glass Water Fountain Feature

This glass flower garden water feature is highly detailed. Source (above and below)

Art Glass Water Fountain Flowers Feature

Each of the glass flower petals emits a fine spray of water. Source

The Tropism Well is a trip and a cool water feature

The Tropism Well bends down to pour you a glass of water when it senses you coming closer (that’s a water jug on the end of its arm). Seriously. You need to check it out (there’s video). We’ve never seen a water feature like this before. Source

Water Feature from Dr. Suess

This river rock water feature sculpture reminds us of Dr. Zeuss. Source

Stonehenge Water Feature is Iconic

Stonehenge in the garden. it would be a perfect backdrop for your summer solstice party. A historic water feature -it’s one of those iconic outdoor design ideas and sure to be a conversation starter.   Source

There's music in this amazing water feature

This piano waterfall is adorable. And it’s the phrase that makes all the difference, no? It would have been cute anyway. But it’s been taken to a much higher level by going one step further with this DIY garden water feature. And there is music in water, if you stop to listen. Source

Mixing Fire & Water Features in the Garden

Fire and water features are popular

Double fire and water features – we love the rainfall wall between the columns. Source

Metal Fire Pit with Waterfall Water Feature

Waterfall lips and steel fire pits make a great fire and water feature combination. Source

Zen fire boat in water feature

This is like a floating boat of fire – it’s very simple and zen-like in its reflection. Source

Fountain steps with fire water feature

This garden water feature features a step fountain and fire pits flanking either side. Source

Stone columns fire and water features

This brick pillars hold the steel fire pits high – and the waterfall faucets extend from down the bricked columns. It’s a strikingly designed garden water feature when you put them together. Source

Campfire and waterfall water features

A waterfall behind a campfire scene. It’s a rustic, but elegant, fire and water feature. Source

Spouting fountains fire and water features

Fire and water just go so well together. And what a view this is, over the fire and water. Source

Elena Colombo water feature with fire

Elena Colombo’s fire and water feature elevates the idea of mixing the two elements –  to an art. Source

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