Orb Lighting Ideas for Pool and Patio

Orb lighting ideas are making a splash – from private pools and patios to exotic resorts. Some of the lights are LED driven, others solar. Some are even remote control. Some are floating and some are for patio, garden and dry land only. Some even hang from trees.

Multi Colored Orb Lighting Ideas

Orb lighting has many faces. You can go for elegant white orb lighting, that’s one idea. Or go for the colored route. You can even go for all the colors at once – there’s a color-changing style of orb light that’s extremely popular. These lights can have an ethereal feel, as you’ll see below. Especially when used in the winter months in northern climates.

Ideas for Pool and Pond

Floating lights solar orbs
Orb lighting is one of the latest outdoor lighting ideas to turn into a trend.

Floating solar orbs are awesome outdoor solar lighting ideas, especially for the pool or pond. They’re elegant, simple and extremely pleasing to the eye. And they’re a hot accessory right now. Source

Solar mood lights amazon
Small solar light orbs for pool or pond.

These small solar light orbs are perfect idea for the pond. From Amazon.

Solar floating lights pink
Pink solar lights on the pond.

What a great idea – solar orb lights for fish ponds. And available in neon colors.

Orb Lighting Idea for a koi pond
Three floating orbs play of the koi domes in this pond.

Tri-color floating orb lights are the perfect match for the Koi domes.

Poolside orb lighting
Pastel colors are calm and serene.

Orb lighting for the pool is available in several sizes. Source

Orb lighting in neon green
Neon green orbs make a statement for sure.

You can buy all one color for maximum impact. Source

Land Orb Lighting Ideas: Solar and LED

Big glowing garden lights shaped like orbs have been a growing trend in the past few years. In backyards, patios and gardens. All sizes, from the mini orb to the gigantic one. All shapes, too. You’ve seen the floating orbs above – these are their land-based cousins.

Huge orb lights in front of the house
These orb lights are huge.

Large orb lights announce the entryway to the house. They’re great for markers – we’re the house with the glowing orbs outside.

Solar ball garden
Make a statement with a solar light orb garden.

A few well-placed solar light orbs among the sculptures creates a night art garden. Source

Solar orb lighting on the fence
Solar orbs at the pond.

We not only love the solar light orbs, we love the pond wall with the river rock design. Isn’t that creative? Source

LED Ball Orb Lighting Ideas
Orb lights in a magnificent sunset.

A beautiful sight as the sun sets – orb lights in a bed of purple. Source

One of the prettiest outdoor solar lights
Like a moonlit path, solar orbs light the way.

Solar orbs from Moonlight, Inc. Who wouldn’t love to walk down that path?

Winter Spheres of Light
Orb lighting in the snow.

White orb lights have an ethereal look, especially in winter. Source

Winter Spheres Orb Lighting
Moonlight orb lights.

Moonlight orb lights look great on the snow. Source

Huge Orb on the beach
Monster orb lighting on the beach.

This orb light looks so surreal on the beach. Source

Uniquely Shaped Orb Lighting

Unique Solar Garden Eggs
Solar light egg orbs for the backyard – they’re funky.

Egg-shaped orbs add another dimension – they’re kind of neat, aren’t they? Source

Tall Solar Orb Lights
These solar light orbs look like entryway guards.

These solar lights are orb columns, lining the pathway to the door.

Unusual solar outdoor lights
Solar lights come in all shapes and sizes.

Do these solar lights remind anyone else of the childhood game of Jacks?

Orb Lighting in Trees

Orb lighting ideas for trees
Hanging orbs look great on a big old tree.

Hanging orb lights is a great idea – it can create a fantastic garden space. Source

Grapevine orb lighting
Hanging grapevine orbs look so romantic in the trees.

Grapevine orb lights are a good idea anytime of the year. Source

Big orb lights for big trees are a great idea
These entryway trees look great with orb lighting.

Orb lights mark the entrance with an elegant glow. Source

Cool orb lighs for the base of the tree
Doesn’t this look magical? We’re waiting for the fairies.

Do you have orb lights in your yard? Show off your ideas – just click on “Add Post”. We’d love to see them!

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