30 Moss Garden Ideas: Graffiti, Statue, Ornament Designs

Don’t get rid of moss, instead use our 30 moss garden ideas to embrace it. Just glimpse the images below – there are some stunning designs you can create with ease. Use it on patio or indulge in a little urban moss graffiti. It’s easy enough to do – you mix up moss in a blender with a few other natural ingredients (either harvest the moss or order it online). You’ll be making a moss paint and you’ll use that to paint the wall. Or furniture. Or anywhere in your garden. It will be awesome. We’ve included some ideas and links below, specifically on how to create moss graffiti. But the recipe is pretty much the same for anything.

Moss garden ideas - graffiti

There are lots of advantages to moss and moss gardens. It loves the shade. It grows very easily and requires little maintenance. It is absolute heaven to walk on in bare feet. And you never have to mow it and don’t have to water it nearly as often as moss retains moisture. Check out some of our spectacular moss designs below. The much-maligned ground cover is enjoying a bit of an upswing now, as moss gardens become trendy and cool. They’re certainly environmentally friendly. And kinda magical, we think.

Ideas for Gardens and Patios

Patio Floor Moss

Moss used as grout between patio tiles looks fantastic. Source

Japanese Zen Garden of Moss

Japanese Zen garden design with moss squares. Source

Moss pillows

Moss pillows make a cool yard. Source

Checker Board Moss

And so does this awesome checker board pattern. Source

Patio Stone Moss

Another idea for patio stones with moss in place of grout. Source

Hosta garden with moss bed

The image above shows a gentle moss bed in a shade garden.

Buddha garden moss pillows

A garden idea with pillows of moss and a Buddha.

A moss lawn

You never have to cut this lawn because it’s a moss garden. And can you imagine walking barefoot across it?

Moss mini garden in a bowl

Mini moss garden in a bowl. Source

Moss Statue Designs

Moss and stone garden lion

The lion sleeps tonight. Not only is he in the moss garden, but he’s part of it. Source

Face in the moss

This fellow has amusing eyes. A super creative way to use a moss-covered lump in the garden. Source

Laughing Buddha Moss

These guys crack us up. Source

Jizzo Buddha moss

And this Jizzo Buddhist pair are so sweet in their bed of moss. You’ll have noticed a number of moss ideas related to Buddhism. Moss gardens originated in Japan and it is a very common theme. Source

Buddha in a glass mini

This Buddhist moss garden has a special twist. It’s a tiny design. Like really tiny. You’re looking at it under a glass. By Agelio Batle. Source

Moss Covered Furniture

Moss furniture

An entire sitting room moss garden. Could you really sit on it? Gently? Source

Garden bed of moss

An eclectic bed of moss. We bet it’s soft.

Fairy Garden Ideas Moss

This couch was used in a fairy garden idea.

Regal moss chair

There’s something regal about this moss chair, no? Source

The Writing’s on the Wall

Moss Graffiti

Moss graffiti, also called eco-graffiti or green graffiti, is sprouting up everywhere. And it’s easy to DIY. And if you’ve already got a moss garden, your main ingredient close at hand.

There's Hope Moss Graffiti

It’s also known as Guerilla Gardening. Source

warmest light moss graffiti

You can say whatever your heart desires. Consider it moss poetry. Source

old brick moss graffiti

Moss graffiti really does look marvelous on old brick. Source

Grow moss graffiti

Grow your own moss graffiti. Source

Moss Milkshake for the garden

The easy way to create a graffiti design is to pick up some Moss Milkshake, or order online. Follow the instructions (just add water!) and paint on the wall with the resulting liquid.

Painting moss

Alternate days with misting your graffiti and applying another layer of moss paint. Moss Acres has all you need to begin your moss graffiti project.

It starts to grow

You’ll see results as your words start to turn green. Depending on the climate, it should take a few weeks or more, so don’t get discouraged. Spring and fall are the best times to create moss designs, when there is more moisture in the air. It will take devotion to the project if you live in a very arid climate. And you’ll need to mist more in that case.

Pick your own favorite phrase

wikiHow has a very clear tutorial on how to make moss graffiti. You can make the concoction yourself using live moss, buttermilk, sugar, water and beer (or corn syrup). But a Moss Milkshake to go sounds easier.

Stencil Revolution also has some handy tips. When you want to remove your moss graffiti, scrape it off and then treat the area with lime juice. Who knew?

Moss bird on a wire graffiti

Moss Ornament Designs

Moss house numbers

What a great idea – street numbers for the outside of your house, made from moss. Source

Moss starfish

Or make a gorgeous starfish from the moss in your garden. Source

Moss Jar candle

Moss candle lantern idea – out of a jar. Source

Moss muffins

Muffins! You see all the designs you could have been doing with moss? Source

Moss tablecloth

A moss garden table cloth for your next garden party. What could be better? Source

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