Fairy Garden Ideas and Miniature Gardening Trends

Fairy Garden ideas are sought after – it’s the hottest miniature gardening trend for 2016. Garden Centers are devoting sections to miniature gardening – and offering tiny fairy decor pieces from mini bird houses and birdbaths to patio furniture. To tell the truth, it’s kind of like playing with a doll house again. Or setting up a model railroad. Both places that you can go to buy your mini garden accents, by the way – model railroad and doll house vendors. As well as specialized garden shops and retailers online. (For a list of sources, see bottom of page.)

Fairy Garden Ideas and Miniature Gardening Trends

It’s another great way to use up broken flower pots and bits and pieces. You can theme your fairy garden to a birthday, or to Easter or Christmas, whatever is appropriate. The decor pieces are all available in miniatures. You can do a Japanese  garden, a beach garden, a cottage garden. They’re getting so detailed, it’s almost like you’re building a small outdoor diorama. And with so many available accent pieces, you might be finding it hard to decide which way to go. But hey take up very little space – so you don’t have to stop at just one. Or two, or three.

mini gardens

A miniature garden in a repurposed hanging pot. With lots of little crepe flowers. Source

Fairy Garden Sunflowers

The stairway is flower petals – this multilevel fairy garden even has a bridge and there are gazing balls.

Fairy Garden Birdhouses

Birdhouses are a popular accent for miniature gardens. Source

Tiered Fairy Garden

This multi tier miniature garden uses succulents – easy to care for. Source

Mini garden teapotSucculents really are easy to care for. They’re almost plant and forget. Source

Fairy Garden Cottage

Moss is another great no-muss, no-fuss addition to your magical garden. Source

Mini Zen Garden

A zen-like miniature garden, set on a piece of broken clay pot. Source

Figurines Fairies

Two fairies and a little bistro table…what a cute fairy garden. Source

Garden Miniature Night Lights

Adding fairy lights to your fairy garden can really make it shine at night. Source

A garden couch for fairies

This couch turned miniature miniature garden is from the Atlanta Market show.  It’s a display piece, and we love it. Source

Couch Display

Apparently, at the show, the organizers say it wasn’t for everyone. Source

Happy Birthday to you

Is this not the cutest thing you’ve seen? The birthday party miniature garden. And look, they’ve used the wires from the champagne corks as stools for the fairies to sit on. Creative stuff.Source

Fairy doorAren’t those chairs something? The path, the sundial, the whole thing. Be sure to check our list of where to purchase supplies at the end of this story for more info. Source

Mini hanging succulent

This miniature garden has a lovely pathway with concrete bench. Source

Garden camp out with fairies

This miniature garden, a camp site near the beach, is a railroad gardening creation. Source

Fairy Garden Life is a Beach

Now, we’re right at the beach. Blue glass pebbles are the ocean. Source

Mini Fairy Gardens Fish Pond

The classic garden, in a miniature garden. Again with pond. They’re so cute, aren’t they?

Purple garden mini with fairies

There’s even a gazing ball on this sunbathing deck. Source

Trailer for Sale or Rent

Fairy garden set up in an old trunk. With metal chairs and birdhouses and a snail.

Miniature Brick Path

You can do all kinds of clever things with pathways in your miniature garden. Source

Doll house bistro set

Isn’t this the sweetest little bistro set? See? Doll house days all over again. Source

Where to Purchase Fairy Garden Supplies

Two Green Thumbs for Fairy Garden Supplies

Two Green Thumbs, out of Seattle and mail order only, has a superb selection of miniature and fairy garden supplies.

Miniature Gardening Store Copper Birdhouses

The Miniature Garden Shoppe carries a wide array of cool accoutrements.

Mini Beach Birthday

You can buy kits, like this Birthday Beach kit,  at MyFairyGarden.com

Fairy Gardens Koi Pond

TheLittleHedgerow on Etsy has some great fairy garden accents, like this awesome Koi pond.

Mini Rain Boots

Beneath the Ferns sells fairy garden wellies. You could even display the miniature rain boot planters.

Do you have a fairy garden in your yard? Upload your photos and some description below – just click on “Add Post”.

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