Rain Boot Planters (DIY Guide and 15 Ideas Gallery)

A cool DIY project, rain boot planters are popping up in gardens everywhere this spring – old boots re-purposed as flowerpots. Wellies, of course are the classic rain boots and they’ve enjoyed a fashion resurgence as of late.

Rain Boot Planters in Polka Dot
Polka dots are a hot pattern for rain boot planters.

Because of their growing popularity, Wellingtons are available in such an array of patterns and colors that arranging them on your porch – or fence – can be quite an art. But creating them? Easy to do and a great DIY project for the kids, to boot. Source

Yellow Rain Boot Flower Pots
Yellow is always a good color for rain boot planters – so cheerful.

Where Do I Start?

The first thing you need to decide is what color boot planter you want. Where will you be putting your new flowerpots? What color flowers will go in the boot? Plan out the colors of your boots and your flowers. Do you have a pair of Wellingtons in your closet that you’ve been thinking about getting rid of? Now’s your chance to upcycle those boots into flowerpots for the garden. Source

Blue Rain Boot Flower Pots
You can’t go wrong with cobalt blue for a planter color.

We love these cobalt blue rain boot planters. They’re just striking with red flowers against a white fence. There’s something for you to plan for your Fourth of July party. You could come up with all kinds of red, white & blue combos using rain boot planters. Source

How To Make Rain Boots into Planters
It’s really simple to make your own rain boot planters.

How Do I Make Rain Boot Planters?

Rain boot planters are quite simple to do. Once you have your boot, start by creating a few holes in the bottom of the boots for drainage, and adding a little gravel as the base. Then  fill your boots with soil and add a plant! Voila – you’ve got new, colorful flowerpots. The camouflage boots are a great juxtaposition with the flowers.

Rain Boot Pots on the Street
Isn’t this collection of boots turned flower pots charming?

This collection of Wellington boot flowerpots is a great idea. It adds more oomph when you’ve got so many in one spot. Pick one color as your main look, and then add a few others for variety. You can move them around as much as you like until you find that perfect arrangement (easier to do before you add the flowers). Source

Can I Use Rain Boot Planters Indoors?

Rain boot flower pot planters in Yellow Polka Dot
Forsythia heralds the coming of spring, along with the robins and fresias.

These polka-dot Welly rain boot planters are perfect to use indoors. We love the yellow forsythia in the yellow boots. It’s such a happy picture. If you want to try using rain boots as vases, rather than planters, start with a tall flower or flowering shrub branch, and stick it in a drinking glass inside the boots. Source

Rain Boot Planters – On the Fence

Red Rain Boots as Flowerpots on the Fence
Red is a bold choice that can look wonderful.

What a colorful display – red rain boot planters with bright yellow marigolds, in a row on the fence. What an eye-catching group. We like this look. A lot

Another fence we really like – single rain boot planters, kiddie size. How cute are they? And they sure beat a window box. Marigolds seem to be a popular choice of flower for your rain boot planter. And why not? They’re hardy, easy to grow and such a cheerful yellow. You can’t lose.  Source

Rain Boots on the Ground

Colorful Rain Boot Flower Planters
Tulips and Daffodils mean spring has arrived.

Mix and match boot planters – with tulips and hyacinth. They look a little haphazardly planted, but they look good, don’t they? The rain boot with the umbrella pattern really makes the photo. A lot of thought went into this grouping to get it to look so casual. Source

Family Project Rain Boot Flower Planters
When April showers wear out your boots – repurpose them. If there’s already a hole in the bottom, all the better.

It’s a family affair! Looks like a family project, one boot from mom, one from dad and one from each of three kids. This would be a great family garden project, wouldn’t it? Everyone chooses their own boot makes a personal rain boot planter. Source

Rain Boot flowerpots as Wedding Decor
Your rain boot planters can look very elegant with a bit of staging.

And we just adore these tall yellow Welly boot planters with purple and violet flowers. Maybe it’s the way they are positioned – looks like someone is in them with that toe pointed out just so, doesn’t it? This display was done for a wedding. Makes us wonder, do they make snow white wellies? If so, we could see that becoming a wedding trend. Source

Rain Boots with Daisies
Such a multitude of choices for flowers – what a great idea this is.

Whimsical wellies turned into flowerpots – they’ve already got daisies and grass on them. Clever thought, putting trailing bedding plants into tall rain boot planters, they will grow down the boot as the season progresses. Source

Rain Boots on Tree Stumps

Red and Yellow Boot Planters on Tree Stumps
Be creative about the placement of your repurposed Wellies.

Sit your new-old rain boot planters on top of old tree stumps – another good idea. Mixing the colors and flowers makes for a pleasing arrangement. The bright primary colors can really jazz up the garden. Source

Fireman Rain Boots as flowerpot Planters
Work boots give an interesting visual in the garden.

Let’s not forget our firefighters. Technically, not rain boots but close enough. Look for a pair Fireman boots, or other working boots at flea markets and yard sales. And because they are so large and sturdy looking, they can support a more robust plant both physically and on a design level.

Go Wild in the Garden

Where the Wild Boots Are Rain Boot Flowerpot Planters
The type of plant you choose makes all the difference. Choose your boots and plants to compliment each other.

These rain boots make quite the statement with their wild floral arrangements. Doesn’t the boot second from the right look like a head of well-tossed hair?

A Garden of Wellington Rain Boot Planters

Rain Boot Flower Garden
A full garden of rain boot planters is sure to get a smile from passersby.

And finally, why not a welly garden made of rain boots? They do it in England, you know. And you can never have too many Wellingtons. Certainly not now that we know how to turn them into rain boot planters. Source

We’d love to see your rain boot ideas? Upload them by clicking on “Add Post”. We cannot wait to see them!

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