Chicken Yard Art – Best 30 Metal Fun and Funky Ideas

We present an inspiring collection of 30 metal chicken yard art ideas for a fun twist to your outdoor scenery. The ample selection below of different styles, colors, and detail, will help you find the right metal chicken for you. The only thing remaining to get will be an alarm clock!

30 Chicken Yard Art Ideas

Certain details remind us of specific places. When I think of living in a cozy country home, chickens running around are often part of the image. Although animals are a key part of farm life, they require care and can be noisy. This is why chicken yard art is the perfect accessory to effortlessly enhance your yard decor.

Metal chicken or rooster yard art is just what it sounds like – metal two or three-dimensional sculptures of animals. They are a fun and unexpected way to dress up your patio or garden. Plants and flowers are usually the obvious choices for decorating a front yard, but like live animals, they too demand attention.

With chicken garden art, the options for incorporating vibrant colors and patterns are endless! My favorite models are made with metal (often tin or iron) and are sometimes painted. Recycled metal can be used, which makes this art type an environmentally friendly way to decorate your outdoor space.

Some art pieces are made with a rust-resistant finish to avoid deterioration. Sculptures might also be pre-treated to give them a rusty look. Generally, a patina will develop over time due to oxidation, giving each sculpture a one of a kind look. The different hues will stand out in your yard, adding a contrasting touch to the greenery.

There are many creative examples that are made with different styles. Rooster yard art can be minimalistic and sleek, painted in solid colors. It might have geometric cutouts to highlight the shape. Other creations are more realistic and include a rainbow of colors, mimicking the vibrancy of a rooster. For a simple look, you can go with a chicken silhouette.

Metal chicken yard art is an easy way to add funky decor to your backyard. It can also be a meaningful way to remember a pet! Whether you choose a large rooster for the center of your yard or include a family of chickens near a flower bed, there are plenty of ideas to choose from.

Besides the aesthetic factor, chicken yard decor can be a great way to fend off birds or other predators that might disrupt your garden. Choose a giant lifelike rooster statue or spread smaller chickens around your garden. At the very least, any visiting animals will be surprised.

Metal chicken yard art

Best 30 Metal Fun and Funky Ideas

Chicken yard art ideas

Imagine being greeted by this cheerful family of roosters every day? These chicken garden stakes come in black or white painted steel.

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Iron rooster and hen yard art

Iron hen yard marker

These handmade welded iron rooster and hen garden sculptures are works of art!

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Floral art metal chicken yard decoration

I love the artistic cutouts on this floral garden chicken stake decoration!

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Rusty rustic metal chicken art

These exterior rustic rusty metal hen chickens make the cutest pecking farm! They are easy to display as garden stakes.

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Steel cutout chicken yard art

This chicken yard art is adorable! I love the simple attractive design and the pop of red color.

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Rusty rooster wall art

This splendid rusted rooster wall art can be hung in your kitchen to bring the farm life inside. Or hang it on your fence or your house’s exterior wall or even your shed.

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Rainbow metal rooster art

Add a pop of color with this unique handmade rainbow rooster wall decor. To keep it in good condition use it indoors.

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Black and white metal rooster yard art

This duo of vintage style metal roosters is the cutest decoration for your yard.

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Rusty metal rooster yard art with long stake

This recycled metal rooster garden stake is an elegant decorative accessory for your yard or home. With its tall stake, you can even stand it in a flower bed.

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Colorful detailed metal rooster

This large hen and rooster metal statue set is crafted with incredible detail. The pair is freestanding so you can place them anywhere you like!

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close up large white rooster metal yard art

I love the individual feathers on this giant art deco rooster decor for home. The life-size statue is certainly an eye-catching piece!

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Metal rooster hen and chick family

What a sweet rooster, hen, and chicks garden set made from recycled metal. They are coated with a sealant finish to maintain their condition outdoors. Put them out front, as a fun and funky decoration idea.

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Metal yard art rooster with eggs

This hen metal ornament includes a pile of eggs for a fun twist! Choose a ground or tree stake for a different perspective.

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Colorful rooster yard statue with flower ornaments

This fancy scrap metal rainbow rooster is a dazzling piece of artistry!

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Rooster and hen metal welcome sign

Make your guests feel welcome with this chicken and rooster plasma cut metal yard sign.

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Chicken yard decor

What a cool fence detail on this sturdy rooster metal art decor.

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XL Large Chicken Yard Art

There’s no overlooking this spectacular, extra-large iron rooster statue with its vibrant lifelike colors.

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Rusty metal chicken garden art

For a rustic touch, check out this rooster and hen made from reclaimed corrugated barn tin. A perfect farmhouse style decor idea!

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Cut out steel rooster wall hanging

I love the perfectly defined lines on this chicken garden art wall hanging.

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Rooster and chicks family metal garden art

This adorable nine-piece steel chicken family is made with integrated stakes and a weather-resistant finish.

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Detailed rooster metal yard statue

What a beautifully detailed hand-forged metal chicken sculpture, large enough to confuse for the real thing!

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Metal outline chicken yard decor with cutouts

For a farmhouse feel, add some shine with this beautifully CNC-cut outdoor ornament, available in over 20 colors.

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Chicken yard decor with an arrow - a weathervane

This handcrafted weathervane rooster yard stake will fit in anywhere! Made in aluminum, it’s lightweight, and with some additional DIY work can be made into a spinner. Or better yet, ask the Etsy craftsman to make it as a spinner for you.

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Outdoor metal hen sculpture with flower pattern

Add a funky touch to your outdoor decor with this fun chicken statue. Handmade and uniquely painted, it is sure to make you smile! Could be a nice addition to your patio or garden or even your front yard.

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Chicken yard decor - child and chicks ornament

Meet Lee and his chicken and rooster friends! This vintage metal silhouette is an impressive chicken yard decor.

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Chicken yard house address number

Bring on the farm animal attitude with this customizable duke and duchess rooster hen sign! Could be an interesting idea for a farmhouse style address number sign.

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Shiny metal rooster yard art

I see this colorful rooster metal wall art on my shed wall or even on my kitchen wall. I would order two and install them facing each other. If you’re going to do that make sure to ask the craftsman to make them symmetrically opposite.

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Metal chicken family yard art

I would love to see this garden stake metal chicken family on my lawn.

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Giant colorful metal chicken yard art

Though a garden statue, it’s too beautiful to keep it outdoors :-).

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