40 Awesome Rustic Mirrors for Your Farmhouse Style Decor

40 Rustic Mirrors for a farmhouse style decor

Rustic and farmhouse styles often go hand by hand. The two are able to coexist. To bring even more charm to a farmhouse style decor, you can add a rustic element. A rustic mirror in a natural wood frame or a patined metal frame could be that perfect decor element.

Mirrors have a magical quality of making an area look larger. They are fundamental for any decor and have the ability to completely transform a space. Whether you have one large mirror as a centerpiece, a mirrored ceiling, or hanging artisanal mirrors, the options are plentiful.

Mirror frames can be made from a wide range of materials, giving them wildly different styles. Metal frames add a sleek modern touch, plastic frames can be playful, but my favorite styles are those made with wood. I find wooden frames offer the perfect balance of natural and rustic to any setting.

Wooden frames often have details made from other materials such as metal fixtures or rope. This adds a cool element of texture. Since there are countless varieties of trees, just as many different frames can be made from wood. Styles that are slightly more rustic may have an unfinished surface or a live edge. More contemporary models might be glossy with stark lines.

The beauty of a rustic mirror is that it fits into a decor quite naturally, yet stands out for its eye-catching appeal. Though some wooden frames are simple and left au naturel, there are many possibilities to add decoration and embellishment. A carved wooden frame can be an artisanal piece while a windowpane framed mirror adds a touch of charm to a room. As well, wood can be painted to give it a fresh and updated look.

Not only do mirrors give the illusion of extra space, but they also increase the brightness and lighting in a room. This makes a huge difference if you have limited windows in your home. As mirrors reflect light from other sources, they illuminate their surroundings. With a rustic wooden frame, the light will shine softly, filling the room with a warm glow.

One advantage of rustic mirrors is that they blend well with furniture, making them easy to add to any room. Many designs are dual-purpose and include hooks, shelves, or drawers. These are a great way to add some light while keeping your space organized.

When deciding what kind of design you want to add to your decor, keep in mind the overall space of your house. Do you have a large blank wall screaming for attention? This could be the perfect spot to have a focal point mirror. Do you wish your living room had bigger windows? There are some very stylish models designed to look like wide window frames!

If you are so inclined, there are many ways to incorporate mirrors to improve feng shui in your home. Be sure to research the recommendations because there are also many locations to avoid!

Whether you choose a mirror to highlight your foyer or dining room, or for practical purposes like in your bathroom, you do not have to sacrifice style. Wood is extremely versatile and a great way to bring different components of your interior design together. Read on for a curated selection of 40 rustic mirrors for a farmhouse look.

40 Rustic mirror designs for a farmhouse

40 Beautiful Designs

Round wooden rustic mirror with carved design

A simple wooden mirror hanging by a rope is the perfect frame for this artistic creation.

Oak trunk mirror frame

What a gorgeous mirror, directly inspired by nature! A slab of an oak tree is made into a round rustic frame.

Available at Etsy

Wine barrel rustic mirror frame

Talk about original! Any wine or design lover will want to add this reclaimed barrel end wall mirror to their home.

Available at Etsy

Set of 3 rustic mirrors in whitewash wooden frames hung on rope

I love the subtle design of this set of 3 rustic mirrors made from reclaimed wood with a whitewash finish.

Available at Etsy

Live edge walnut framed rustic modern mirror

This live edge walnut framed mirror will be the spotlight in any room.

Available at Etsy

Live edge olive wood mirror with blue resin

This is truly a one of a kind piece. The natural olive wood edge is decorated with blue resin to add a splash of color to your home.

Available at Etsy

Custom made live edge wood mirror

Custom design your own live edge wooden rustic mirror. Wood is sourced from the European Alps and undergoes drying and curing to make it incredibly resistant.

Available at Etsy

Window arch shaped rustic mirrors

Vintage metal windowpane mirror frame

I love the distressed finish of this vintage rustic metal arch mirror. The windowpane pattern adds a ton of depth to your space.

Available at Etsy

Curvy oak frame rustic mirror

Dress up your living room with this funky shaped wooden mirror made from aged oak.

Available at Etsy

Rustic rough edge farmhouse mirror

This beautiful vintage rustic mirror has a deerskin backing and corners finished with a rough edge for the ultimate farmhouse feel.

Available at Etsy

Amazing rustic mirror with live edge spalted maple frame

This striking live edge mirror is made from spalted maple, which has begun to decay, creating contrasting dark patterned lines.

Available at Etsy

Rustic mirror in live edge wood frame

Available at Etsy

Vertical design rustic live edge mirror

Available at Etsy

Square rustic live edge spalted maple mirror

Available at Etsy

Metal windmill design mirror frame

This stunning farmhouse mirror with a metal windmill design makes an ideal focal point.

Available at Etsy

White wash wooden round mirror frame

Available at Etsy

Colorful rustic frame with metal hardware accents

This colored or natural wood El Paso rustic frame stands out with its hardware accents.

Available at Etsy

Wooden farmhouse mirrors with artisanal carvings

What an original farmhouse look! Choose animal paws or customizable designs for these beautiful carved wooden mirrors.

Available at Etsy: left and right

Distressed vintage style mirror

Windowpane design rustic wooden mirror with rusted handles as decor accents

Available at Etsy

Love this windowpane rustic wall mirror over a small breakfast table

Available at Etsy

Windowpane rustic wooden mirror hung over a cabin style bench

Available at Etsy

Distressed Farmhouse Style Windowpane wooden mirror with shutters in living room

This farmhouse wall decor window mirror with shutters is perfect to create the illusion of open space.

Available at Etsy

Rustic Windowpane mirror with shutters in living room

Rustic mirrors are left natural or painted in a variety of colors.

Available at Etsy

Rustic Modern Windowpane wooden mirror with shutters in dining room

Available at Etsy

Wall Hung Rustic Windowpane Mirror with Shutters above the Sofa

Available at Etsy

Beautiful Rustic Windowpane wooden mirror with shutters in foyer

Available at Etsy

Distressed windowpane design mirror with shutters in bedroom

Rustic wooden mirror with metal fixtures in bathroom

Choose this dark walnut farmhouse mirror for a cozy country style.

Available at Etsy

Two rustic wooden mirrors with metal accents in a rustic style bathroom

Available at Etsy

Large rustic wooden mirror with dark staining

Make a statement with this handmade rustic distressed farmhouse mirror.

Available at Etsy

Rustic wooden mirror with deep shelf

Add your own decorations to this attractive and functional mirror with a deep shelf.

Available at Etsy

Large rustic wooden mirror with metal details installed over a rustic style bathroom counter

This rustic distressed mirror lets you create your own style with your choice of color and metal fixtures.

Available at Etsy

Rustic mirror hung above a wooden barrel designer sink

Available at Etsy

Mirror with cabinet for accessories

Large wooden jewelry organizer with mirror

This rustic wood jewelry organizer with a mirror showcases all your accessories in a stylish way.

Available at Etsy

Handmade pine rustic mirror with a shelf

This handmade pine rustic mirror with a shelf comes in handy in your entrance or bathroom.

Available at Etsy

Rustic wooden mirrored coat rack

This charming mirrored coat rack is a must-have for your foyer.

Available at Etsy

Farmhouse style distressed painted windowpane mirrors with shelf

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