15 Best Cheese Markers – Creative Tags for Your Gourmet Assortment

15 Best Cheese Markers

Bring an appetite and read on for a selection of the 15 best cheese markers to buy now!

Cheese has a huge variety of subcategories, including everything from mild and fresh, to stinky, old, and rippled with blue. While some types of cheese are easier to identify (yes blue cheese is blue!), some are surprisingly unsuspecting and pack a punch (I’m looking at you Limburger!).

One of my pet peeves is having a vast selection of cheeses with no clues to assist me in my choice. Though I am keen to experiment and open to trying new food, I am simply not a fan of extremely mature and smelly cheeses. Therefore, I am always eager to find ways to label cheese. Unless you are very well versed in cheese varieties, it is generally hard to identify cheese separated from its packaging. The best solution I’ve settled on is to use cheese markers to keep my assortments well identified.

Cheese markers come in all shapes and styles, as well as with different descriptions about the cheese. You can buy markers labeled for each cheese you are serving, some with adjustable tags, and others that simply describe the style of cheese. Not only are cheese markers incredibly useful for figuring out what you are about to taste, but they can also be a great adornment for a cheeseboard.

One of my favorite ways to entertain lightly or whip up a foolproof dinner is to make a cheese platter. Cheese, nuts, fruit, olives, crackers, bread, and jellies are scattered onto a large board. I welcome anything that adds an extra flair! Cheese markers can certainly embellish a selection and are particularly useful when serving guests.

When choosing cheese markers, it is important to think about what cheeses you generally buy. There is no reason to purchase plenty of tags for cheeses that will never be found in your house! I like to have a set of markers for specific types of cheeses that I regularly buy. As well, having an extra set of labels that are descriptive is great for when I buy something out of the ordinary.

As for materials, the options are plentiful! There are a handful of questions you can keep in mind when deciding what type of cheese markers you should purchase. Do you prefer something disposable or reusable? Are you looking for something classy and timeless? Perhaps silver is a good choice! Are you prone to breaking things? Maybe steer clear of ceramic! Do you want to label your own tags? Chalkboard cheese markers would be perfect for you!

Creative cheese tags ideas

Whichever option you settle on, mystery cheese will no longer be a cause for hesitation. With your decorative and informative set of cheese markers, you will be able to identify each variety and dive into your selection.

1. Chalkboard Cheese Markers

Reusable chalkboard cheese markers

Reusable chalkboard cheese labels are an excellent option for variety. These tags are made from wood and chalkboard vinyl. Use a chalkboard pen to identify your cheese.

Available at Etsy

2. Mice Cheese Markers

Wood and chalkboard mice cheese markers

For a playful option and a natural pair, check out these writeable mice cheese markers! The mice are laser cut from birch and the tag is painted with chalkboard paint for easy labeling.

Available at Etsy

3. Silver Cheese Markers

Silver vintage fork cheese markers

These vintage hand-stamped silver-plated cheese markers are an elegant accessory for your spread. Keep your options open with tags that describe different characteristics.

Available at Etsy

Set of 6 silver-plated vintage fork cheese markers

This set of 6 silver-plated fork cheese markers is a stylish upcycled option for your cheeseboard. No need to buy a fork for every variety of cheese, these hand-stamped markers have got you covered.

Available at Etsy

4. Metal Cheese Markers

Arrow shaped metal pick cheese marker

These beehive arrow cheese markers are an attractive choice with adaptable labels. The set of 4 arrows comes finished in brass, copper, or nickel, along with 40 blank paper banners.

Available at Etsy

5. Paper Cheese Labels

Gold scripted paper cheese markers

For some added glam, try these gold scripted cheeseboard labels. Each set comes with 8 paper tags on picks that will describe any assortment of cheese.

Available at Etsy

6. Ceramic (porcelain) Cheese Markers

Ceramic cheese markers

These handmade ceramic cheese markers make a delightful addition to a cheeseboard. The cute wedge-shaped labels are custom made and can be stamped in many colors.

Available at Etsy

Clay cheese markers

These handmade ceramic cheese markers are fired twice, making them extra durable with a stoneware style. Choose a solid or speckled clay background and the cheeses you want to be labeled.

Available at Etsy

Ceramic cheese markers with black border

These handmade ceramic cheese markers have a stylish contrasting black border. They are made with clay and glazed for protection. Choose your selection of cheeses or leave some blank to fill in with a dry erase marker!

Available at Etsy

Bamboo cheese board set with a set of 4 porcelain cheese markers

If you are serious about cheese, this 10 piece bamboo cheese board set is meant for you. It includes a bamboo board, 4 utensils, 4 blank porcelain markers, and a washable gold pen. This compact set has everything you need to enjoy a delicious selection of cheeses.

Available at Etsy

7. Slate Cheese Markers

Reusable slate cheese markers

The sleek minimalistic design of this set of 4 reusable slate cheese markers is perfect for labeling your cheese every time you have guests over.

Available at Etsy

8. Wire Cheese Markers

Wire cheese marker

These rustic wire cheese markers are entirely customizable. Choose your cheeses and an assortment of colors to add a vibrant touch to your cheeseboard.

Available at Etsy

This creative wire cheese marker tags Gouda cheese beautifully!

9. Vintage Cheese Markers

Vintage silver-plated French cheese markers

These whimsical vintage silver-plated steel cheese markers are a classic pick! The set of 6 is labeled with iconic cheeses from France and their respective animals.

Available at Etsy

Vintage French markers label each cheese under the animal which produced it

This set of 6 vintage French silver-plated steel markers is made for cheese lovers. Each cheese is labeled under the animal which produced it. 

Available at Etsy

10. Plastic Acrylic Cheese Tags (Picks)

Acrylic feather shaped cheese markers

This set of 5 cheese markers is customizable for your needs. Choose between birch (single use) or acrylic (multiuse), and a feather or cactus shape.

Available at Etsy

Acrylic animal shaped cheese markers

These animal-shaped writeable cheese markers are some of the cutest tags around. Use a washable pen on these acrylic markers to identify your selection.

Available at Etsy

Acrylic cheese label and charcuterie board

These acrylic cut cheese markers are a classic. Customize your choice of cheeses and color for your own look!

Available at Etsy

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