45 Patio Umbrella Ideas & Sun Shade Sail Designs for Backyard

Patio umbrellas and sun shades are just getting better and better. They can really set the atmosphere outside, be it patio, garden or pool. Especially the large ones, they can dominate a backyard space. The ubiquitous market umbrella is the work horse. Generally wood parts (but not always) and with a small canopy at the top, they are built to commercial grade. They are available in many styles and colors.

Patio Umbrellas and Sun Shade Sails

There are leaning umbrellas, beach umbrellas, offset umbrellas, wall-mounted models and even a half umbrella for those awkward places against a wall. The Balinese patio umbrellas are decidedly Bohemian, we like them a lot. But most of them aren’t weather resistant, so be sure to take them in. And then there is some really cool lighting to be had. Some of the modern umbrellas have some very unusual designs. We’ve taken the best of these umbrellas and sun shade sails and lined them up in a column so you can compare, and then decide. Happy ‘brella browsing.

Market Umbrellas – The Workhorse

Market Umbrellas Great Colors

Market umbrellas are the work horses of the patio umbrella. They come in some great colors. This is the Woodline Safari model.

Tilting Market Umbrella for the PatioThis market umbrella has a tilt function. You can choose your fabric color to match your garden design. Source

Red Market Patio Tilt Umbrella

Here’s a market umbrella doing double duty. It’s a patio table umbrella and a tilter. Red is a popular choice, as is the square shape. Source

This patio umbrella is hand painted

From Hedgerow Studios, this is a hand-painted umbrella.

Cobalt Blue Market Umbrella

The blue umbrella is accented by the blue tile patio table. They work well together. Source

Safari Market Umbrella

This square wooden Safari market umbrella looks vibrant in red. Source

Modern Umbrellas

Modern Lotus Umbrella

Jordan Manufacturing‘s Lotus patio umbrella features layers

European Shade Leaf

The European Shade Leaf from Curran is an individual umbrella.

Icarus Shade Leaf Umbrella

The Icarus Shade Leaf from Umbrosa is an interesting concept.

The Solis by Porta Forma

The Solis Umbrella by Porta forma is available at Frontgate. It’s sleek, isn’t it?

Riviera Premium Plus Patio Umbrella for a large backyard

The Riviera Premium Plus umbrella is a commercial grade large size for a larger backyard.

One of the Funkiest patio umbrellas we've ever seen The Frou Frou Parasol by Porta Forma is perhaps more style than shade.

Offset – Cantilevered Umbrellas


Red is such a great color for a large umbrella. You need very little else to create a nice patio setting. Source

Solar lights at beach

The lights on this cantilevered umbrella are solar and they come with the purchase. Source

Capri Offset Red Umbrella for the Patio

The Capri Offset rotates 360 degrees to follow the sun during the day. Source

Huge White Offset Garden Umbrella covers an entire backyard seating area

The Treasure Garden 8-ft cantilevered umbrella covers the whole backyard seating area. Source

The Shanghai Collection

This green tilted umbrella is from Treasure Garden’s Shanghai Collection. Source

Eclipse cantilevered umbrella

The orange Eclipse cantilevered patio umbrella. Source

Solar Lights Patio

These lights are also solar powered.

Wall Mounted & Wall Hugger Umbrellas

Wall Mount Patio Umbrella Idea

Aren’t these wall mounted umbrellas a great idea for your patio? From Curran. Source

Wall Mount takes less footprintWall-mounted patio umbrella design saves a great deal of space. Source

Half umbrella wall hugger is great for balconies

Wall hugger – half umbrella takes up half the space and is great for balconies.  Source

Bohemian & Balinese Umbrella Designs

Imagine this Balinese Umbrella in your backyard

Balinese patio umbrellas have a bohemian, gypsy quality to them. This is a very different idea. We would love to have it in our backyard. Source

Bali White Beach Umbrella

Balinese umbrellas in white are fantastic ideas for a wedding or a Summer Solstice party. Or just hanging around the backyard. Source

Bali Sunset

There’s a real tropical feel to these Balinese umbrellas. Source

Monkees with Asian umbrellas shade design for a patio

Bohemian monkeys on the patio with red umbrella designs. Source

Monkees with Asian Parasols

More bohemian monkey ideas.

Pagoda Umbrella

This DIY pagoda umbrella gives your patio an eclectic look. Source

Balinese umbrella design

Here’s another cool Balinese umbrella design – source.

Sun Shades & Sails for Patio and Garden

Sun Shade Sail Red

A great red sun shade sail for the back patio or deck. Easy to install. Buy them on eBay.

Spectra Sun Shade Sail - a modern design in white

The Umbrosa Spectra is a modern sun shade sail. Doesn’t that whole design look great in white? Source

Red Triangles Sun Shade Sails is an unusual idea

Curran European Sun Shade Sales Triangle in red – an unusual idea. Source

Teal Green Sun Shade Sail

Spectra Square with inclined mast. Isn’t that neat how they call it mast, like a boat? Because it’s a sun shade sail. Source

Shade Sail for Sun

This UV-blocking sun shade sail can lower the temperature below the sail up to 10 degrees. Source

Lighting Ideas

Light up your umbrella - a strip lighting idea

Umbrella lighting design is important and can make magic on your patio. Source

Patio Lights for your Umbrella

Lights for patio umbrellas really do make a beautiful setting and it’s so simple. Source

Patio lights for the umbrella - an orb lighting idea

The above image showcases an orb lighting idea. It provides just the right amount of light on the patio – can this be your beautiful evening?.

Blue Star Umbrella lightingSoft glowing lights shine from the Blue Star patio umbrella lights.

Candle light Umbrella

Candles are lights too. They look fantastic hung under patio umbrellas. Source

Umbrella Bottle Lights

Patio umbrella bottle lights by Zal Creations on Etsy.

Custom Logo Umbrella Designs

Champagne Umbrella

There are logo patio umbrellas. And then there are these logo patio umbrellas. ‘Nuff said. Source 

Champagne Umbrella

SourceTattinger Champagne Umbrella


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