30 Best Halloween Rock Painting Ideas – Cute and Simple Images

Well, it’s never too early to get caught up on the Halloween spirit. Every year we see some spooktacular oversized Halloween decorations. The decor spectrum for this fall holiday is very wide and the decorations are often very large. How about we try something smaller this time?

We have some rock painting ideas for Halloween this year. They are easy to do, make for an excellent DIY project with the kids, and are adorable. Why not go for a miniature Halloween themed rock garden this time around?

30 Halloween Rock Painting Ideas

Here we have compiled a list of images with some of the cutest Halloween rock painting ideas.

30 Painting Ideas

Trick or treat painted rock

What’s Halloween without candy corn and a ‘Trick or Treat’ sign? We’ve all seen wooden plaques and scarecrows carrying signboards. Try a candy corn rock painting sign by your doorstep or at the front of your yard for a change this year.

Scary pumpkin painted rock

This cute creepy pumpkin is bound to win some hearts. The witch hat on top, autumn leaves at the bottom, and the bat flying overhead sums up some staple Halloween decorations on one tiny canvas.

Spider in cake painted rock

Here are a tiny spider and some candy corn on a cupcake. The round pebble rock painting resembles the top of a cupcake, which gives an interesting look to the otherwise very simple painting.

Halloween painted rocks

Rock painting provides the perfect opportunity to exercise your creative freedom, as is evident in the collage above. It features two variations of spooky homes. One features a blue background while the other an orange one.

The artistic rendition of a witch’s boot is very adorable.

But at the same time, you have the crazy looking vampire with blood-stained fangs and a pot belly thanks to the pebble’s shape.

Art dots painted rock

With dot-art rock paintings, you can not only get creative with the visuals but also add some texture to the pebbles, which adds an interesting element. We are in love with the color graduation here too.

Scared cats run for the tree

These two spooked out cats barely hanging on to tree branches have us smiling. The dramatically elongated whispers, the curled up tails, and the feet beautifully portray the fear the cats must be feeling.

Scarecrow painted rock

Above is a beautiful rock painting of a scarecrow. Looks very witchy, doesn’t it? You can pick a larger stone, draw this image and place it on a front porch for a perfect Halloween decorating idea.

Funny Halloween painted rock

“It just isn’t Halloween without a full moon!” we agree, and we love this crazy and funny rock painting idea. It’s a fresh change from all the spooky we have going on.

How to paint a bubbling witches cauldron on a rock

Even if you don’t know how to paint, you can always try something easy like this bubbling cauldron with a spoon.

Ghosts painted rocks

Here are three cute little ghosts carrying their jack’ o lanterns. It looks like they are here to ask for candy too.

Ghost painted rock

This one looks like it got separated from the group. The pebble ghost actually seems lost and scared.


Ghost pumpkin painted rock

Children love silly faces, and they are going to love painting these silly rocks. These silly looking pebble guys look like they have seen a ghost and are about to faint. It’s a great way to use the odd pebble shapes.

Ghost in pumpkin painted rock

Here’s another cute duo. This one looks ready to leap out from behind the door to freak you out. The mischievous expressions on the two are a winner, and you should definitely include these in your Halloween decor.

Mummies painted on rocks

These mummy pebbles with popping plastic eyes are another simple yet creative Halloween decoration idea. It is not as creepy as it is adorably crazy and a unique twist to the traditional mummy prop.

Scary mummy painted rock

This mummy’s eyes definitely grab your attention. Imagine staring out in the dark night and having these look back at you, and if that doesn’t give you the heebie-jeebies, then you’ve got a strong heart.

Scared pumpkin painted rock

If a freaked out pumpkin baby had a face, this would be it. We love a curly-haired baby, and this one makes us want to cradle it.

Flying ghosts painted rocks

Here’s a bunch of ghost pals trying to practice their best scary ghost face before Halloween comes around. We love how each one has a different background color as it can help add some color to Halloween.

Grim Reaper face painted rock

It looks like the Grim Reaper from Billy and Mandy has come to join the Halloween party. In our opinion, there is no other cartoon character that could make a better Halloween prop then grim. This oversized painted rock would look great when placed by a front door.

Painting rocks for Halloween

A creepy hairy tarantula with oversized eyes and the ghost are both on a mission to scare the little kitten that looks ready to bolt. We would, too, if those two actually showed up in front of us.

Scarecrow's head painted rock

This scarecrow’s face is definitely giving us goosebumps. We love the little details from the hat’s folds to the stitches down the face, the stitched-up mouth, and the partially hooded eyes that seem to follow us wherever we go.

Cute kittens painted on rocks for Halloween

We would love to keep these cute creeped-out kitten rock paintings in the house all year round.  Their paw less pear-shaped bodies, the extended whiskers, and their comical eyes have our hearts.

Halloween painted rocks collection

Imagine a sack full of Halloween themed rock paintings right at your doorstep. You’d be giving the little children an additional treat besides the candy.

Scary Halloween pumpkin painted rocks

Trick or treat, smell my feet, and give me something good to eat! Don’t be fooled! These look like cookies on a plate but are pumpkin rock paintings. Here’s a little trick to pull on your family on Halloween.

Colored pumpkins painted on rocks

Halloween pumpkins come in all colors. These are easy to paint and they look very decorative.

Easy Halloween pumpkins paintings

Above is another great idea to copy when painting your own Halloween rocks.

Halloween scary collage painted rock

Monsters garden stones

Halloween is the perfect time to paint monsters.

Monster faces rock paintings

Want to paint Halloween monsters? This tutorial (see above) is just for you!

Scary Halloween

We love this scary Halloween painted rock!

Great Front Door Halloween Painted Rock Art

Another great idea for a front porch (see image above).

Halloween art painted on a rock

We would want this painted rock placed next to the jar of candies. This beautifully detailed piece is Halloween art!

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