30 Painted Rock Faces Ideas for Kids and Adults – Easy and Not

In this article, we bring to you painted rock faces to help stimulate your imagination. Cute little faces painted on rocks are not just creative, but some are very easy to DIY as well.

Easy rock painted faces for kids and adults

You don’t have to make an elaborate life-like painting. A simple emoji will do, as that too looks absolutely adorable. Imagine a bowl full of faces right in the middle of your coffee table or in your study. You can even use these as paperweights or as mood indicators.

From silly faces for the kids to funny emojis for fun, you can create a whole mood board using just painted rocks. Here are some painting ideas you can use for inspiration.


DIY silly faces are our favorite. They look cute and quirky, are easy to paint, and are bound to be a favorite among children. You can take any grey or plain background rock and create these. In fact, it may be a fun activity to undertake with children as it gives them a creative way to express their silliness.

These colorful rocks painted like monster faces look like a group of friends posing for a group photo.  It is a very creative way to use weirdly shaped rocks from your yard. These would look lovely sitting in your kitchen window or in an arts and crafts room.

Monster faces are another particular favorite among children. You can give the children some rocks, some paints, and creative liberty to create their monster rocks and watch how they have fun and produce some amazing masterpieces. Artist: Melissa Iwan at God’s Glitter.

Unleash your inner artist and test your creativity by trying to recreate these interesting rock paintings. Where some are fairly realistic, others are imaginative, but they are all very unique and colorful.

These rocks would make for the perfect creepy Halloween decorations. You can even use these to create a unique haunted house experience. The 5-eyed monster rock is bound to creep out, even those with the strongest of hearts, especially in the dark.

This is creativity at its peak. Instead of taking a plain surfaced rock, this artist created faces out of the natural contours of some uneven rocks. If you are in the mood for something different, then try recreating these.

These are more adorable or animated versions of monster rocks. You can use these as paperweights in an elementary classroom, and the children are going to love these. They also add a burst of color to space.

These silly faces look a tad bit boring but might make good rock painting practice rocks. We do love how easy these are to create. All you need is white paint and a black marker. If you love earthy tones and want muted colors in your home décor, you can even consider putting these out as a display.

We don’t know what these two candy corns are doing with these blueberry candies, but they all look super happy together.

Even without the hair and face contours, these faces have very distinct personalities. Their eyes beautifully depict their emotions, and we love how adorable these are. These rocks are another example of how creativity knows no bounds.

These sea pirates went through some serious transformation and came back colorful and cheery. They look like they are straight out of a comic strip and look absolutely adorable. We can imagine the kind of stories children will come up with these on their playdates.

These pumpkin faces look like cookies that ran away from a bakery. They look lost and horrified at the number of people on the streets. You can use these as Halloween decorations and use them to pull a prank on the guests. Plate them up like cookies and watch people attempt to eat them.

Here’s another group of pirates. These look like they drank too much and had a fight. They still look adorable, though.

With faces, you never run short of ideas on what to paint next. You can take inspiration from these monster rocks, add colorful pom-poms, and pop-up eyes to add depth, color, and unique touch to your painted rocks.

These look like the creation of a webtoon artist. You can take inspiration on how to create different personalities. A change of hair color, the difference in smiles, or the direction of the gaze can all help you create unique characters.

Adorable baby monster rocks are here to take over the place. Some of these are still teething, others have one tooth, some are grumpy, some angry, and some look ready to pull a prank on you.

If you’re looking for something simple yet creative, then these can serve as some inspiration. All you need is a black and pink marker. We love the wailing eyeless baby. It is one of the unique rock-painted faces we’ve seen so far.

Another colorful group of monster rocks is here to scare you. We love how they look harmless and scary at the same time.


We gave these rock faces some knitted hats because the fall breeze can be a little chilly. We don’t want our cute little guys to catch a cold outside.

If you are a fan of anime and indie art, then you might want to give these a try. They are different but adorable. You can even create your own rock painting art exhibit in your house and proudly display your masterpieces.

We are back to the candy corn faces. In fact, this is an entire mood board right here. You have cranky, sad, crying, angry, happy, mischievous, in-love, and almost all possible expressions in this one frame.

Here’s a bunch of old rock men hanging out. One’s smoking a cigarette. One looks peaceful. One looks proud at a joke they cracked while the last one is laughing. It’s an interesting funny group with a light spattering of hair and unique characteristics.


Monster rocks seem to be a particular favorite of ours as well. We do love how you can use virtually any type of stone, even the weirdly-shaped ones, to create a monster face. You can use the following two images to get ideas on how to make different faces. Artist: Melissa Iwan at God’s Glitter.


Artist: Melissa Iwan at God’s Glitter.



Artist: Melissa Iwan at God’s Glitter.


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