Best 50 Painted Rock Houses – Images and Ideas for Kids and Adults

The rocks painted like houses are not just cute art – they also make great toys for kids and awesome garden decor. When it comes to rock painting, this may be one of the most popular themes. What’s really cool is to realize how many talented people are out there who can create magic out of simple rock and some paint, and how many incredible ideas they can come up with.

Painted Rock Houses Images and Ideas

You can paint a hobbit house on a little rock or you can paint rowhouses on larger rocks or even an apartment building on a huge rock. The world is your art palette. But what’s common to all of the images below is that the shapes of rocks more often than not mimic the shapes of homes painted on them.

You can make Christmas decor with it or paint a gift for your child or your grandma. Even a simplistic painting could make someone happy if it’s made with love.

Rocks painted like houses

Here are 50 amazing pictures of houses painted on rocks, including fairy cottages, gingerbread and mushroom houses, and even garden gnome homes for your inspiration. There are some easy ones and some more elaborate but all are the most adorable.

Cool home decor idea - a gallery of painted rocks

Rockeries are a popular garden decoration. However, they tend to look a little bland. Here’s an excellent way to add a pop of color to your rockery with these two rock paintings of little houses.

Thatched roof house rock paintings

These thatched roof house rock paintings with blue, pink, and purple walls make for a cute little addition to the yard, and they merge perfectly with the larger round stones.

Little rock house is painted on both sides - a great idea for a mini garden

If you don’t want just to paint a house, you can take inspiration from this awesome project. It features a cute cottage with yellow walls and a red roof. It also has a fenced-in yard and a walkway with trees in the background. When you turn the rock around, you can see the back of the house with the backyard and a beautiful tree as well.

Rocks painted like houses

This collage (above) shows how versatile house rock art can be. Our particular favorite is the house with pink walls and flower fields out front. The vines growing on the roof with flowers are also a beautiful addition to the painting.

Creative ideas for rock painting houses

If you’re looking for creative ideas for the jagged-edged rocks, then this painting is for you. The plain side works ideally as the roof, while the uneven side is perfect as the treetop. The wooden door, white framed oculus window with brick detailing, and the sunflowers out front complete the look of this adorable red house.

Rock painting ideas for a haunted house

The house may look colorful, but the boarded-up doors and windows paint another picture. This colorful haunted house is creative and creepy. The eyes peeping out from behind the boarded-up doorway make you never want to enter this house.

Simple and easy house rock painting ideas

Here’s a tall quirky house perfect for a Disney princess. The flowers hanging from the white windows add a nice decorative and magical touch. The design is simple and easy and can be fun to recreate with your children.

Little white cottage painted on a rock

We love this little white cottage at the base of the hill. The sloping grass-covered hillside and the rocky walkway and the blue highlights on the windows, door, and roof are just some eye-catching features.

Sweet home painted on a rock

We almost expect to walk into this ‘sweet home’ to be greeted with a warm fire, a huge tray of warm cookies, and a tall glass of milk.

Mushroom cottage painted on a rock

Here’s a cute little mushroom cottage. It looks like something you may find hiding away in a tall grass field. We absolutely love the mushrooms and the pumpkin growing in the yard beside the flowers.

Whimsical ideas for house painted on rocks

This blue house almost looks whimsical. We don’t know if it’s the oversized flowers or the bright colors that make the painting as attractive as it is, but we definitely want to recreate it.

A rock painted like the garden fairies house

If you want to give your garden fairies a place to live in, this house is perfect. The pink house with the blue roof and butterflies in the yard is bound to be a fairy favorite.

A miniature rock house painting

At first glance, you can barely tell if this is an oversized beetle or a miniature rock house. It is extremely adorable and bright, making it perfect as a yard decoration.

A rock painted like hobbit home

If you want to recreate the Shire in your yard, this is the rock painting you need for reference. The colors aren’t bright, and it literally looks like it’s a part of the ground, making it the perfect hobbit home.

Small rock painting ideas for a garden cottage

Here’s another little cottage with a vine-covered roof. We love the yellow color and the cute little garden out front. This is a painting you proudly display for everyone to see.

The white cottage with the sign fairies live here is another one of our favorites. If you look at it from the top, it could pass as a rock, but the sides are where the magic happens. The blue windows and the heart at the door are our favorite details of the house.

Irish Cottage painted rock

This boot-shaped rock makes a quirky little house. The structure alone gives it a unique vibe, but the hay roof and the red door take that to the next level.

Ideas for rock paintings that look like houses

This little pink cottage almost looks ethereal. It looks like a fairy cottage from heaven, and we love the magical vibe it has. The roof with different shades of pinks and purples looks almost good enough to eat.

Purple and Pink Gnome Home Painted River Rock

If a gnome had a house, this would be it. We love the two oculus windows on the house and the blue shade of the roof. It is a fresh little house that is bright without being too overbearing.

Rock painting of a Gnome Camper under a mushroom roof

Here’s a gnome in front of his mushroom house on wheels. This painting gets full points for creativity and bright colors. The detailing here is amazing. The gnome’s beard almost looks real.

Hand painted rock art ideas - Little Orange Mushroom House

This house looks like it is made of chocolate, and we love it. The shape of the house is strikingly similar to the mushrooms in the yard, adding a nice symmetry to the painting.

A large rock painted to look like a house

This rock painting looks like the remnants of a tower. The exposed bricks and the odd shape all give it an interesting character. The glass in the windows is very well-detailed and looks reflective, which is commendable.

Ideas for the shape of the rock for painting

To create a masterpiece, you should let the shape of the rock guide you. Here the artist has painted a house atop a hill taking advantage of the shape of the rock.

Rock painting Ideas for a house with a garden

This faraway cottage is another example of how to use the shape of the rock to create unique pieces. Instead of creating a tall house, the artist created a pathway and scenery to set the house in. This is a true hand-painted garden rock art!

Amazing rock painting ideas

To be able to add depth to a flat surface requires talent, and this artist has plenty. You can differentiate between each tree and get a gist of the house’s size. You can also tell that the trees on the right are located on the side of the house and not in front, which is amazing.

Rock painting ideas for Greek houses

Above is a Greek 3D stone art piece – Ikarian Art by Rudy Zacharia.

Unusual house rock painting ideas

Tall skinny grey house – source.

A rock painted like Man Shed

An idea for painting a house on a flat rock

Flat rock house painting ideas

A house painted on a pebble rock

A hobbit house painted on a pebble

Moby Dick Beach House rock painting
Treehouse painted on a rock

Rock painting tutorial

House on a Hill Painted Rock Tutorial

Painted rock as Christmas gift or Home Decor

Here’s a rock painted like a fairytale house as a Christmas gift or Home Decor.

Hand-Crafted Gingerbread Painted Rock

Gingerbread painted rock idea (see above).



Rocks painted like rowhouses

If you are going to decorate with rocks painted like houses, why not try painting rowhouses. You can create a whole new world based on your imagination and it will look beautiful in your yard or even in your room.

Rowhouses rock painting ideas

A whole street of homes painted on a rock

Apartment buildings painted on large stones (see the image above and two below). Source.

Christmas decorations as painted rock houses


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