15 DIY Planter Bench Plans

Build your very own DIY Planter Bench using one of these hand-picked 15 free plans!

Free diy planter bench plans

Extra seating always comes in handy when entertaining and a planter bench is a great way to include more outdoor furniture into your backyard design. Both functional and decorative, planter benches have come a long way over the years.

There’s no need to spend an arm and a leg purchasing a generic bench when there are so many free plans online!

Whether you’re looking for a classic style design or a dramatic design with a trellis or want to add some privacy by including a screen in your plan, we’ve got you covered. This comprehensive list has something for everyone and every budget.

We know you put a lot of effort into your landscaping, so show off your green thumb with a DIY idea that highlights your building AND gardening abilities!

15 FREE Plans

1. Raised Planter Box Bench Plan

Raised DIY Planter Box Bench Plan by Shanty 2 Chic
Source: Shanty 2 Chic

Shanty 2 Chic creates some of the most beautiful DIY designs, and this raised planter bench is no exception. This plan is ideal for DIYers who also wants to show off their green thumb.

The raised design adds a dramatic flair to an otherwise ordinary bench. The free plan from Shanty 2 Chic includes detailed steps, photography and video to make sure your project comes out perfectly!

If you’re looking for a way to display more of your plants, this would be a great idea for your home.

2. DIY Cedar Planter Bench for under $500 (including pots and decor)

Cedar planter bench plan built for under $500
Source: Brittany Stager

Shown above is a unique looking bench plan made of cedar. This labor of love is an absolutely stunning addition to any home.

The tutorial from Brittany Stager is not only an entertaining read, but is also an insightful guide for how to recreate your very own. She completed the entire project for the total cost of $480.67, and that including clay pots, ferns, potting soil and even 3 decorative pillows.

Consider a design like this one when deciding your summer DIY projects. You can buy a complete plan at Britt’s site.

3. Oblong Planter Bench Plan

How to build an oblong planter bench
Source: thisoldhouse.com

This funky bench is easy to assemble and doesn’t require a ton of labor to build.

The design from thisoldhouse.com is straightforward and doesn’t require any complicated cuts or joints to assemble. The total project costs around $350 and can be completed in one day.

This would be a great project for beginner and intermediate level DIYers.

4. Cedar Planter Bench with Painted Boxes

Cedar Planter Bench with Painted Boxes
Source: blackanddecker.com

An original idea from blackanddecker.com, this DIY planter bench is the perfect way to add extra seating to your yard!

We love the playful pop of color this design adds to any outdoor space. The instructions are easy to follow and includes step by step photos to guide you through the process of building your own.

You’ll enjoy this beautiful, sturdy construction for many years to come.

5.  Flower Pot Bench

Flower Pot Bench
Source: Home Depot

A design by Home Depot, this eye-catching bench is sure to be a conversation starter at your next bbq!

The addition of flower pots as legs really adds personality to this intricate idea. Replacing the legs with pots also means this project is a lot easier to complete and will take up less time, if you’re in a rush to get it done.

The simplicity of this project is convenient for DIYers who don’t want to commit to more than a few hours of building.

6. Elegant Planter Bench Plan with a Screen

Elegant Planter Bench Plan with a Screen
Source: bhg.com.au

Outdoor seating has never looked as good as this outdoor planter bench and attached screen!

Add some privacy, discreetly camouflage an unsightly view, or just simply create some atmosphere around your seating with this bench and screen combo. The design from bhg.com.au is perfect for homeowners who have been looking to create their own tropical escape. Simply build the base, connect the screen and fill with plants.

If you’ve been dreaming of a gorgeous outdoor seating area, this is the perfect project for you!

7. Classic Planter Bench Plan

Classic Planter Bench Plan
Source: Lowe’s

This a Lowe’s traditional take on a planter box bench that can be easily customized to suit your preferences.

This plan can be easily adjusted if you prefer more space for seating or for larger pots. The slat style bench and planter are easy to connect and will make for a sturdy and reliable construction.

The classic style of this design would look great with flowers, shrubs or tall grass, so let your imagination run wild!

8. L-Shaped Bench and Planter

L-Shaped Bench and Planter Plan
Source: instructables.com

This adorable bench is the perfect place for sitting and reading on sunny summer days.

Single seat benches work well in corners and can be combined with other pieces to form an L shape.  The step-by-step guide from instructables.com is easy to follow so you can recreate this project for your own yard with ease.

Consider adding an L-shaped plan to you backyard if other seating options are minimal.

9.  Trellis Planter Bench Plan

Trellis Planter Bench Plan
Source: pinspiredtodiy.com

Everything about this DIY idea screams sophistication!

If you’re looking to add some excitement to a bland wall, creating a wooden seat with some height by including a trellis is a great way to add some visual interest as well as function. The trellis covering can provide much needed shade on hot summer days, while the planter boxes allow you to show off your gardening skills.

If you really want to take this project to the next level, consider growing vines along the lattice for extra appeal.

10. Trendy Planter Bench

Source: loveandrenovations.com

This is a cool project for DIY’ers who want a movable option for their bench.

The funky and easily to assemble plan comes from loveandrenovations.com and can built in one day. We love that it could work both indoors and out.

You’ll love the ease and flexibility too, so why not go ahead and give this project a try?

11. Inexpensive Planter Box Bench

Inexpensive Planter Box Bench
Source: wagnerspraytech.com

This planter is an affordable option for DIY’ers on a budget, from wagnerspraytech.com.

The entire project can be completed in a weekend and the tutorial comes in an easy to print PDF so you take the material list to the store with you and ensure you have everything you need!

For extra fun, choose a bright color to paint your bench like the one featured above.

12. DIY Planter Bench with Steps

DIY Planter Bench with Steps from Ana White
Source: Ana White

This DIY design can be used as benches or as steps leading to your patio!

The detailed tutorial from Ana White includes a YouTube video, making it incredibly easy to follow. If you are looking to add some seating to your backyard or want to get creative with your steps, this idea would be great for adding a focal point to your space.

This project is perfect for those with minimal tools because a circular saw and drill are the only power tools needed

13. Budget Bench Plan for $20

Budget Bench Plan for $20
Source: howtospecialist.com

Sometimes simple furniture looks best in busy yards. If your landscaping looks very busy, this simple design could be a great addition that doesn’t overwhelm the eye.

This rustic bench can even be built on a budget of $20! The building plan and video from howtospecialist.com are well illustrated and easy to follow.

We suggest you have a look at this DIY project, if you’re looking for extra seating without a ton of extra work.

14. Extra Long Planter Bench

Extra Long Planter Bench
Source: littlethings.com

We love the thoughtful idea behind this extra long L-Shaped bench!

Nothing transforms a space quite like a well designed piece of furniture and littlethings.com knew this when they created this masterfully built seating. The project doesn’t require a ton of special tools and can be completed in a reasonable amount of time with a partner.

This plan is perfect for homeowners with narrow or small yards who want to maximize their space.

15. Bench and Arbor Combo

Bench and Arbor Combo plan
Source: familyhandyman.com

This stunning planter bench with built-in arbor would look great in anyone’s backyard.

If you’re looking to add some shade or privacy to your backyard, something like this simple, but elegant pergola with benches from familyhandyman.com is a great solution for both. The design can be adjusted to suit most budgets and doesn’t require any difficult cuts so it is relatively straightforward to assemble, but it will take a bit longer than some of the other projects on this list. However, the results will clearly speak for themselves.

This is a great idea for anyone who values their privacy and wants to create a distinct seating area in their backyard.

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