25 Blue House Exterior Ideas – Best Color Schemes

Blue might seem like an unusual choice for a house exterior, but time and time again it’s been proven that it works beautifully with all types of homes and designs.

No matter which hue you decide on, blue has a way of lending to harmony and tranquility and blends exceptionally well with both sky and landscape. From bright aquas to somber grey tones, your options are endless.

Of course, much of it depends on the style and size of your home too, so in this article, we’ll take a look at different blue exterior home ideas, as well as different color combinations.

If you’re planning to paint your house blue, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s jump right in.


Traditional Homes

Blue House Exterior Ideas - Red, Blue and White

We start with this blue house that is painted in the amazing yet classic color scheme – blue exterior, red roof, red door, and white garage and fascia. This is not a color combination you see every day on a residential dwelling. It’s brave and breathtaking.

Front door color ideas for blue house

This beautiful traditional home featuring gabled roofs and both arched and single-hung windows, stands out against a lush green garden in beautiful Yale blue. While its architectural style is quite commonplace, red detailing gives this home a sense of whimsy that is undeniably inviting.

The combination of blue and red makes perfect sense. Given that they’re both primary colors, it’s no surprise they work so well together. With this home exterior, the designer has struck a perfect balance by opting for a red tile roof and a bright, fire-engine red front door.

Blue exterior home ideas - Cornflower blue

Cornflower blue is another firm favorite of mine when it comes to home exteriors. With a slightly subdued tone, it always looks clean and fresh. While this home sports a standard gray roof, it also features a gorgeous red door and accentuated siding in a darker shade of blue along the lower quarter of its exterior walls.

Bright white fascia, window frames, and railings complete the look.

A house with blue exterior and red front door and red shutters

We know red doors look gorgeous with blue walls, but why stop there? This modest home has also incorporated red shutters, which stand out and give it a unique and comforting appearance – like something out of a movie.

Dark blue house exterior idea

Blue can be a risky color on a larger house purely because of how bold it is. However, this designer has nailed a good balance by including subtle pops of red and, of course, leaning into the fact that this particular house has so many big windows.

Mansard roofs and a rounded bay are underlined by red fascia. An unusual choice of red window frames and stair railings completes the effect and emphasizes the gorgeous denim blue vertical wall panels, like stitching on a pair of jeans.

Prussian blue home exterior with white window frames and gray roof

Prussian blue is a darker, more somber shade of blue with grey undertones that looks great on big, stately homes. This homeowner has opted for simple white detailing, a grey slate roof, and exposed brickwork, giving it an earthy appearance.

One great thing about Prussian shades is that they maintain well and won’t need a refresh for years.

Yale-Prussian blue home exterior with blue-grey windows


Blue home with a blue garage

Here are some further examples of Yale-Prussian blue homes with traditional architecture. There’s no need for bright accents in either case, and simple white detailing does the trick to break the flood of blue. Both houses look beautiful against their thoughtfully curated landscapes and against the complementary color of the sky.

Never underestimate the power of a grey slate roof with blue exteriors.

Blue house color schemes - brown roof, cream walls and blue front door and garage door

Reversing the roles, this stunning home uses blue as an accent color rather than its feature color. At first glance, it may seem like there’s a lot going on here – from cream walls to a brown roof to exposed stonework. However, the beautiful design of this home is only emphasized by a steel blue front door, garage doors, and window planters. Doesn’t it look magnificent?

A house fascia painted in Tiffany blue

Tiffany blue is not the first color that comes to mind when I think of home accenting, but somehow, it’s really effective with this design. A blue garage door, fascia, and window frames give this house a cheeky, standout feel – likely because it’s a warmer blue that works well with shades of cream and beige.

A house with light Prussian blue exterior

Speaking of brown, this light Prussian blue exterior alongside a brown deck and fencing looks great, too, thanks to the natural, discreet tone of the wood. Pops of bright turquoise, yellow, and red complete the look.

Grey and light blue home exterior color combination


Cobalt blue and grey home exterior

I’ve always loved two-toned homes, and these examples are exactly why. Grey and blue famously go well together, and these picturesque homes have embraced that fact. In the first example, the top story of the house is a rich Cobalt blue against an earthy, muddy grey.

The second example shows off a beautiful, almost navy-blue roof tile against grey brickwork.

In both cases, white detailing rounds it all off.

This house exterior color palette is a combination of bright white, grey, and dark blue

For larger homes, the two-toned look works just as well. The stunning symmetry of this home is brought to life in a combination of bright white, grey, stone, and dark blue.

And let’s not disregard the clever use of red fencing to draw the eye to the main event.

Beautiful blue color home by the lake

Blue looks beautiful in a sprawling landscape, but it’s also the obvious choice for homes along the water. With these exteriors, the owner has opted for blue walls and a blue roof tied together with white gutters and window frames. A simple look, this house blends beautifully into its environment, looking calm and serene.

An exterior house paint color idea - glossy Cobalt blue

If your house is more windows than walls, you can easily get away with bold color choices, like this glossy Cobalt hue. Bright, vertical exterior panels stand out against a combination of a grey roof and stone siding. White blinds and window frames lend to a clean, fresh feel. The lush green lawn doesn’t hurt, either.

Lilac blue home exterior color idea

Lilac-blue is an unusual color at the best of times, but it’s perfect for making diminutive homes stand out and look bigger than they are – as is the case with this one.

It’s also a fresh, clean color that doesn’t require much maintenance. A darker blue door complements this quaint look.

A house exterior with blue details

If you can’t get enough of the blues, you can always combine them. With this design, the feature colors are stone and brown, but the clever use of a light blue feature wall (beneath a gabled roof and bay window) and Prussian blue garage doors is enough to make any passerby stop and stare.

Its modern, thoughtful color scheme gives this traditional home a unique edginess.

Turquoise blue idea

On the topic of accent walls, one can’t help but appreciate this turquoise, horizontally paneled wall nestled away in a gorgeous green landscape – whimsy at its best.

Turquoise color painted exterior wall with brown brick chimney


Turquoise and light violet exterior

Speaking of turquoise – it can be a risky choice for home exteriors, toeing a fine line of stylish versus tacky. In both examples above, we see how turquoise has been used effectively and subtly to enhance rather than overshadow the other shades and materials of the house.

As a general rule, use turquoise in moderation, with generous lashings of white and grey to tone it down.

Simple home exterior color scheme - light blue and white under black roof


Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and both these homes are a testament to that. So much depends on the shade of blue you choose for your home, especially if you’re planning to paint most of your exterior walls.

While these example blues are bright, neither is overpowering because they’re both tinted with plenty of white. Less saturated blues look harmonious against the sky and work great with various roof and accent colors, like grey, off-white, and stone.

Home exterior with blue-grey walls

This home has embraced the pool feature in complement to blue-grey walls. The atmosphere this combination creates is relaxing and inviting – the perfect summer home.


Modern Homes

Blue-grey modern house exterior

Blue doesn’t only work with traditional homes; it looks great with modern architecture too. The sharp bends and angles of this house are amplified by blue-grey, which only serves to make them look even more contemporary and cutting-edge.

In this case, a distinct lack of white accenting in lieu of darker blue is a powerful statement that pops.

Blue, red and white color combination

For the wow factor, paint your house half blue half white, and a third red.

Blue, red and white house color scheme

I love a design that is effective because it’s intentional. In the designs above, we see how bright blue, white, and red are combined to help these houses lean into their unique architecture. Why shy away when you can stand out? Of course, this will take a little planning upfront, but it will be well worth it for a truly exceptional look and feel.

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