20 Green Exterior Home Ideas and Designs

Green represents growth and nature and is a calming, harmonious color in general. If you’re considering painting your house green, you’ve come to the right place.

While green can be a tricky color to get just right on a house’s exteriors, it’s highly effective and striking when you do. You’re also spoilt for options with shades of green, ranging from sage to pine to shamrock.

Keeping the style, design, and accents of your home in mind, selecting the right green for your exteriors can be a fun challenge, but it will take a little planning. To help you on your way, we’ve collected some gorgeous green home exterior ideas in this article.

Ready? Let’s investigate how best to brighten up your walls.


Traditional Homes

Green home exterior ideas with a red door Home exterior painted in light minty sage and umber combination

Traditional home design shouldn’t restrict you from adventurous color schemes, like the light minty sage and umber combination above. Nothing short of breathtaking, this unusual choice works beautifully because greens and reds are natural complements on the color wheel, as we can see by how well the accented front door pops.

Further amplifying this peaceful shade of green are white fascia and window frames and subtle brown shutters. All in all, you can’t go wrong with earthy tones, which look even better when surrounded by a lush green lawn.

Mint green home exterior

Here’s an example of a subtle mint green making a home look fresh, clean, and expansive. This designer has opted for a more monotone look (note the garage), with only white window frames and gutters breaking the solid green exteriors.

However, where this house stands apart is in the intelligent design of its roof. The subtle interspersing of green and grey tiles creates a visual point of interest and ties everything together.

Smaller house painted in olive green color on the exterior, with orange door

Non-traditional green exteriors look especially good on smaller homes, creating a sweet sense of whimsy. This modest home features horizontal wood panels that are painted a very light olive green, in combination with orangey-red accents on the door and window frame. Further framed by white that gives the impression of neat, clean edges, this house is, in a word, picturesque.

Sage green house exterior with orange front door

Both green and orange work well with neutral tones, as is evident in this house’s exterior design. A grey slate roof, off-white gutters and window frames, and a stone-colored staircase all set the stage for the success of a light sage paint job. But why stop there? An orange door and subtle window detailing give this home a hearty dose of personality.

Tea green home exterior with white fascia and red window frames

I’ll be the first to admit that greens with yellow undertones are not my favorite, but this color works undeniably well on this particular house’s facade.

Falling somewhere between a tea green and a very light moss, this exterior design is complemented by a mottled grey roof and exposed stone pillars.

A big old white porch makes it feel homey and familiar, while red window frames give it a design edge.

Army green home exterior

Army green home exteriors are not something you see every day, and looking at this stellar design, that’s a pity. In keeping true to its materials, the majority of this home’s walls are a light, woody brown. However, the sprawling garage doors and a feature front-facing wall are eye-catching in their earthy green shade, outlined by creamy beige.

And in the importance of details, we also have to appreciate the glossy black front door and two-toned porch pillars.

There’s something so lovely about the unusual design of this house, likely because of its’s symmetry. To amplify this, the owner has opted to paint the exterior walls in a light shade of fern green while leaving the wood shakes beige. These muted, earthy tones work well together.

Olive-green house with mahogany color wooden deck

To the olive-green lovers – how stunning is this combination of light exterior walls and rich mahogany?

The overall complexion of the house itself is relatively monotone, with the use of only a slightly darker shade of green on the front door (and white detailing). But in general, this home proves that a design is only as good as its environment, and the elements of green landscape and warm wood all come into play to make this color scheme a huge success.

House painted in several shades of green

Falling somewhere between olive and army green, this house also does an exceptional job of embracing brown tones. Dappled roof tiles, a dark brown door, and an exposed brick chimney are subtle partners to white fascia, frames, and gutters. However, my favorite feature of this house is the darker green siding running along the bottom of the exterior walls – the perfect transition from earth to home.

Pistachio green home with yellow doors

Have you ever seen such a happy home? Bold pistachio green with yellow accents gives this quaint home the ultimate Mediterranean feel. And while it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, there’s no denying it’s eye-catching.

Dark wooden window frames and detailing serve to break the loud colors and mildly tone them down without detracting from the fun.

Turquoise and lime green exterior color scheme

If you’re living in a bungalow, you may as well embrace your wild side, and what better way to do so than through the use of bright, enthusiastic color schemes?

Generally, lime green is a color I would never dream of using on a home exterior, but in this case, it works well and draws the eye away from the exposed steel roof (which may not appeal to everyone).

Turquoise pillars, railings, and bright orange window frames complete this look, which really leans into its quirky side.

Scandinavian-style exterior in forest green

Sleek, minimalist Scandinavian-style exteriors can be achieved with bold greens, too. In this case, the homeowners have opted for a bright forest green, with white lower walls and standard slate grey roofs. The green theme is carried throughout in the shutters and fences, lending to a sense of cohesion.

Seafoam green home with white highlights

Seafoam green is another unusual choice for a home, but this design shows it can be effective, particularly for smaller cottages. This house’s exterior is offset by a clear green fence so that neither color competes for eyeline. It is also beautifully detailed with white to make it look fresh and neat.

Scandinavian home painted in basil green

Another stunning Scandinavian home painted a gorgeous, deep basil green looks stunning in a flourishing garden. With these rich colors, it’s good to have equally bold complements, as is the case with this house’s dark brown roofing tiles.

The ruddy feature hedge in the garden perfectly rounds it all off.

Home exterior in pigmented green and dual tones of pale yellow

Being such a fan of neutral colors, dark green can throw me off, but I think it’s very effective with the design of this house. Simple windows and elegant roof design make for an inviting, traditional home. Still, it is somehow modernized through the use of a heavily pigmented green and dual tones of pale yellow and light orange around the windows and fascia.

An equally bold shade of grey on the roof works well with the green exteriors and bright white picket fence.

A small house painted in army green

From the sublime to the more understated, this combination of olive and army green is subtle but works well in its environment. Not the most striking home, but a low-maintenance combination that will hold well throughout the years.

Steel roofing and grey walls against the light and dark shades of the exterior walls give this house an old-timey, rustic feel.


Modern Homes

Modern home design with contemporary mint green color scheme

I love everything about this modern design and its equally contemporary color scheme. The designer has found the perfect balance between light mint green, white accents walls, exposed natural dark brickwork, a grey roof and paving, and rich umber fascia and window frames.

Of course, this won’t work on every house style, but because of all the angles and points of interest in this piece of architecture, there is plenty of room to play and plan ahead for the best possible use of color.

Modern house exterior painted in lime green color

Here’s another example of how a modern design loves a modern color scheme. This time, we’re looking at a brighter, more lime green shade against white and large spaces of grey. You’ll definitely have passersby taking a second look.

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