Top 15 DIY Garden Globes & Gazing Balls Tutorials & Ideas

Garden globes and gazing balls can be displayed in many ways. We’ve collected some of the most creative DIY tutorials we could find. Whether you prefer muted cement garden globes or hypnotizing glass spheres, there will undoubtedly be something that captures your attention as you go through our list of eye-catching DIY ideas.

Many of these tutorials are quite simple. To create your own DIY garden ball, for some you’ll only need a glass lampshade and some cement and for others a bowling ball, some glue and glass marbles. There are also a few more elaborate projects that require a bit more time and patience. Gardens are sensory experiences that delight us with vibrant colors and fresh scents. It’s the details in our landscaping choices that truly make our yards unique, so we thought we would share an easy way to add some personality to your garden with our favorite gazing ball DIY tutorials. Check them out!

15 DIY Tutorials

1. DIY Concrete Garden Balls Made from Glass Lampshades

These simple concrete garden balls were made using glass light covers from the thrift store! Simply spray the inside of the light cover with non-stick cooking spray and fill with quick setting concrete then allow to dry and voila!

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2. DIY Faux Gazing Globe Made with Foam Ball and Glass Marbles

These stunning faux gazing balls were created by using a styrofoam ball, acrylic paint and glass marbles. The tutorial includes instructions for making balls suitable for both indoor and out. We love the way the  translucent marbles allow the blue paint to show through while reflecting the sunlight, truly beautiful!

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3. Re-purpose Bowling Ball into a Gazing Ball on a Stand

Here’s a fun project to create using that old bowling ball from the attic…. This mosaic style gazing ball was made by cutting up a decorative mirror and using a combination of glue and grout to adhere the pieces to the ball. Even the stand in this example was DIY, the creator picked up a plastic stand from a yard sale for a quarter and spray painted it to complete this adorable project!

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4. Easy DIY Mirrored Gazing Ball

These futuristic gazing globes look like an art installation from another planet! One of the many ideas on this list created by using bowling balls, these DIY garden globes were made by Kathy and Steve of The Garden Glove and cost under $10 for supplies. Simply clean the balls and coat with chrome spray paint until the desired reflection is achieved. How easy is that?

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5. Decorative Gazing Globe made from a Bowling Ball and Stickers

These gorgeous DIY gazing globes were made by repurposing old bowling balls. Plaster of paris was used to fill the finger holes and stickers from the dollar store were used to decorate. After sealing and drying, the whimsical orbs were ready to be displayed!

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6. A Penny Ball for the Garden

This gazing globe project is a little more time consuming then the last few, but is well worth it! After purchasing a bowling ball from the thrift store, the creators adhered approximately 400 pennies to the surface using J.B Weld epoxy.

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7. Large Cement Globe from a Rubber Ball

These cement garden balls were made by coating children’s rubber balls! First a layer of saran wrap was used to cover the rubber, then fabric soaked in cement was smoothed over the surface and allowed to dry. Once dried, a mixture of 2 parts sand and one part concrete was spread all over the ball. When the coated balls were completely dry, the rubber interior was removed, and the edges were smoothed a final time before being moved to the garden.

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8. Simple DIY Cement Garden Globes

These cement garden globes were made by using round light covers and cement. The creator let the balls dry for a few days and then carefully broke the glass off with a hammer. We especially love that she used different shapes, the variety of textures and sizes are a cool way to add interest to your garden!

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9. DIY Gigantic Lightweight Concrete Leaf Garden Sphere

This unique garden orb was made with a beach ball, fast setting concrete and savoy cabbage. Yes, you read that right, you’ll need cabbage for this project!

Inflate the ball and secure it so it doesn’t roll away. Then create some leave shapes and overlap them so they adhere to each other, Barb suggests using drywall mesh for added security. Next, make a few textured leaves by pouring cement into a few cabbage leaves and pressing them on top of the initial shapes you made.  Repeat around the entire ball, allow to dry for 24 hours, then deflate the beach ball and enjoy!

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10. Mosaic Bowling Ball Yard Globe

This is another great example of a DIY gazing ball made from a bowling ball and some ingenuity. In this tutorial, caulking was used to fill the finger holes. Next the gems were adhered with waterproof glue and grout was used to fill the spaces in between. Once dried, this gazing ball looks great both indoors and out, and because of the waterproof glue you can rest assured all your gems will stay on throughout the seasons!

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11. DIY Gazing Ball with Mod Podge and Neon Food Coloring

This garden globe idea is definitely one of the more simpler projects on our list. Only three items are needed to create the magical orbs: modge podge, neon food coloring and globe light fixtures. To recreate this project at home simply color the modge podge to your desired tones, then pour a small amount into the globe and slowly swirl until the interior is coated. Then place on paper to allow the excess paint to drip off and store somewhere to dry overnight.

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12. How to Make Gorgeous Garden Gazing Balls

This hypnotizing gazing ball is similar to the one featured above, however it was made using a globe light instead of a styrofoam ball. Simply spray the light with primer before spray painting black and allow to dry. Then apply the gems in sections using silicone to adhere them and  you will have a gorgeous DIY gazing ball in no time!

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13. Mosaic Garden Ball with Glass Beads and Assorted Ceramic Items

This lucky thrifter found the spherical base of these mosaic garden orbs in a local shop, but you can easily make your own cement balls by following the steps in any of the cement globe tutorials on this list!

To create this playful mosaic, glue pieces of glass, tile, mirror and ceramic and seal with grout. Once dried the finished project is an eye-catching addition to your garden that’s as durable as it is beautiful.

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14. Butterflies Garden Gazing Ball made with Mod Podge and Light Fixture

This is a simple gazing ball tutorial that doesn’t take much time to complete. Start with a round light fixture and paint on some mod podge to adhere your butterflies. Once fastened, paint on another layer of mod podge for added security. For this project, the creator painted one final layer over the entire ball with sparkly mod podge for additional waterproofing, but also to reflect rays of sun for extra sheen!

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15. Three Spray Painted Garden Globes with Hand Painted Patterns

These bowling balls were painted using a variety of techniques to create DIY garden globes. You can use spray paint, stencils, acrylic paint and sharpies to get creative in your garden!

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More Inspirations

If you need more inspiration we suggest you hop over to Etsy. Here’s some of the coolest ideas and designs we’ve found.

A Mix of Random Gems and Found Objects

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