These Metal Garden Trellises are Beautiful With or Without Plants

Add vertical interest with metal trellises to complete your garden or patio design. Trellises can also be made from wood but metal garden trellises are our favorites. The advantage of metal design is the ability to create beautiful vignettes far more complex than wood ones. A metal trellis is usually beautiful with or without plants on it, making it a great all season garden addition.

Artisan Metal Trellises

Best trellis designs are done by metal artisans

Trellises catch the imagination of metal workers everywhere and for that reason some of the very best designs are done by metal artisans, such as this wall trellis by Evolution Iron. Did you notice the singular butterfly perched on the second branch on the right?

Metal sailboat trellis

This stunning metal Sailboat Trellis is designed to look like a Mesopotamian ship’s sail. Handcrafted by Indonesian artists it stands over 5ft tall. I love how the central disk creates a whirl of metal extending out from it as though blown by the wind itself. Beautiful. Wind & Weather

Metal Moon & Stars garden yard art Trellis

This Metal Moon & Stars Garden Yard Art Trellis is made with mild steel hand cut with a plasma cutter and left to naturally patina in the outdoors. It’s whimsical pattern is comfortably at home among the trees but it would look just as awesome attached to a house facade. Foothill Metal Art

Tree branch trellis arch

Shawn Lovell Metalworks really outdid himself with this intricate Tree Branch Trellis Arch. Following the natural shape of bent branches, the not so perfect arch is topped by two robins sitting among a spattering of leaves. I would love to see it with peas or beans or even cucumber vines entwined within it.

Handcrafted Garden Trellises made with Horseshoes

Tellises made from steel and horseshoes

Midnight Ride is made with found metal, steel and horseshoes which cascade through the steel frame like a waterfall. That alone would have been enough to make this a standout design but the addition of the moon and land with a few leafless branches completes the story perfectly. MK Sculpture

Trellis design with horseshoe branches

Also an MK Sculpture design, these forged steel horseshoe flowering branches are incorporated into an otherwise regular design. The horseshoe branches weave in and out of the trellis creating a 3D effect much the same way regular flowers would as they grew through the grid. See more at

Handcrafted Barbed Wire Metal Trellises

Barbed Wire Garden Trellis

The barbed wire Tall Spider in a Tattered Web Barbed Wire Garden Trellis is intricately woven (pun intended) into a unique design that is surprisingly delicate. The Dusty Raven

This barbed wire trellis is a garden art

If spiders aren’t your thing, how about this Glass Eyed Turtle Barbed Wire Trellis Garden Art? When the sun passes through the eyes, the glow is quite eerie but oh so cool. Source

Metal Garden Trellises made from Copper Pipes

Unique metal trellis made from copper pipes

You don’t need to be an artisan to create a unique metal trellis. Copper piping is an easy way to create bespoke metal designs that can be a simple grid system like this or something more complex. Dishfunctonal Designs

Copper tube trellis designed as a clock

This copper tube creation is not a real clock. Even though it doesn’t keep time, it really rocks the clock aesthetic. Oregon Live

Wire mesh is in the center of this metal trellis

Copper Tubing lends itself to being mixed with other materials such as the wire mesh in the center of this metal trellis. Dishfunctional Designs

Copper and glass metal trellises

Copper looks great mixed with just about anything as these copper and glass metal trellises prove. Whether you prefer the colored or the clear glass discs, it doesn’t matter, they’re all gorgeous. Creative Impulse

Colored Metal Trellises

Colored metal trellises

As with the colored glass discs in the previous copper design by Creative Impulse, this wire trellis has stained glass squares inset into it. Source

Large metal trellis with a bespoke design

This all metal trellis has the color added to the leaves and flowers while the stems are left natural. This structure is huge and is a bespoke design specifically for this location. Twisted Metal

Colored butterfly garden trellis

On a much smaller scale is this colored Metal Butterfly Trellis. Made from iron the butterflies have been painted with a stippled effect. Plow & Hearth

Metal Hummingbird Garden Trellis

The above Metal Hummingbird Trellis is so much fun. I love how it looks with flowers wrapping around just a portion of it. Wind and Weather

Leaf Shaped Garden Trellis

This Leaf Shaped Flower Trellis is all about green, except for the flowers spinning around the metal frame. Terapeak

Metal Trellises with Unusual Shapes

Circle of Birds Trio Garden Trellis

What makes this Circle of Birds Trio Garden Trellis just that much more different in shape to other designs is the way the artist has combined both a geometric and an organic aesthetic. The combination of the two styles in a wrought iron design is perfect for just about any outdoor decor. Plow & Hearth

3d trellis supports rose bush

Trellises come in many shapes and sizes and while most of them are 2D, many of them are not. The above Stately Rose Pillar Trellis has the advantage of supporting bushier flowers – like roses. Classic Garden Elements

Arch shaped metal trellises cemented into the ground

There are also arch shaped garden trellises and while the above photo is not a true arch, it certainly rocks the look. I especially like how the designer incorporated a water feature beneath it. AIMS Inspirational Garden Design

Wall trellis hangs on house exterior

This Circle Wall Trellis also rocks the sphere but does so in a 2D format. The multiple circles in a variety of sizes remind me of children blowing soap bubbles on a hot summer’s day. Aside from being fun and evoking fond memories, this design comes in 3 modular sections. Gardeners Supply Company

Vintage tellises

This fun upcycled number takes the vintage outdoors. I think make it a real vintage moment, it should be paired with old fashioned roses, clematis or any other old school climber. Eclectically Vintage

Metal Garden Trellises for Planters

Trellises for Planters

These unusually shaped metal trellises are part of the planters. Called the Screen Pot the grates are laser cut steel. DeCastelli

Trellis designed as a metal cage

The trellis in the above photo is a large metal cage design. To accommodate the weight of the unit, it has been fitted with wheels so that it can easily be maneuvered around the patio. Decorfacil

Plant pots with metal trellises anchored to the brick wall

These plant pots with metal trellises are a stationary design. In fact they have even been anchored into the brick wall behind them. Source

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